Internal Audit Engagement Letter


Clarification regarding threshold Limit of tax audit under section 44AB and 44AD

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi the 20th June 2016 Sub Threshold Limit of tax audit under section 44AB and section 44AD clarificat

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New and revised standards on auditing

Revised SA 700 Forming an Opinion and Reporting on Financial Statements New SA 701 Communicating Key Audit Matters in the Independent Auditors Report Revised SA 705 Modifications to the Opinion in the

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Preparation of Panel of CA and Firms having experience for Forensic Auditing

Central Bureau of Investigation CBI has sought the help of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for investigation of important Forensic Audit assignments Chartered Accountants firms having

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Simplification of procedure to deal with audit objections raised in indirect taxes by CAG

Central Board of Excise and Customs CBEC has issued a circular to simplify the procedure of dealing with audit objections raised in indirect taxes by the office of CAG The Circular rescinds all the pa

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ICSI sends letter to MCA on difficulties in accessing MCA Portal

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Tax audit requirement u/s. 44ad and 44ab ? (in case of loss

dear all partnership firm having sale of rs 30 lakh and net loss of rs 2 lakh for fy 2015 16 ay 2016 17 Whether is required to conduct audit u s 44AD of 44AB of income tax act however as per sec 44ad

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Letter clarifying non payment of wb entry tax fy-13-14

as per court stay order on wb entry tax i have stoped payment of entry tax have not submited return for entry tax now an order from sales tax dept to pay entry tax with interest and penalty for non su

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Removal of auditor by passing special resolution (139)(9)(c)

Dear Friend Please tell me wheather a audiror can be removed from as statutory auditror by passing special resolution u s 139 9 c please do tell me wheather this resolution ca be filled in the AGM or

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Bank audit

there is a co op bank during fy 15 16 bank has internally detected a fraud and further action is being done by the bank does the statutory auditor has to give any special audit report on the fraud kin

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Internal audit

Can a CA firm provide internal audit services to a company in which one of the directors is father of partner in CA firm

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Tax audit report of a doctor

can anyone please send me a tax audit report of a doctor

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Internal financial control - ifc

Dear friends Please provide me checklist for Internal Financial Control IFC for reporting in Audit Report

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Editable word formats - audit committee meeting

FORMATS AUDIT COMMITTEE AGENDA OF AUDIT COMMITTEE MEETING 1 Agenda of Audit Committee First Meeting 2 Agenda of Audit Committee Second Meeting 3 Agenda of Audit Committee Third Meeting MINUTES OF AUDI

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ITR4, Do i need to perform a 44ab audit ??

Hi All I have question My income from salary is 4 20 000 My Losses in intra day trading 37 000 Income from other profession Blogging 10 000 calculations as follows7500 revenue 3500 expense 13 000 depr

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Audit book for ca final

Which is the best book for CA final Audit for SA as well as other chapters

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  • Auditing Standards applicable for CA-FINAL

    with para numbers and latest announcement and revised dates from g s publications


  • Auditor Certificate format for NBFC

    all NBFCs are required to submit a certificate from their Statutory Auditors every year to the effect that they continue to engage in the business of NBFI requiring it to hold a CoR under Section 45 IA of the RBI Act a uniform format of the SAC is attahed herewith


  • TDS 2016-17 f.y. after union budget

    It used for basic TDS rates dates and penalty It includes Union Budget 2016 amendments I hope this is very useful for gaining knowledge and useful for Articles during audit For any further clarifications or information you are always more than welcome and we assure you of our best services for all times to come


  • List of Standards on Auditing

    List of Standards on Auditing Excel File


  • IFC and ICFR under Companies Act 2013



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Internal Financial Controls - Practical approach in evaluating a Control

In continuity to my earlier article on Internal Financial Control IFC in current article we delve on the aspect of Auditors Role and take one practical example of evaluating the control which influenc

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Develop & Establish Internal Financial Controls

Companies Act 2013 paved way for many new reporting requirements Section 143 3 i is one of those sections which has caused many professionals to contribute their thoughts in form of talks and articles

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Validity of Service Tax Audit - June 2016

In the past there have been a lot of disputes with quashing of Rule on audit 5A 2 leading to questioning of legality of service tax audit When self assessment came the power of the revenue to scrutini

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Significant changes introduced in the revised auditing standard - SA 570 going concern

The revised Auditing Standard introduced for SA 570 Going concern is for the audits of financial statements for the periods beginning on or after 01st April 2017 Significant changes introduced in the

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No Service Tax Audit by the Service Tax Department or CAG

We are sharing with you an important judgement of the Honble Delhi High Court in the case of Mega Cabs Pvt Ltd Vs Union of India And Ors 2016 TIOL 1061 HC DEL ST on the following issue Issue Whether S

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