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Time table for Nov 2016 CA exams released

No 13 CA EXAM N 2016 In pursuance of Regulation 22 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased to notify that the Intermedia

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Govt to interact with Trade and industry on tax laws issues

Government accepts the recommendations of Sub Committee of the High Level Committee to interact with Trade Industry on Tax Laws on issues relating to compliance procedure for the excise duty records t

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MCA issues order regarding rotation of auditors

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Companies Third Removal of Difficulty Order 2016 regarding applicability of the provisions of Rotation of Auditors as per Section 139 2 of the Companies Act 20

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Applicability of Amendments for IPC Nov 2016 Exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2016 Intermediate IPC Examination Paper 1 Accounting Accounting Standards AS 1 Disclosure of Accounting Policies AS 2

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ICAI joins Chartered Accountant Worldwide


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Internal Audit of tea estate

Can any one share internal audit report of tea estste

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Interim relief

interim relief received is fully exempted or partly

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Loan from wife

My wife made an online transfer of Rs 2 Lakhs as loan to spouse for the purpose payment towards Registration fees and Stamp duty for buying flat jointly in name of my son and myself The loan is just t

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Home loan pricipal and interest in itr

I have 2 houses on my name one above other built on the same plot I am not residing in any of the two One is rented and parents reside in other got possession Below are my queries regarding showing ho

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Loan processing charges allowability

Hi Everyone Whether loan processing charges paid before sanction of loan is revenue expenditure or capital expenditure Please reply with any strong provision or notification or legal case Thanks

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Fd interest in itr 3

Hi I have aFD that received an interest of 8000 in the year The FD will mature in Jan 2017 I need to know where should I declare this income in the ITR There is no TDS deduction in it as the interest

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Tds interest as other income source

in FY 2015 16 I GOT TDS refund with interest while filing itr now do i have to mention the interest amount as other income source i already filed itr without mentioning any thing about the tds return

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Tds on interest u/s 194 a

I took loan from three Parties I paid the total interest to only one person among those parties what is TDS consequences in followimg cases I If interest to each party is cover U s 194A II If Two or O

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Loan prepaymenr entries in tally

Hi Can anyone pls tell me the entry for Prepayment of Loan before its closure in Tally of Individual Balancesheet

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Report on internal finical control

I need a format of Report on Internal Finical Control which is need to be prepared for companies

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  • Ind AS 7 "Statement of Cash Flows"

    This is the summary of Ind AS 7 It prescribes Objective Scope Operating Activities Investing Activities Financing Activities Some Specific Terms like foreign exchange fluctuation Interest Dividend etc


  • CA Final DT Laws-Must read -Treatment of Business Issues N16

    Entire syllabus of Direct Taxes covered in less than 200 pages without diluting the syllabus Easy to cover syllabus in a week who is in employment and unable to complete portion in time Finance Act 2015 are duly incorporated Applicable for November 2016 for following professional examinations 1 CA Final Paper 7 Direct Tax Laws 2 C M A Intermediate Paper 4 Direct Taxation 3 C S Executive Paper 7 Tax Laws and Practices Best of luck


  • Income tax calculator And advance tax calculation

    Version 6 1 Income tax calculator Individual Company and Firm Following type income calculate tax 1 Salary income 2 House property 3 PGBP Income 4 Capital gain U s 111A U s 112 and Normal capital gain 5 Other source income 6 Agriculture income 7 interest U s 234A 234Band 234C Also HRA calculation


  • Easy calculation of advance Tax

    First You Can Fill The Details Required and then find the interest on Advance Tax both 234 B C


  • Report on Corporate Social Responsibility

    Covering all aspects related to Corporate Social responsibility


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Differences between a 'Home loan' and a 'Loan against property'

I have observed that many people can not differentiate correctly between a home loan and a loan against property Many people call me to inquire about a home loan against security of a property already

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CCI in an exclusive interaction with ICAI President - CA M.Devaraja Reddy

Hello everyone I am Praveen Sharma and I welcome you all on CAclubindia com Once again we are here with a very special guest A man with a great vision strong integrity and hard discipline with a firm

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Basics of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The provisions relating to Corporate Social Responsibility CSR are governed by Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 and Schedule VII of the Act read with Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Pol

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Law making & Interpretating

The CONSTITUTIONOF INDIAis the Fundamental Law of India It is the longest written constitution of any nation in the world containing 395 articles and 12 schedules Dr B R Ambedkar was the Architect of

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International Business Part IV: Preparation for shipment

Hello everyone As promised I m back with one more article that will highlight some different aspects of International Business We know a general export procedure is a hierarchical process of Procuring

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