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Clarification regarding HUF cannot be partner in a partnership firm

Clarification that HUF cannot be a partner but its karta or any individual of HUF can be a partner in a partnership firm in its individual capacity and not the HUF

Simplification of ITR forms and issue of Pan cards

The Government has simplified Income Tax Returns ITR Forms for individuals and HUFs not having business or professional income In ITR Form No 2 and 2A the main form does not contain more than three pages and other information relevant for computation of income will be captured in the schedules which

Electronic Filing of Income Tax Returns for 2015-16 Commences

Electronic Filing of Income Tax Returns for 2015 16 Commences ITR 1 Sahaj 2 and 2A can be Used by Individuals or HUF Whose Income Does not Include Income from Business ITR 4S SUGAM can be Used by an Individual or an HUF Whose Income Includes Business Income Assessable on Presumptive Basis Taxpayers

ITR 1,2 and 4S simplified for convenience of taxpayers

Income Tax Return Forms ITR 1 2 and 4S Simplified for Convenience of the Tax Payers A New Form ITR 2A Proposed which can be Filed by an Individual or HUF who does not have Capital Gains Income from Business Profession or Foreign Asset Foreign Income In Form ITR 2 and the New Form ITR 2A the Main For

No Change in the Rate of Personal Income-Tax

Surcharge 12 Levied on Individuals HUFs AOPs BOIs Artificial Juridical Persons Firms Cooperative Societies and Local Authorities Having Income Exceeding Rs 1 Crore The Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley in his Budget Speech in Lok Sabha today proposed no change in the rate of personal Income t

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Creation of HUF

How to create HUF having dad mom son and daughter as its co parceners and members And wat all could be dat HUF s source of Income

Dissolution of huf

On complete dissolution of HUF can the portion of a member be given to a trust where the member is a 100 beneficiary

Who are parties for huf deed on e stamp..?

I want to ask if a huf deed is formed on e stamp than we have to mention parties name on the e stamp My query is who are the parties to be mentioned on e stamp Is it the person who is gifting money for starting huf as party 1 and huf as party Kindly reply to the query

Can i show unsecured loan interest income in my huf??

Dear sir mam 1 I have unsecured loan business so i want to know that can I show my unsecured loan interest income in my HUF 2 my friend want to show his diamond labour income in his HUF can he file return under Sec 44AD Plz rply

Huf income

Dear sir I am getting Income from HUF property My father has HUF PAN in which am a member Now I am major shall I Create my own HUF PAN to tax my share of HUF Income from ancestor property I Am not not married person Kindly advice me


Contribution to huf created by son

Hello I want to contribute 20 to 25lakhs to my son for Purchase of FLAT at Pune Till the time he finalize his flat i wish that my son will create HUF and I will contribute to HUF and He will take deposit in name of HUF So interest earned will be taxable as HUF and not of individual Whether it is adv

Gift given by huf

Can an HUF Gift movable immovable property valued at more than 50 000 to any of its coparcener Can the entire corpus of the HUF be gifted to the respective coparceners

Division of immovable asset held under individual huf

Hello All When there area cople of properties land registered in the name of an individual in HUF status and he wants to divide them amongsts his brothers andhimself Post division the property should be registered in individual status Not in HUF I would appreciate your inputs regarding 1 Is this abo

Huf: date of incorporation and coparcerners

Can we choose any date after marriage as date of incorporation of HUF when applying for HUF PAN even 30 years after marriage Is there a choice on who to include as coparceners of HUF or all heirs are by default coparcerners Thank you

Affidavit specimen from retiring partner

Hello sir can anyone provide me the format of affidavit from retiring partner from partnership

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Section 56(2)(vii): Gifts Received by Individual and HUF

Analysis of TAXATION OF GIFTS Crux Section 56 2 vii Gifts Received by Individual and HUF 1 This section is applicable only when gifts are received by individual and HUF As per the Income Tax Act receiver of gifts is taxed Donor is not taxed under this section 2 Gifts can be in cash or kind Money giv

What is HUF ?

An HUF is a separate entity that can be created by members of a family wherein the members are lineal ascendants or descendants Hindus Buddhists Jains and Sikhs can open HUFs A single person cannot create an HUF Usually the senior most member of the family is considered thekarta the person who manag

Assessment of HUF with perspective of important & recent cases

Hindu Undivided Family HUF A fresh perspective with important recent case laws Background U s 4 of the Income Tax Act 1961 income tax is payable by every person U s 2 31 Person is defined to include a Hindu Undivided Family HUF Section 3 of the Wealth Tax Act 1957 also indicates that wealth is charg

How to reduce tax liability through HUF?

How to reduce tax liability through HUF In this article we will discuss how to reduce the Tax Liability using HUF As it is a separate legal entity in the eyes of Income Tax Act Formation of a HUF Typically a HUF is automatically created As the name suggests a HUF means a family of Hindus However und

Benefits of creating a HUF

HUF Total Basic Idea for Businessman Estate Planner WHAT IS A HINDU UNDIVIDED FAMILY 1 In general HUF means a body of persons lineally descendant from a common ancestor including their wives and unmarried daughters who are staying jointly 2 The head of the family who is the eldest male member genera

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