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how to file tds returns


New TDS/TCS RPU and FVU versions released

Due date for filingQuarterly TDS TCS statement for Q1 April to June of FY 2016 17 isJuly 31 2016for all the categories of Deductors Collectors Do submit quarterly TDS TCS statement on or before due da

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Simplification of procedure for Form 15G and 15H

F No DGIT S CPC TDS DCIT 15GH 2016 174539 Government of India Ministry of Finance Central Board of Direct Taxes Directorate of Income tax Systems New Delhi Notification No 1 2016 Dated 09th June 2016

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Non filing of ITRV for earlier years

Circular No 13 2016 Verification of tax returns for Assessment Years 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 2014 and 2014 2015 through EVC which are pending due to non filing of ITR V Form and p

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4.14 crore return processed without human intervention this year

Optimum Use of Technology for Expeditious Disposal of Assessment and Refunds In FY 2015 16 94 of income tax returns were filed online and 4 14 crore returns processed without any human intervention Mo

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Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 passed by Lok Sabha

Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 passed by Lok Sabha PFA the attached file for more details

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dear sir my rent tds challan is missing of june 2016 how to get copy of tds challan of rent please suggest me this is offload ne challan

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Tds payment challam

Please adviceI have two company A and B A is Proprietor and B is partnership firm Shall I make Tds payment from B on behalf of A company s In future any problem

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Tds applicability?

Whether TDS u s 194C applicable if payment made to Hotel for conducting Conference for the company but invoice raised by the Hotel as Food Expenses and collected VAT on it The expenses made for Confer

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TDS dedection on salary

if I am working in out of india but I employer indian company then my TDS dedection which country rules

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Mvat e returns

HAs anyone e filed the mvat returns for the FY 2016 17

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Claiming of tds @ 20% without pan

Bank has deducted tax 20 from interest due to non availability of PAN As PAN was not available at that time bank could not uploaded the tds return with pan details and due to that tds is not getting r

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Tds not deposited by post office how to file return?

I have SCSS account in Post Office and an amount of Rs 3488 has been deducted as TDS from interest The Post Office could not provide Form 16A and the deduction does not appear in Form 26AS as well I h

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Tax returns

Dear sir is it possible to file income tax returns for assessment year 2013 2014 now please explain steps for filing income tax returns

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Mvat e-returns

HAs anyone e filed mvat returns for the FY 2016 17

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Tds deducted u/s 194da can be taken as refund??

tax deducted u s194DA in a policy that is ONE time Premium Policy which is taken after 31st march 2013 with the premium paid only once can be taxable if not please tell me how it will be given in the

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  • Registration under GST Regime

    File contains the Registration aspects under GST


  • TDS/TCS Rates and Limits from 01.06.2016

    new limits and rates comparision w e f 01 06 2016


  • TDS Statement Upload / View - User Manual

    TDS Statement Upload View User Manual


  • TDS E filling

    Do you know generate fvu file you also file the return to direct through online That all steps explained here


  • Depreciation calculation sheet as per company act 2013

    It calculate depreciation as per company act 2013 It is one stop solution up to financial year ended on 31 03 2040 so for every year you need not to create new files It is also password protected so that data is safe It calculate automatically depreciation as per WDV METHOD as well as SLM METHOD you have to just enter the details of the assets like date of purchase cost of assets select the category of asset and method of depreciation and sheet calculate depreciation up to year ended on 31 03 2040


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Netaji, aap income tax return file karo, to hum tumare saath hai?

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna the Maharashtra Election Commission has cancelled registration of 191 political parties for not filing income tax return and audit report What will happen and what w

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Complexibility of TDS on Employees

Dear friends I want to share some problems being faced by accountants in the industry who administer TDS on employees of their employers organization U s 192 of Income Tax Act specified employer is re

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TDS on sale of property @1% under Section 194IA

TDS on sale of property The buyer of an immovable property land flat apartment shop or a bungalow which is valued at Rs 50 lakh or more is required to pay a withholding tax to the government The preva

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Gearing up for income tax returns filing

Taxes are the biggest source of revenue of government of India for its day to day expenses and social welfare measures Normally tax collections are divided in Direct Tax and Indirect Tax category Inco

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7 Investment Instruments for Maximum Returns

Choosing the right investment avenues is not an easy task and the choice depends on a lot of factors We all prefer investing in instruments that offer high returns but with better returns there is alw

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