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Income tax dept receives 2.06 crore returns on e-filing portal till Sep 7

In the Financial Year F Y 2015 16 Department of Income Tax Receives 2 06 Crore Returns on the E Filing Portal as on 07 09 2015 Registering an Increase of 26 12 over the Corresponding Period of the Pre

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Indirect Tax Collections for Aug 15 increases by 36.7%

Indirect Tax Revenue Provisional Collections during Month of August 2015 Increased by 36 7 as Compared with August 2014 while Overall Indirect Tax Collections During April August 2015 Increased to Rs

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27 Queries relating to tax compliance provision under black money act

CBDT Issues a Circular Clarifying Another Set of 27 Queries Relatingto Tax Compliance Provision Under Chapter VI of the Black Money Act The Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has considered the querie

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CBDTs instruction on Minimum alternate tax

Following the Acceptance of the Recommendation of the Justice A P Shah Committee by the Government CBDT Advises its Field Authorities to keep in Abeyance for the Time being the Pending Assessment Proc

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Due date for filing ITR extended till 7th sep for all taxpayers

F No 225 154 2015 ITA II Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes North Block ITA II Division New Delhi the 2nd September 2015 Order under Section 11

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Direct tax books

Dear Members I am a student of ICWA Inter and currently working in a Manufacturing Company as an Accounts Executive Please Suggest me a best books for direct tax Reply asap

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Service tax for online company providing medical services

Hi We are in the process of starting an online company through which patients can consult over a phone with their doctors If the doctor s consultation fees is Rs 100 we will also be collecting Rs 10 a

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Revise tax audit report

can we fill revise tax audit report if we have fill original TAR ITR within a due date I know that we can revise itr but can we revise TAR also after due date

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Is service tax applicable on commission amount?

Dear All Please Provide your Suggested answer For the Following I agent Had Receive Printing Contract From A company and that contract was given to Some other b Co by Me Now I am Taking Only Commissio

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Income tax audit applicability

1 Mr X has a turnover if Rs 45 lacs in Financial year 14 15 2 Has filed itr 4 on 31st July 2015 3 profit shown is below 8 4 Profit n loss and Balance Sheet is shown in income tax return Whether Tax au

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Interest deduction in income tax

I have a Vehicle Loan from HDFC I have debited the loan account with the whole installment amounts in the previous 2 years and not shown interest included in the installments in the previous years and

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Tamil nadu sales tax form x register format

Hi Could any body provide me excel template of Form X Register format

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Ipcc costing

please tell me in cost ipcc materials costing store ledgers and method of pricing is relevant for November2015

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Direct tax

How should I prepare for direct tax of IPCC what should be my approach and which lesson should I prefer Plse reply

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Service tax for commission agents

The problem is Commission Agentcollects SERIVE TAX on behalf of his client serive provider and remitts whole amountto the service provider But Serive Provider has not remitted it to govt and asking Co

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  • Taxation Master 2015-2016

    Taxation Master 2015 2016


  • Partition of HUF and it's taxability

    Partition of HUF


  • Taxation Master 2015-16

    Prepration of form 16 for 500 Employees Tax Calculation and relief u s 89 1 from F Y 1985 86 to 2015 16 Prepration of Challan 280 281 Calculation of intrest on NSC House Rent Allowance rebate Tax Rate for last 30 years and much more in single excel sheet


  • Summary of Recent case laws of Direct tax - By CA Siddharth Jain

    Meant for CA Final Nov 15 exams summary in just 13 pages


  • New Simple Income Tax Formula for A.Y. 2016-17

    Contains new formula with percentage table to calculate base income tax for A Y 2016 207 Worksheet is not protected so you can view formula and edit for next year it table if there will be any changes with 3 slab rate


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Basic about income tax department

Introduction Income Tax Return Audit is normally filled online at income tax department website Herein I would like to discuss some basic knowledge about the working of income tax department Generally

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Understanding of 44AB -Tax Audit

Introduction The main objects of any audit are a To certify to the correctness of the financial position as to shown in the Balance sheet and the accompanying revenue statements b The detection of err

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Is it justified to collect service tax on penalty charged?

Telecomcompanies and Banks are charging service tax on late payment charges Penalties Penal interests etc If youcredit card billhas alate payment chargeofRs 1000 on which Rs 140 will becharged as serv

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How to tackle with income tax notices

Many of my family members friends are receiving notices from Income tax department usually any communication from the Income Tax department especially receiving a notice from them can send shivers dow

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Agricultural income

Agricultural Income As per Sec 10 1 Agricultural income earned by the tax payer in India is exempt from paying Tax What is Agricultural Income Sec 2 1A defines agriculture income to mean Any rent or r

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