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Simplification of ITR forms and issue of Pan cards

The Government has simplified Income Tax Returns ITR Forms for individuals and HUFs not having business or professional income In ITR Form No 2 and 2A the main form does not contain more than three pa

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Electronic Filing of Income Tax Returns for 2015-16 Commences

Electronic Filing of Income Tax Returns for 2015 16 Commences ITR 1 Sahaj 2 and 2A can be Used by Individuals or HUF Whose Income Does not Include Income from Business ITR 4S SUGAM can be Used by an I

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ITR 1,2 and 4S simplified for convenience of taxpayers

Income Tax Return Forms ITR 1 2 and 4S Simplified for Convenience of the Tax Payers A New Form ITR 2A Proposed which can be Filed by an Individual or HUF who does not have Capital Gains Income from Bu

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No Change in the Rate of Personal Income-Tax

Surcharge 12 Levied on Individuals HUFs AOPs BOIs Artificial Juridical Persons Firms Cooperative Societies and Local Authorities Having Income Exceeding Rs 1 Crore The Union Finance Minister Shri Arun

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Instructions for filing wealth tax returns

INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING UP RETURN OF NET WEALTH FORM BB To be detached before filing the return in a paper form This form is to be filled up by all wealth tax assessees individual Hindu Undivided Fam

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Profit distribution among members of huf

Respected sir madam Can u plz guide how profits can be distributed among members of HUF Plz give reference i e on what basis profit is distributed Hindu succession act Hindu Law

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Huf corpus / capital

Can the elder son of a family which is yet undivided form the small HUF of his own consisting of himself his wife his son Can he transfer his past savings earned from Salary income duly offerred for t

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Change of huf karta

there is huf having 2 member husband and wife and karta is husband but wanting to change karta as wife what should be done is it legal to appoint ladies as karta if yes than how and which deed is to e

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Exisitng huf from 1985 without huf deed

Dear sir madam we are having a HUf and also are alloted PAN no We do not have the PAn card and also the name mentioned in Income TAx record is wrongly mentioned This HUF was formed in 1986 and we do n

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Gifts received by huf

i have recently formed huf if it gets rs 350000 as gifts from third parties and invests rs 150000 in 80c in fy15 16 and has no other income would it have to pay any tax including gift tax

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Huf & divorce

My client is married and getting divorced No children 1 Will his HUF where he is the karta come to an end automatically 2 What happens to the FDs in HUF bank account 3 In the past he filed HUF ITRs Do

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Affidavit for change of trustees

Looking for advise on an affidavit to be submitted along with the change of Trustees being filed every year Rgds Rajesh Mehra

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Ppf not for hufs

Is it possible to open a PPF account under HUF accounts how do we avail of 80C exemption for HUF filing I mean in whose name do we invest karta members HUF account

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Huf property eligible legal heir

Mr X Mrs Y are having 5 Children A B C D E A B are male childs C D E are female childs X Y form a HUF for their Residential Property Family Bunglow with members as X Y A B E Unmarried daughter The tra

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Huf - karta as new partner in existing partnership firm

There is one Partnership Firm constituted before 1 year with 3 partners Individuals Now One HUF Karta wants to enter in Partnersip firm as a Partner Is it Possible to become a Partner for HUF Karta in

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  • Affidavit in INC-7 and INC-29

    Affidavit in INC 29 or INC 7


  • INC-9

    INC 9 Notary Affidavit during incorporation


  • Affidavit for DIN - E-Form-DIR-3-attachment

    DIR 4 for DIR 3 attachment


  • Partition of HUF and it's taxability

    Partition of HUF


  • IT Interest Calculator FY 2014-15 AY 2015-16

    Calculates Interest u s 234A 234B and 234C for FY 2014 15 AY 2015 16 for Individuals HUF Firms And Companies in a very easy and simple manner The size of the utility is just 29 KB For any queries and feedback please email me at ca prakashdugar gmail com


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Taxation of gifts by an Individual/HUF

As per section 56 2 vii of Income Tax Act gifts received by an individual or a hindu undivided family in the form of money or property without consideration or with inadequate consideration is taxable

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Karniti Part- 36: What is "HUF" (Hindu Undivided Family)?

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna What is mean by HUF Hindu Undivided Family under Income Tax Act Krishna Fictional Character Arjuna Generally in India mother father son and daughter in law grandsons

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Gifts to and from HUF

In this article the author endeavours to prescient theamendmentby Finance Act 2012 in the definition of relative in Explanation e to clause vii of Section 56 The article also critically analyses the r

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All about HUF its creation and tax benefit

A HUF is a separate entity for taxation under the provisions of S 2 31 of theIncome Tax Act 1961 This is in addition to an individual as a separate taxable entity This indicates that a person may be a

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Affidavit of Director or Promoter as per MCA circular 11 of 2013

AFFIDAVIT Ref MCA Circular No 11 2013 dated May 29 2013 I Anonymous aged about 60 years son of Late Anonymous senior residing at House no 10 2013 Author apartments Club Road Bangalore 560001 solemnly

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