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huf affidavit


Power of ROCs to obtain declaration/ affidavits from subscribers/first directors at the time of incorporation

Power of ROCs to obtain declaration affidavits from subscribers first directors at the time of incorporation

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Surcharge of 10 Per Cent on Persons with Taxable Income Exceeding Rs.1 Crore

The Finance Bill 2013 14 proposes a surcharge of 10 per cent on persons whose taxable income exceed Rs 1 crore per year This will apply to individuals HUFs firms and entities with similar tax status P

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Details of search by IT department in India

The Income tax Department conducts search and seizure operations based on the credible companies association of persons which includes individuals hindu undivided families HUFs firms companies associa

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Reshuffle in Union Council of Ministers : Details

Reshuffle in Union Council of Ministers Details The President of India as advised by the Prime Minister appointed and administered the Oaths of Office and Secrecy to the following members of the Union

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Training for Fresh Batch of Tax Return Preparers to begin Soon

The Income Tax Department is in the process of training a fresh batch Batch II of 5000 graduates as Tax Return Preparers TRPs across the country The TRPs are authorized to prepare Income Tax Returns f

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Gift from huf

hello CCI members Can u please tell me whether a gift is taxable if its given from HUF to its members There was a recent amendment in Finance Act that gift given by members to HUF is not taxable but i

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Affidavit for non-acceptance of deposit

Recently the matters arises where the Companies had raised monies from the investors in a manner which was opaque convoluted non accountable and which did not protect the interest of investor Ministry

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Can a widowed mother be a part of her son's huf?

If a 40 yrs old married man having a 4 yrs old son wants to form his HUF can his widowed mother be a part of his HUF his father has passed away just 2 yrs back he was present at the time of his sons m

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Can a member of HUF grant interest free loan to HUF or Vice Versa without attracting any clubbing provisions

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Huf property

Can karta allocate whole of HUF property to his wife on the disposal of HUF If so coparceners will have any right over it

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  • Affidavit for non acceptance of Deposit

    Recently MCA has started to ask for the affidavit for non acceptance of Deposit Attached is the draft of the same The affidavit is to be executed on Rs 20 Stamp paper to be duly notarized


  • Affidavit for incorporation & change of objects

    Internal circular issued by MCA on 8 5 2013 regarding affidavit to be taken at the time of incorporation of a company or change of its objects for compliance of Sec 58A


  • HUF- A Tax Saving Tool

    How does HUF saves tax up to Rs 1 5 Lac


  • Legal Requirements for formation of a HUF



  • HUF Creation Deed



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Huf creation

Pls suggest the appropriate way to create capital account fund for huf

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If I want to create a HUF and invest Rs X in it can I show it as my capital contribution to it as Karta of HUF Is there any legal procedure for the same and whether any document is to be prepared for

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Affidavit by subscribers/directors

Dear Sir Please suggest me value of stamp paper regarding Affidavit Declaration by subscribers and or directors for non acceptance of deposits and also whether this affidavit made for each director se

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Huf creation

I Want to know how HUF is created if there are only daughters and no son what is the right of a girl child

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Format of affidavit

Hello Frds Can anyone provide me the format of the declaration affidavit for deposit not attached undertaking from the all the directors for the change in object Clause of Company

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HUF - A Tax entity for your benefit

A Common Question which a Taxpayer usually asks a Chartered Accountant at the time of filing his Income tax Return How to save tax legally by forming HUF The Hindu Undivided Family HUF structure is a

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Chargeability of gifts made to HUF u/s 56 of IT Act

In this article the author has made an attempt to distinguish between the exemption benefits granted to Individual or HUF on gift received by them although both of them are covered by the Act under th

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HUF Tax Plannig

Typically taxpayers tend to focus on ways of reducing only their own tax burden This is a normal thing to do but far greater tax savings are possible when the family as a whole is considered as a tax

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Whether a father can make a gift to his son's HUF.

Nilesh Shah writes Cell 92246 59941 E Mail nilesh63 vsnl com The provisions of section 56 1 v were introduced for the first time by the Finance No 2 Act 2004 with effect from 1 4 2005 What has the Fin

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What is a HUF It is defined under the Hindu Law as a family that consists of all persons lineally descended from a common ancestor including wives and unmarried daughters This means your membership in

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