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Undisclosed income of Rs 21354 cr detected in last 2 years

There is no official estimation of the amount of black money stashed away abroad Various non governmental organizations and economists in the past have indicated certain estimations of illicit financi

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IT dept to issue 7 lakh letters seeking information in respect of high value non PAN transaction

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 21st July 2016 Sub Income Tax Department to issue 7 lakh letters seeking Information in respect of

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Detection of black money by Government

Recognizing various limitations under the existing legislation Income tax Act 1961 etc the Government enacted a new law The Black Money Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets and Imposition of Tax Act

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Time Schedule revised for making tax payments under IDS Scheme

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 14th July 2016 Sub The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 Relaxation of time schedule for making payme

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Govt clarifies effective tax rate is 45% and not 31% under income declaration scheme

Circular No 27 of 2016 F No 142 8 2016 TPL Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes TPL Division Dated 14th day of July 2016 Clarifications on the In

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For agricultural income

SIR I have a business income of Rs 3 00 000 and agricultural income of Rs 60 000 These figures relate to the Assessment year 2016 17 How will my tax liability be computed PLEASE HELP THANKING YOU

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Sir I am need clarification on Relief u s 89 The assesse is Employee of Bank He had received Arrears of Salary Weather ke need to file Form 10E Kindly advice on this issue

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Income from karyana shop and labour supply contractor

Sir Thanks in advance income from karyana shop and labour supply sub comtractor covered karyana shop us 44ad showing 12 income under same head labour supply commission as business professional income

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Service tax

Which service provider can charge service tax

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Ipcc law and final law

how to get exemptions in ipcc and final law

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Tax audit

I want to know the category of audit whether it is a tax audit or any other audit under which the person will fall if a person has a turnover of less than one crore and he claims net profit above 8 If

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Dear sir I had filed income tax return of my father last year The return had processed by CPC and got my refund but while I go through the intimation u s 143 1 received from income tax department I ha

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Ca- ipcc may 2016 - pass percentage

Any prediction on Ipc May 16 Pass percentage

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Income Tax

can i get refund relating to A Y 2014 15 What is the process i required to file manual return or online is possible

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Deferred tax

As per Income tax Act Depreciation For Computers Cost 116000 Dep 58350 Printers Cost 34990 Dep 18957 So total Dep 77307 As per Co Act Dep For Computers Dep is 73265 60 Printers Dep is 15769 99 So tota

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  • Tax Connect (With GST) - 78th Issue

    Tax Connect With GST 78th Issue


  • Assessment Procedures, Income Tax Act, 1961

    Revised version with small corrections Assessment Procedure overview has been given with the help of Flowcharts gives you a brief idea of the Procedures Very helpful in studies as well as at your office


  • CA Final DT Laws-Must read -Treatment of Business Issues N16

    Entire syllabus of Direct Taxes covered in less than 200 pages without diluting the syllabus Easy to cover syllabus in a week who is in employment and unable to complete portion in time Finance Act 2015 are duly incorporated Applicable for November 2016 for following professional examinations 1 CA Final Paper 7 Direct Tax Laws 2 C M A Intermediate Paper 4 Direct Taxation 3 C S Executive Paper 7 Tax Laws and Practices Best of luck


  • Income tax calculator And advance tax calculation

    Version 6 1 Income tax calculator Individual Company and Firm Following type income calculate tax 1 Salary income 2 House property 3 PGBP Income 4 Capital gain U s 111A U s 112 and Normal capital gain 5 Other source income 6 Agriculture income 7 interest U s 234A 234Band 234C Also HRA calculation


  • IPCC auditing May 16 suggested answers

    I spent m valuable time to compile the answers I hope you find useful If u dont like it please don t see it


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Understanding the GST Model Law- Input Tax Credit

This is the seventh in the series of proposed articles on the GST Model law The purpose is mainly to create awareness and enable one to look at the unintended impact as maybe applicable for each secto

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Netaji, aap income tax return file karo, to hum tumare saath hai?

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna the Maharashtra Election Commission has cancelled registration of 191 political parties for not filing income tax return and audit report What will happen and what w

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Understanding GST Model Law- Taxable person

This is the fourth in the series of articles to understand the GST Model Law The purpose is mainly to create an awareness and enable one to look at the unintended impact on his her sector It would aid

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Issues in respect of Taxability of various softwares

Service Tax issues in IT ITES Sector and the need for preventive Indirect Tax Audits Software has been the soft target of multiplicity of indirect taxes including Excise duty VAT Service tax and Custo

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Service Tax Audits by Department - Legal Position

INTRODUCTION Service Tax law operates under the concept of self assessment wherein the assessee self assesses his tax position and pays the service tax dues at periodic intervals prescribed therein De

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