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FM releases FAQ on GST

The Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley releaseda Booklet containing Frequently Asked Questions FAQs relating to Goods and Services Tax GST Speaking on the occasion the Finance Minister Shri Jaitley lauded the efforts of the officials associated in the preparation of the booklet He complimented

Further clarification issued for Income Declaration Scheme

Income Declaration Scheme 2016 Government issues Clarifications in the form of Sixth Set of Frequently Asked Questions FAQs The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 the Scheme provides an opportunity to persons who have not paid full taxes in the past to come forward and declare their undisclosed income a

Frequently asked questions on GST

Following are the answers to the various frequently asked questions relating to GST Question 1 What is GST How does it work Answer GST is one indirect tax for the whole nation which will make India one unified common market GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services right from the manuf

Feedback of students on the Question paper of CA exams

It is hereby informed that candidates can bring to the notice of the Examination Department their observations if any on the question papers relating to CA Examinations being held in May 2016 by e mail at examfeedback icai in or by way of a letter sent by Speed Post at the following address so as to

Extra questions attempted in CA examinations

It is seen that in CA examinations sometimes candidates answer more questions or sub parts of a question than are required in terms of the instructions given in the question paper In this connection it is hereby informed that candidates are required to answer the requisite number of questions as per

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Mock test papers

When will the Mock Test paper with Solutions conducted by ICAI for Final Nov 2016 is available

How to learn question

Sir mere company law ke class khatam ho Gaye but samjh nahi aata practice manual me ek he topics ke bahut sare questions hai for example quorum 12 questions hoge Aise me sare questions kase yaad hoge plz help

Cs elective papers

Please Suggest which of the elective papers one should choose to score gud marks Considering its open book exam but is not easy at all I glanced thru the modules of all papers and found IPR has least pages Which one has least case studies Please recommend at earliest

solution of question(issue, forfeiture and reissue of shares

the subscribed share capital of s ltd is 80 00 000 of 100 each there were no calls in arrear till the final call was made the final call made was paid on 77500 shares the call in arrear amounted to 62500 the final call per share

Important question

I have cleared GRP 1 of ipcc in may 16 Nd got 61 marks in accounts 2 So how many marks I need to score individual and in aggregate in audit and smit to clear GRP 2 answer as soon as possible thank u


Tips for completing accounting questions faster

Hi I wonder how some people finish the accounts paper really fast Even when I am good at a question and wasting no time in thinking I use about 1 5 minutes per expected alloted mark to such a question Do you guys write all working notes in the exams or for example if a balance sheet is required you

Preparation for icwai

Greetings Im started preparing for ICWAI I would like to know and share the thoughtsof ICWAI Helping hands are apprericated

Please help very very important question regarding auditing

hi we are facing a trouble related to audit in a question in a competitive exam held by rpsc the question is The principal auditor as per clarification issued by the ICAI does not have any right to 1 Inspection of branches 2 Inspect the working papers of the branch auditor we are totally confused in

Question about 1% tax on cash purchase over 2 lakh

Hello Sir My father run a small retail shop where he purchase goods from local wholesalers to whom he pay regular installments of 5 10K per week in cash and get receipt of payment Our accountant is saying since we do cash payment of more than 2 lakhs in 1 year we will have to pay 1 tax from now Wher

Mock test papers

can anyone provide link for Ca final November 2016 mock test papers

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  • CA IPCC Group 1 Guess Questions

  • SAT-CA IPC-Nov 2016

    SAT contains the most influential topics and questions for the upcoming attempt Do read it

  • SAP FI related multiple choice questions and answers

    Its very useful and easy to understand and very helpful for SAP FI Interview which contains questions of multiple choice and answers at last
  • CA IPCC Ethics Revision in 15 Days

    Majority of the students appearing for CA IPCC exams are facing the difficulty to get an Exemption in Paper 2 of IPCC Business Laws Ethics Communication This article will help you in Cracking that paper with an exemption by preparing 30 Minutes daily for 20 Days Friends I believe that you will giving your best efforts to complete revision of all the papers of CA IPCC Either Both Single Groups Remember that it is not the Hard work alone which will make you to clear CA Exams You have to be very smart during the times of your preparation revision period Here are some tips from my side to get Exemption in paper 2 of IPCC Generally students tends to focus more on Allied Laws and Company law and neglects the Importance of Ethics and Communication which will be asked for 40 48 marks in the Paper Remember that in each and every question of your paper these two topics Ethics Communication will be asked in 2 sub parts of every question It will be very difficult for you to attempt for 80 100 marks in this paper unless you have prepared Ethics Communication thorougly I thought of helping you all in this article regarding Ethics which consists of 6 topics and each topic will be asked for a minimum of 4 marks in the exam If you have covered ethics it implies that you are going to attempt for atleast one part of the question in your paper I have provided the topics which are frequently asked in the exam based on Study Material and Practice Manual of the Institute How to Prepare Ethics Spend Half an hour daily for Ethics and prepare 2 3 topics which i have provided to you and write those topics within the day itself This will help you in Completing the entire Ethics within 15 20 days with perfection since you are writing the topics which you have completed daily Thats it you are going to get a minimum of 16 20 marks in the exam For the rest of the marks you can refer Practice Manual where the Institute has provided some question based on the Cases and have a glance on them to attempt for another 4 8 marks Which books to refer One of the major comments by the Examiners of ICAI is that students are not attempting the answers as per the expectation of the Institute amd many students are attempting Ethics by their own Friends remember you can draft the answer by your own from any of the provisions of Law and you can interpret the same in the exam But how is it possible for you to draft the Topics of Ethics unless you know the concept and terminology to answer them My advice for you all is Institute has provided excellent Study Material where each and every toipic which i have provided has been given as a seperate topic in each and every chapter If you are finding any difficulty in some of the topics of Study Material you can refer Practice Manual for those topics Hope this article will help you a lot Share this to the Needy students I will be sharing you the topics of Communication later For any information Doubts fell free to contact me 91 8977960053 casowmith gmail com

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Can Google answer all your questions?

Recently Google Celebrated its 18thbirthday and most of us realised that it existed long time before many of us started using it In fact most of us have replaced the word search with Google Now a days We dont say I searched for it on net Instead we say I googled it While I have a huge respect for Go

Strategies for Answering Interview Questions

Interview questions and answers In my last article I had written about how to face an interview Now in this article I am writing about questions asked in an interview and suggested responses for the same To answer an interview question properly you have to think of the many questions that can be ask

ISCA mnemonic words - Chapter-1 Balance questions

Dear friends Here are the balance mnemonic words for the CHAPTER 1 of ISCA I have also uploaded word files for Chapter 1 and Chapter 4 Kindly download anddo the reformatting as per your convenience and shorten the length if possible so that u can carry anywhere easily Risk Management IS Risks can be

The Success Mantra to clear CA papers

The Magical Element for clearing CA Papers which apparently no one prepares for Was just passing through after my class and overheard two people on my way out saying arrey yaar tujhe pata hai yeh baar result sirf 6 aaya haiboss apna kaise hoga And I started to feel The student without even attemptin

3 Questions to Answer Before You Choose an Investment

When you plan to make an investment you must be fully aware of the ins and outs of your investment Therefore a good advice is to find answers to a few very necessary questions before you can actually decide upon an investment Let us explore what these questions are where an investor needs to lay his

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