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Empanelment for preparation of manual on financial management of AIIMS

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Inventory funding and trade advances

Dear All Can any body provide me the material or any resources pertaining to Inventory Funding and Trade Advances Because i recently got an opportunity to work as Deputy Manager Finance So please guide me in these aspects Thanks in advance Regards K Dinesh Reddy

job in Inventory

I want to work in inventory management but I don t know exact what is inventory and what work should be done in this so please give me all necessary information related inventory and there is scope in market as a job related please guide and suggest me

Inventory given as gift to a major shareholder's son

I have a query let Mr X is having majority stake in XYZ Ltd he gives some part of business inventory to his son as a gift what will be the accounting treatment for the same


Is allowance for obsolete inventory a direct expense

required info about retail shop accounting,inventory like in kirana store,

hi respected guys I have recently cleared bcom and persuing ca ipc recently I have a client who has a kirana store he wants to do accounting of their business by me how can I start accounting with various types of inventory there and how can file final accounts


Accounting treatment for the difference in inventory in physical vs sap qty

Hello What is the Impact if the SAP Inventory differs from the Physical Inventory and what is the Accounting Entry to rectify the same For Example in SAP the FG or SEMI Material Qty is 100 Units 10000 INR and the Physical Inventory in Shopfloor is 90 Units 9000 Value is as Standard Cost So What is t

How to remove tally inventory entries...

Dear All My collegue entered sale purchase entries showing quantity and price for each item Therefore itemwise data appears in closing stock which we do not require By which option it is possible to remove data from inventory and can enter single figure as opening or closing stock Purchase sale rema

Inventory flucation reserve

Hello Expertes I have one doubt regarding Inventory Valuation of Silver Gold Jewelry Ornaments As per AS 2 Inventory Valuation is to be made at cost or NRV whichever is less And whenever we sell the above mentioned opening stock in very next year their is excess profit loss as actually we have due t

Valuation of inventory for manufacturing concern

Please guide me on the following Which method is to be adopted on raw materials FIFO or weighted average while valuation of finished goods on cost basis in a manufacturing concern Also tell the legal support for this

Inventory valuation as per income tax & as per company law

HI Any one Have idea about the Inventory Valuation as per the Companies Act and as per the Income Tax Act Please provide the Expample

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Analysis on inventory turnover ratio & holding level

adsbygoogle window adsbygoogle push MANU CONVERSATION BETWEEN MANU AND VINU ABOUT INVENTORY TURNOVER RATIO HOLDING LEVEL VINU Manu Hi Vinu Vinu Manu I am desperately waiting for you Manu Why Whats the matter Vinu My Boss and his brother started business at same time Manu Yes I Know Vinu They are in

Material Procurement - Inventory levels & EOQ

Material Procurement Inventory Levels EOQ An important function of Stores is to requisition materials for replenishment The following tools help Stores to maintain required inventory and to guide on reorder quantity Let us discuss each of the above in detail Maximum Level a It is the upper limit bey

Provision for Inventory

Write down and do not write off Inventory Review of the Rule 3 5B of Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 Change of models customer requirements change of processes poor inventory management can increase a businesss obsolete inventory levels In such cases the best accounting practices suggest writing off provis

Inventory Valuations and Board of Director's Responsibility

INVENTORY VALUATIONS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS RESPONSIBILITY 2011 12 ONWARD UNDER NEW COST ACCOUNTING RECORD RULES 2011 Inventory valuation is one of the most important task in the accounts finalization process The difference in inventory valuation methods may sometimes lead to the distortions in the

Inventory write downs vis-a-vis Rule 3 (5b) of CCR

Inventories are measured at the lower of cost or net realizable value NRV If the NRV falls below the recognized costs pf an inventory item the respective inventory items must be measured Inventory write downs should reflect the estimated loss in value NRV values are not constant and may change The m

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