Income Tax Slab 2013 14


Members/firms to furnish PAN details to ICAI

Announcement In terms of the decision taken by the Council following advice received from the Income Tax Department the Permanent Account Number PAN Card details of the members and firm of chartered a

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Govt plan to reduce corporate tax to 25%

Government Calls for Comments on Proposed Plan of Phasing Out Exemptions and Deductions under the Income Tax Act in Order to Bring Down Rate of Corporate Tax from 30 to 25 The Union Finance Minister S

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Accounting code for payment of Swachh Bharat cess

Circular No 188 7 2015 ST Dated the 16thNovember 2015 F No 354 129 2015 TRU Pt Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Tax Research Unit Dated the 16thNovember 2015 To Principal

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Indirect tax final exam rescheduled in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh select cities

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Clarifications on Swachh Bharat Cess

Swachh Bharat Cess will come into effect from 15th November 2015 at the rate of 0 5 on all services which are presently liable to service tax This will translate into a tax of 50 paisa only on every o

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Tax liability

Dear experts Mr A has taken unsecured loans of Rs x at interest and has given unsecured loans of Rs y at 0 rate He is paying interest of Rs 100 and earning interest of Rs 80 from other sources Is he e

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Vat audit fy 14-15

will u please tell me the last date for summitting the vat audit report of fy 14 15

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Service tax applicable or not

Hi Everyone My company is providing services out of India and with in India But with in India the total amount of Services is not more than 9 lac but out of India the total amount of service more than

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Taxability of aop society registered u/s 1860

Please suggest the slab rates for the income tax purpose of a AOP Society registered u s 1860 Also mention any rule or section related

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Service tax on residential property

Dear Sir My query is if I am letting out my residential house on rent to company for using it as a guest house will service tax be applicable on the rent received

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Service tax input credt

Query A Service provider has not yet been finalised the Accounts for the financial year 2013 14 Now the Service Provider wants pay the Service tax liability for the financial year 2013 14 and also wan

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Income \ service tax on income earned from foreign countries

Dear Tax Experts I have earned income in form of commission from UK USA and I am Indian resident This commission will be payed via Bank Transfer TT through NCNDA signed between me and the company or i

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Income tax on already taxed income

Sorry if my question is naive When we claim LTA without submitting any supporting documents the entire amount is taxable After paying tax in the respective slab for the claim if we invest the same in

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Income declared in current year bt tds deducted in next year

Dear Experts One of my client e g XYZ Pvt Ltd maintains its account on accrual mercatile basis and recognised an income in current year e g FY 2014 15 after completion of service to its client ABC Ent

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Service tax and vat on interior works contracts

We are registered as a private limited company and undertake interior works for corporates At what rate should we chargeservice tax What shoudl be the rate for VAT Will it be for balance amount or as

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  • Calculator for Particleship Firms



  • Calculator for Long Term Capital gains



  • Proposed GST Law draft issued by Empower Committee

    Proposed GST Law draft issued by Empower Committee


  • Service tax Rate Chart and SBC clarifications

    Clarifications on Swachh Bharat CESS and Effective Rates of Services w e f 15 11 2015


  • Annexure A for processing of MVAT Refund by NEFT

    As per the circular dated 30 09 2015 all refunds of MVAT would be granted through NEFT Earlier this was done by sending a Cheque directly to the dealer To enable this Annexure A has to be filed with the Sales Tax Department A copy of Annexure A has been attached herewith


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Related Party- Section 2(76) of the Companies Act, 2013

Related party has got a lot of significance in the public reporting scenario In case of public companies public and society stake is involved and in case of private companies even if public stake is n

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E-Sahyog - No more visits to Income Tax Office for mismatch

Great news from Income Tax Department Now you dont need to present yourself in office of Income Tax Authorities for correcting mismatches Income Tax Department has come up with a new initiative in for

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Critical analysis of Section 185 and Section 186 of the Companies Act, 2013

Critical analysis of Section 185 and Section 186 of the Companies Act 2013 Section 185 of the Companies Act 2013 herein after referred as the Act deals with giving of loans to directors and others and

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Admission/Retirement from Partnership Firm - Taxability

Amount received by erstwhile partners onAdmission of a new partner to the partnership firm Taxability under the Income Tax Act 1961 Reduction of share in partnership firm by an existing partner in fav

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Let's Do Yoga - Service Tax Exempted

Good news for Baba Ramdev Will yoga classes carried by charitable institutions for consideration be chargeable to service tax Charitable trusts organise yoga camps or other fitness camps and they gene

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