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New syllabus for ICMAI from 1st Aug 2016

Intermediate Students can now avail course fee instalment facility Details to be uploaded on the website shortly PFA the enclosed attachment to view Syllabus 2016 andSyllabus 2016 for Foundation Study Material For any clarification please communicate at admission icmai in bos icmai in

Relevant Study Material of Corporate and Allied Laws, Final course for May 2016 Examination

Important Announcement The Board of Studies have received lot of queries from students regarding the relevance of October 2014 edition of study material December 2014 edition of practice manual vis vis January 2016 edition with respect to Final Paper 4 Corporate and Allied Laws forMay 2016 examinati

CA Final - Clarification on Non-applicability of AS 30, 31 and 32

With reference to the Announcement regarding Non application of AS 30 AS 31 and AS 32 in the Final Course Paper 1 Financial Reporting dated 23 11 2015 it is clarified that students are not required to study the differences between Ind AS 32 107 and 109 vis vis AS 31 32 and 30 respectively from May 2

Issue of free books to the flood affected victims in Tamil Nadu

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI expresses its profound grief to the families of the people affected by the recent floods in Tamil Nadu The Institute offers assistance by providing Study Materials free of cost to its Students who have lost their study materials in

Office Memorandum - Committee to study the appellate orders to examine the filing of appeals by the Department before various forums

Office Memorandum Committee to study the appellate orders to examine the filing of appeals by the Department before various forums Detailed information has been attached herewith

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what is TEV Study ?

please provide complete info about TEV Study

tev study

what is Tev study

Soft copy (pdf) of practice manual and study material.

please provide me soft copy pdf of practice manual and study material for NOVEMBER 2016 for the subject of DIRECT TAXES INDIRECT TAXES AND ISCA


sir iam from kerala iam a mcom graduate my age is 35 and iam working in a company as an accountant if i join icwai now and complete my inter is it help me to enhance my profeesion as an accountant and is it very hard to pass icwai inter and what salary can i expect after my icwai inter with regards

best book for ipcc for self study

I want to prepare my CA IPCC exam by self study I wnt to know that which book will b good for this purpose Are the study material and practice manual sufficient please suggest me the book for accounting advance accounting financial management and cost through which i can prepare


1st group self study

hii i am appearing for november 2016 ca final 1st group i have not started preparation as yet i have purchased sd bala book for sfm but have not started preparation as yet please tell me my strategy is correct or not i have a plan of reading understanding everything but i think only reading concepts

Icwai exam fee payment after duw date..?

Hi All Is it possible to register make payment after the due date over Which means for written Exam in Dec16 we need to register before Ju31st but we wouls like to register and plan to written the exam in Dec16 means is it possible for make payment any with fine Kindly let me know if any clues Regar

Icwai final 2012 syllabus revalidation test paper answers

if anybody have CMA final syllabus 2012 test paper answers stage 3 stage 4 request to send to my email id kumarabalakrishna gmail com

15 ca, 15cb for import payment for materials obtained

An individual assessee importrd materials worth 10 000 from USA Is form 15CA 15CB required for these payments Thanks in Advance

Ipcc materials

Dear friends i m ca final student I need latest ca IPCC ICAI study material Those who has cleared IPCC can u pls lend me

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How To Study ISCA

First of all friends ALL THE BEST for your exams I am sharing some tips rather you can say my personal experience to study ISCA 1 Start with small chapters Do not start with big and lengthy chapters try to complete small chapters first Chapter 4 8 This will give you confidence and you will not lose

The GST in India - The basic study

INTRODUCTION Goods and Service Tax is a very important topic these days The GST constitution amendment Bill is Now passed by both the Houses of Parliament Now it will be presented in the State Legislative Assemblies for its approval by simple majority since it is required that before sending it to t

How to clear both groups of CA Final with self study in four months

Hello professionals I am writing this article to share my personal experience regarding CA Final preparations with you I have recently cleared both groups of CA Final in May 2016 examination by 4 month preparation and TOTAL SELF STUDY In this article I would like to give you certain tips for passing

How to Study for CA-IPCE Taxation Paper?

1 Which Books Material to refer My Suggestion would be Concentrate More on ICAI Material i e Module Practice Manual Go through the entire Supplementary Material Revision Test Papers which are issued by the ICAI for respective attempt Solve at least latest 2 Mock Papers of ICAI adsbygoogle window ads

A study on income declaration scheme 2016

The scheme is basically brought as a last opportunity to declare black money and the wealth to see a black money free economy in our country in the coming time The scheme proposes reasonable taxation of 45 which is only 15 more than the highest slab prevailing in the country The rules and regulation

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