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CBDT extends due date for filing return to 5th August 2016

F No 225 195 2016 ITA II Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes North Block IT II DivisionNew Delhi the 29thof July 2016 Order under Section 119 of the Income tax Act 1961 On consideration of reports of Bank strike on 29thJuly 2016 Friday and the

Paperless PAN and TAN application process introduced

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes Sub Ease of Doing Business Paperless PAN TAN application process For fast tracking the allotment of PAN and TAN to company applicants Digital Signature Certificate DSC based application procedure has been int

IPC results to be declared on 2nd August for May 2016

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The result of the Chartered Accountants Intermediate Integrated Professional Competence Examination held in May 2016 is likely to be declared on Tuesday the 2nd August 2016 around 4 00 P M andthe sameaswell as the merit list candidates securing a minimum of 55 andabove marks a

New application process to fast track the allotment of PAN and TAN

For fast tracking the allotment of PAN and TAN to company applicants Digital Signature Certificate DSC based application procedure has been introduced on the portals of PAN service providers M s NSDL eGov and M s UTIITSL Under the new process PAN and TAN will be allotted within one day after complet

Undisclosed income of Rs 21354 cr detected in last 2 years

There is no official estimation of the amount of black money stashed away abroad Various non governmental organizations and economists in the past have indicated certain estimations of illicit financial flows out of the country Such estimations appear to be based upon different sets of facts assumpt

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CA Final Direct Tax

I am a student of CA final and would be appearing for both groups in November 16 I have already completed direct tax from Vinod Gupta books but his module are quite lenghty also his dt summary module is good but some of my seniors have adviced not to study from summary module near exams as it is qui

Taxi hired on km basis - is service applicable

Hi All Our company manufacturing concern hiring taxi on KM basis where the petrol driver will be provided by the taxi owner and we will pay the hire on per KM basis Are we will liable to pay service tax against taxi hire charges under reverse charge Thanks in advance

Appointment of subsequent auditor in case of govt.companies

section 139 1 of companies act 2013 speaks about appointment of auditor by every company at 1st agm who will be holding the office till the 6th agm of company and section 139 7 says about the appointment of 1st auditor of govt company who shall hold the office till 1st agm on the other hand section

Tax applicable on resale

Dear sir we are a manufacturer of a electronics product in greater noida U P presently we are charging sales tax on local sales 14 5 and in case of central sales 2 against C form Now i want to know what of vat will be charged when our goods sales to other party by the purchaser in case of local and

Loan to parents and it's income tax implications

In FY 15 16 I had lent 10 lacs loan to my father directly transferred from my account to his account I have already filled returns for the same and declared it in my itr and paid taxes for that He wants to repay part of that loan to me in FY 16 17 Say 5 lacs through same account My queries 1 Should


Interest to partners on capital

Whether it is mandatory to pay interest to Partners on capital What if we not pay it

Credit can be availed on gta outward freight i.e.depot trf

Dear Sir Please explain in the case of clearance of goods to depot which is not registered under excise whether we can avail such credit in such situation also Please explain Please give us any references regarding this Thanks regards Pravin

Cenvat credit taken in the excise can be utilize in ser tax?

Whether CENVAT Credit taken on excise duty can be utilised in Service tax or vice versa for exapmle If I have Excise Regd but does not have Ser Tax Regd can I be able to take Cenvat Credit on Service Received or vise versa also if i have both excise service tax regd how can I show this credit system

80d medical bills

my company used to reimburse medical bills upto 15000 for ay16 17 but the limit has been extended upto 25000 i understand so the rest of the bills purshase of medicines tests can i add it up and put it in 80D while filing returns

Sections 528 and 529 of the ca, 1956

Could someone please provide a brief elaboration on sections 528 and 529 of The Companies Act 1956 relating to Winding Up of companies

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How to pass CA final in second attempt?

Well I know no student would ever like to pass CA final in a subsequent attempt but what if a student fails in his her 1st attempt As we all know results of finals usually come in single digit or sometimes double digit There will be students who will not clear final in their 1 attempt so for them th

Career in Banking Sector : Life, Salary, Growth

We all know that Banks are considered as the backbone of any countrys economy In India Bank Job is considered as most sought job Getting a bank job is a matter of prestige especially in a government sector bank Life in a Banking Sector You can enjoy your personal life while working in banks You can

Cardinal rules for entry level professional career

I submitted an article named constructive preparation for examinations in this forum on 27th January 2011 That article was published under the Student category Though it does not relate to any particular subject there were reasonable views by the students My other articles on Companies Act Income Ta

Should CA, CS, CMA be recognized as degree of an University?

Dear friends It is a well known fact that qualification of CA CS CMA are not recognized as equivalent to graduate post graduate degree of a recognized university under Sec 22 of UGC Act Moreover there is no provision of recognition under AICTE Act as well However Membership of the ICAI ICSI ICAI Cos

The one rupee scam

The biggest scandals and scams across the globe may not be the billion dollar scam but the one rupee or one dime scam Have you bothered about a call drop when using your phone Have you bothered to collect a rupee or a dime after a retail shopping Have you bothered to correct a rounding off issue whe

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