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ICAI Election - Single Transferable System of Voting - An Apprisal


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Feedback on Nov 2015 CA exams

It is hereby informed that candidates can bring to the notice of the Examination Department their observations if any on the question papers relating to CA Examinations being held in November 2015 by

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ICAI President's Message - November 2015

Dear Friends When we like learning something we find it easier to do so If we are reluctant to do something the same becomes difficult for us It is human psychology And the situation follows us even i

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ICAI declares Final List of Candidates for December 2015 election

ANNOUNCEMENT Re Final List of Candidates for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils to be held in December 2015 In accordance with the provisions of sub rule 2 of rul

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ICAI Invites Suggestions for Pre-Budget Memorandum-2016

ICAI Invites Suggestions for Pre Budget Memorandum 2016 16 10 2015 The Direct Taxes Committee Indirect Taxes Committee and Committee on InternationalTaxation of ICAI are in the process of identifying

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Regarding confirmation for 112 form from icai

I resubmitted 112 form without sign of employer I haven t got any letter from icai Now what should I do

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Centralised billing and delivery address are different

Hi In case of registered office is in blore karnataka and we have warehouse in chennai which is not registered under sales tax If so can i ask our vendor who is in chennai to deliver the goods in our

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Transfer without icai permission

one of my friends is keeping more leaves in articles he completed 19 months articles now the Principal is demanding termination does my friend has to apply for ICAI permission or can he directly apply

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Agreement format to enter wrt to provide registered address

Dear All My clients wish to use my office address as registered address of the company for the ROC Kindly forward any template agreement for the above mentioned services Thanks regards

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Articles extention letter from icai

Sir I received the letter from icai Lyk this We hav received ur 108 form Nd on scrutiny we found that 1 the period served cannot b less than period regestered for 2 the date of completion should b alt

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Mvat registration on residence address

Hello i wanted to ask if MVAT TIN can be obtained on residence address for online business activities Ex Selling on Amazon Snapdeal etc thanks

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Effect of change in regd address on scrutiny proceedings

If the registered office of a private company is changed from Delhito Mumbai in Nov 2015 then will the scrutiny notice selection for Fy 2014 15 will be done in the income tax office of Delhi or Mumbai

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Vat in case of different delivery address

Hi Friends I have doubt in case of centralised billing For example in case of office in Blore karnataka and we have a warhouse registered in Chennai which is not registered under VAT and vendor is Che

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Address of reponsible person

dear all i want to know that in tds returning filling address of responsible person should office address or residentail address if responsible person is director

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Pvt ltd registered address help

I am going to incorporate a pvt ltd I want to keep the registered office address to one of my uncles house Is it necessary to provide rent agreement stating i am renting the house from my uncle if yes

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  • Document Management addon for Tally

    Greetings fellow forum members Let me thank you for your valuable support advice and feedback on our first addon Continuing with the same we wish to present you with our new addon Document Management System Experience has taught accountants and buisnessmen to have ready access to documents related to all entries in an accounting system We have come up with an addon specifically to address such issues We present this Document Management addon a useful tool for people who wish to attach any bills invoices cerificates etc i e any file you wish to attach with any accounting entry as a supporting document or evidence Thus it helps for future reference for accountants and also for audit purposes for auditors This addon is a trial version which only works for contra entries as well as masters If you wish to attach any documentary evidence for withdrawal of cash from bank or vice versa you can attach scanned copy camera captured image of the deposit slip withdrawal slip For people who wish to attach supplier or vendor details say TDS certificates or VAT service tax certificates they can attach any such documents during creation or alteration of such masters This can be applied to many areas say assets where bills invoices may be attached or excel sheets having depreciation calculations can be attached The Paid version of this addon can be used for all voucher types We hope that this trial version will convince you of the full potential of this addon In case of any query or feedback please feel free to communicate Regards CA Deepak Agarwal Gyrotech info gyrotech in 7738286611


  • Connect with Career Counselling Committee

    Connect with Career Counselling Committee through various social media platform Kindly see the attached matter on various social media platform wherein the Career Counselling Committee may be connected


  • Summary of Recent Case Laws of IDT

    Source Case Laws Module of ICAI Summary in Just 10 Pages


  • ISCA Analysis & Weight-age for Nov-15

    CA Final ISCA Nov 14 May 15 Analysis Chapterwise Weight age ICAI s PM is missing the chapterwise weight age in ISCA due to the New Portion coming up from Nov 14 attempt so i have provided you with the chapterwise weight age Importance of PM Questions Very much helpful for your ISCA s Preparations All the Best Lokesh Chugh


  • Free Tally Address book Addon

    Greetings fellow members of the forum We at Gyrotech develop and provide customized Tally solutions and addons for small and medium enterprises One such addon is provided here free of cost for your use This Addressbook addon allows you to view the addresses of your customers vendors and other ledgers as a regular address book You can also add to the address book without having to create new ledgers Attached alongwith is also an easy guide for installation of the above addon file Please feel free to contact in case of any assistance required Gyrotech 7738286611 info gyrotech in


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Procedure for changes in particulars of name / address or other details of Directors

Every individual intending to be appointed as director of a company shall make an application for allotment of Director Identification Number to the Central Government in suchformand manner and along

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ICAI must oppose GST in present form

Goods and Services Tax GST being implemented is held out to be the biggest tax reform in India since independence As an entrepreneur I find it a complete farce and colossal waste of opportunity while

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ICAI (CMA) presents global practice of costing to MCA Expert

ICAI CMA presents global practice of costing to MCA Expert Committee will MCA accept First of all GOI and MCA have to take a call for setting up policy for compulsory cost audit once again in India An

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ICAI and Bureaucrats to Blame For ?

So Indian Bureaucracy Really The Cause of All Our Ills and is ICAI Responsible for Low Passing Percentage For past few days there have been various articles posts blaming the Bureaucrats for everythin

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The Union Budget 2014 - ICAI Propositions

With the flowing air of the Union Budget which is going to be announced soon the expectations of a common man makes him look upon to Mr Arun Jaitley Union Finance Minister for some relief Needless to

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