Empanelment for preparation of manual on financial management of AIIMS

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inventory valuation

can we show our inventory zero if we already show it in opening balance 35lakh and what effect will I give to our balance sheet shall I reduce my reserve and surplus for the adjustment of stock value zero

AS 2 Inventory Valuations

valuation of inventory cost or nrv which ever is lower NRV estimated realisable value less estimated cost of production less other exp incurred for such sale my Question is that Nrv is nothing but profit on such sale but in any case NRV is lower than cost then value of inventories is at NRV what is

why require to close month for Inventory transaction

we are now not close Inventory book monthly or close month for Inventory transaction we are asked to implement this therefore my question are 1 what the benefit of monthly closer of inventory book 2 if not close the inventory book monthly what is disadvantage please guide

Opening inventory valution

As per AS 2 we need to be value closing stock as cost or net realizable value which ever is lower we are maintaining the difference value as provision but in our company opening stock is valued as net realizable value as we already provision was taken Please help me how to value the opening stock of

inventory cost to include interest paid to vendors for delayed payment, forex fluctuation impact

dear team please explain with reference to AS whetjer inventory cost include following interest paid to vendors for delayed payments against good purchased forex loss on payment yo creditors in foreign currency against inventory purchases NOTE INVENTORY PURCHASED OS CLOTHES kindly do the needful


Gst on inventory claims and sale on loss

Hi all I have the below queries 1 If i buy some products for Rs 1000 each and some of them are damaged Now i liquidate these damaged goods at Rs 700 then do i have to pay GST on Rs 1000 or Rs 700 Please specify the exact reference to the law explaining this scenario 2 If my third party warehouse man

Using different name in invoice and inventory

im using in my invetory product name as jewellery 916 in sales invoice i can mention it as stred and deduct quanity from jewellery 916

Inventory manage

It is necessary to maintain inventory in gst for retailer business kirana business What to do It is not possible for Him Suggest me


Is it necessary to make quantity details in B to C during invoicing

which date inventory use for gst

I means we are not use inventory in tally but inventory is compulsory for gst that s y i m full Confusion for inventory use dated date is 1 April ya 30 june

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  • Accounting Inventory Software

    SMART ACCOUNTANT A Premium Accounting Software
  • Financial Accounting and Tally ERP 9

    Financial accounting Introduction Journal entry Tally Introduction Creating company Creating ledger Voucher entry Inventory Vat TDS tcs
  • CPT- Inventories

    Conceptual problems to give complete knowledge about Inventories chapter from first page to last page I give first priority to concepts Thanks
  • Ind AS 2

  • Inventory FIFO Calculation

    The major problem of SAP is Stock cannot be maintained at FIFO Basis I created this formula to calculate Stock at FIFO Basis through Purchase register

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Analysis on inventory turnover ratio & holding level

adsbygoogle window adsbygoogle push MANU CONVERSATION BETWEEN MANU AND VINU ABOUT INVENTORY TURNOVER RATIO HOLDING LEVEL VINU Manu Hi Vinu Vinu Manu I am desperately waiting for you Manu Why Whats the matter Vinu My Boss and his brother started business at same time Manu Yes I Know Vinu They are in

Material Procurement - Inventory levels & EOQ

Material Procurement Inventory Levels EOQ An important function of Stores is to requisition materials for replenishment The following tools help Stores to maintain required inventory and to guide on reorder quantity Let us discuss each of the above in detail Maximum Level a It is the upper limit bey

Provision for Inventory

Write down and do not write off Inventory Review of the Rule 3 5B of Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 Change of models customer requirements change of processes poor inventory management can increase a businesss obsolete inventory levels In such cases the best accounting practices suggest writing off provis

Inventory Valuations and Board of Director's Responsibility

INVENTORY VALUATIONS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS RESPONSIBILITY 2011 12 ONWARD UNDER NEW COST ACCOUNTING RECORD RULES 2011 Inventory valuation is one of the most important task in the accounts finalization process The difference in inventory valuation methods may sometimes lead to the distortions in the

Inventory write downs vis-a-vis Rule 3 (5b) of CCR

Inventories are measured at the lower of cost or net realizable value NRV If the NRV falls below the recognized costs pf an inventory item the respective inventory items must be measured Inventory write downs should reflect the estimated loss in value NRV values are not constant and may change The m

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