income and expenditure account format


Now quote PAN if cash payment is made above 2 lac

The Government is committed to curbing the circulation of black money and widening of tax base To collect information of certain types of transactions from third parties in a non intrusive manner the

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Revised dates of counting of votes for ICAI election


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Empanelment of CA Firms with CAG for 2016-17

OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR GENERAL OF INDIA 9 DEEN DAYAL UPADHYAYA MARG NEW DELHI 110124 Empanelment of Chartered Accountant firms LLPs for the year 2016 2017 Online Applications are invite

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Details of campus placement programme for newly qualified CAs

Announcement for Campus Placement Programme for Newly Qualified Chartered AccountantsFebruary March2016 The Committee for Members in Industry CMII of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India IC

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Clarification regarding Notices of defective returns issued to FII/FPIs

Notices of defective returns were issued under Section 139 9 of the Income tax Act to Foreign Institutional Investors Foreign Portfolio Investors FIIs FPIs in cases where Balance Sheet and PL account

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Income tax practitioner certificate

Please Tell Me About income tax practitioner certificate How to register of income tax practitioner

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Audit of accounts & tax computation

Partnership Firm Retail Business T O Rs 30L Actual books maintained Net Profit Partners Remuneration Partners Interest on Capital 1 75L which is less than 8 of T O Whether Audit required If not is the

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Sec 145 of income tax

my friend is working as a bank in dec he invest rs 100000 in normal fd for 6 months which will mature in may 2016 now i want to know as per sec 145 of income tax his int on fd from dec to march will b

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How jurisdiction of income tax can be changed

how jurisdiction of income tax can be changed Please anyone answer this question

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Format of project report of a manufacturing cum trading co.

I need a format of project report urgently Pls post if anyone has Thanx

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Income from foreign sources

Hello I have formed an LLP for organizing International Conference in which the source of income may be from domestic and international registrations through Paypal or direct transfer 1 Please guide a

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what will be the assets group for sign board mobile phone and television

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Accounting entries

if we purchase mobile phone sign board what will be the journal entries

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Need information

After MBA with 2 years of experience in income Tax can i register for Incometax practisioner Sales Tax Practitioner

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Being a chartered accountant

Can an average minded student be a chartered accountant As CA is amongst the toughest course

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  • Certificate of confirmation for the purpose of audit under section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for the financial year 2014-15



  • Affidavit on PAN Application of HUF

    It contains the format of Affidavit to be filed with PAN Application with HUF It has to be signed and duly stamped


  • Income Tax Calculator for Salary Income groups

    This is an automated Income Tax Calculator for Salary income groups for the Financial Year 2015 2016 Update the data in the database then go to the Income Tax Calculator click on name and scroll down employee income and deductions will load automatically


  • Declaration of Income & Deductions by Employees

    Declaration to be obtained from employees who is getting Salary Bonus Commission Incentive etc more than the exempted limit of Income Tax


  • Banker Certificate IEC

    Format for Banker certificate required in Import Export code applications Available in word format


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Who is liable when cheque is issued on personal account for discharging debt of Company?

Introduction Recently two judge bench of Supreme court delivered an interesting judgment on offence underSection 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 referred as NI Act in the case Mainuddin Abdul S

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Emotional Transformation

One morning suddenly one thought came to my mind that why some people are happy with nothing and some are unhappy even if they have everything What is the cause of unhappiness What is Fear How to live

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How to report Incomes from India while filing the tax return in USA?

It is often that people take the plea that the law is not known to them and any breach of law therefore is purely due to ignorance However the Latin term ignorantialegisneminemexcusat very aptly and s

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"A Chartered Accountant" v/s "The Chartered Accountant"

Are we studying out of fear Exams Tests Practical We often repeat these words when asked what are we studying for As exams approach it sets in the sense of fear in the atmosphere Sporadically question

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Ind AS on Investments Vis a Vis AS- 13 on Accounting for Investments

At the outset it is ideal to invest some time to study the different approach unleashed by Ind AS on accounting of investments as compared to AS 13 on Accounting for Investments Before we understand t

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