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ICSI sends letter to MCA on difficulties in accessing MCA Portal

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Government notifies 4 Cost Auditing Standards

Tech CAASB 9 2015 September 11 2015 To All Stakeholders Dear Sir Madam Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide their letter no 52 33 CAB 2013 dated 10th September 2015 has under section

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Guidelines for Compounding of Offences under Direct Tax Laws, 2014

Guidelines for Compounding FNo285 35 2013 IT Inv V 108 Annexure 1 Guidelines for Compounding FNo285 35 2013 IT Inv V 108 Annexure 2 3 and A Guidelinesfor Compounding Letter 17396 dt 6 1 15 Guidelines

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Illustrative Audit Engagement Letter under Companies Act, 2013


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Letter to New Ministers to address ICSI issues relating to KMP, Secretarial Audit and Pre-Certification

Letter to New Ministers to address ICSI issues relating to KMP Secretarial Audit and Pre Certification

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Condo nation letter

hello There is a delay in filing Form 103 so the condo nation letter needs to be on a firms letter head or a simple application will go kindly send the format if any

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Import bills for collection & import letter of crfedit

In international transaction what is the difference between Import bils for collection and import letter of credit Please also explain what is bills lodged under LC Does it have any relation with impo

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Format of letter to be sent to icai

Dear sir I want a format of a letter sent to ICAI for termination of articleship after one year on the grounds of medical Thank u

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Articleship Extension letter received

Respected Members I ve a query regarding articleship Extension letter received from ICAI that from which date i should commence my extension period Is that from the day next after my articleship actul

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Stamp paper on letter of authority before it authorities

Dear Sir Mam Letter of Authority to be made in how much stamp paper to present before ACIT JCIT

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20 powerful words used in a cover letter

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Format of letter of authority for service tax hearing

is their any specific format for letter of authority for representing in hearing for service tax if yes can u please provide and also minimum cost of franking on the letter neccesary thank you in adva

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Engagement letter required

Enagement Letter required

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letter of credit

Hi can anybody tell me the difference between expired LC and the devolved LC

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Appointment Letter for Manager

Dear Professional Friends Kindly Share Appointment Letter of a Manager in a Private Limited Company

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  • CA Student Newsletter June 2016

    CA Student Newsletter June 2016


  • Balance Confirmation To/From Party

    very easy and simple file for balance confirmation purposes if you want any change or modification and your work will e easy i will feel happy my email id multiwalgm23 gmail com


  • Formats for Internal Financial Controls

    Format of Engagement Letter for Audit of Internal Financial Controls Format of Management Letter for Audit of Internal Financial Controls Format of Audit Report on Internal Financial Controls


  • Corporate Journal-April, 2016

    Monthly e newsletter on corporate laws


  • Draft letter for Pan migration

    draft letter for pan migration


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Stakeholder exist in spirit, not in letter

SEBI Listing Obligations Disclosure Requirements Regulation 2015 LODR is applicable to all listed companies in India with effect from December 1 2015 This legislation is a relatively small but rather

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Website - An Eye of Compliance in Letter and Spirit

In this modern era people and companiesare on the internet for exchanging of information and communication Website becomes an essential source to carry out the business smoothly I will talk about the

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Impact of non submission of export intimation within the prescribed time in case of ct-3

The perception of law should as it helps the implementation of law effectively Law is framed for the assesse in which they will able to pay effortlessly Central Excise duty and follow the all principa

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Letter from a SME Entrepreneur on impact of MGT 14

Dear Prime Minister This letter which I am addressing in 2014 may be a fiction but in 2015 it is fact I am aware that Companies Act 2013 may not be your creation but my end as a SME entrepreneur is mo

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Intimation to ROC for Auditor appointment in Form ADT.1

Dear All As we all are aware that there is a provision in Company Law for intimation to Registrar of Companies regarding appointment of statutory auditor in the Annual General Meeting by shareholders

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