how to calculate VAT


Scheme for speedy grant of refund accumulated in cenvat credit

Scheme formulated for Speedy grant of refund of accumulated and unutilised CENVAT credit to help in ease of doing business by unlocking the accumulated credit Exporters of services today accumulate CE

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Feedback on Nov 2015 CA exams

It is hereby informed that candidates can bring to the notice of the Examination Department their observations if any on the question papers relating to CA Examinations being held in November 2015 by

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ICAI - President's Message - September 2015

Dear Friends These days quite justifiably people of Indian origin are remarkably being appointed elevated and accepted for higher administrative and management responsibilities across organisations gl

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ICAI on ease of doing business in India

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued a notification to give exemptions to private companies under the Companies Act to improve ease of doing business in India ICAI is happy that the Government

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ICAI - President's Message - June 2015

Dear Friends Change is inevitable and is the only thing that is constant But it is the sheer pace of change that makes it a big challenge in the present hi tech era of liberalisation privatisation and

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Weather khaman dhokla is liable for vat in gujarat

weather khaman dhokla is liable for VAT if Yes please give me the code as well as rate of tax

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% vat

i need the difference of VAT

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Online sales - vat

a proprietor selling goods kids dresses through online merchant Paytm paytm pays the monthly outstanding to the proprietor after deducting their commission and other charges what would be the vat comp

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Cenvat credit

Ibs softwars Pvt Ltd is being set up under the direction and mentorship of Ibs computers Whether the service tax paid on account of IBS Softwares Pvt Ltd can be availed through cenvat credit by IBS Co

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Tax treatement of private specific trust

Sir one of my client having private trust its is generating income from house property having rental income of Rs 32 80 241 here my query is whether Income will be taxable in hand of Trustees or benef

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Vat on works contracts

We are registered as a private limited company and undertake interior works for corporates At what rate should we chargeservice tax What shouldbe the rate for VAT Will it be for balance amount or as p

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Service tax and vat on interior works contracts

We are registered as a private limited company and undertake interior works for corporates At what rate should we chargeservice tax What shoudl be the rate for VAT Will it be for balance amount or as

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Investment promotion subsidy on wct under mvat

The Department of Industries DOI under Govt of Maharashtra allows Investment Promotion Subsidy IPS to industries set up insome backward areas I draw reference to the Packaged Scheme of Incentives 2007

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Cultivation by companies

Hii I want to know how to incorporate a company with land as investment which has the objective of farming and other related act Could anyone help Pls

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How to calculate vat on jewellery

I recently bought jewellery from a Nashik jewellery shop in exchange of some old jewellery The cost of new jewellery was Rs 1 34 000 and after reducing the cost of old jewellery Rs 80 000 the net I pa

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  • Swachh Bharat Cess Calculator



  • DVAT Return process

    complete process of Delhi VAT return


  • MVAT Annexure Generation Utility

    Generate Annexure J1 J2 J5 J6 Automatically from Tally erp or Tally7 2 or any Excel or ASCII file Veryfy TIN online with Mahavat gov in and extract the Name Status i e Active Cancell as per department record in a single click Auto verification of Non Filer Short Filer and composite Dealr List along with 704 Non filer dealr list updated by department time to time No need to sorting your data just export your data in excel or ASCII text formate and this utility will import your data automatically


  • Document Management addon for Tally

    Greetings fellow forum members Let me thank you for your valuable support advice and feedback on our first addon Continuing with the same we wish to present you with our new addon Document Management System Experience has taught accountants and buisnessmen to have ready access to documents related to all entries in an accounting system We have come up with an addon specifically to address such issues We present this Document Management addon a useful tool for people who wish to attach any bills invoices cerificates etc i e any file you wish to attach with any accounting entry as a supporting document or evidence Thus it helps for future reference for accountants and also for audit purposes for auditors This addon is a trial version which only works for contra entries as well as masters If you wish to attach any documentary evidence for withdrawal of cash from bank or vice versa you can attach scanned copy camera captured image of the deposit slip withdrawal slip For people who wish to attach supplier or vendor details say TDS certificates or VAT service tax certificates they can attach any such documents during creation or alteration of such masters This can be applied to many areas say assets where bills invoices may be attached or excel sheets having depreciation calculations can be attached The Paid version of this addon can be used for all voucher types We hope that this trial version will convince you of the full potential of this addon In case of any query or feedback please feel free to communicate Regards CA Deepak Agarwal Gyrotech info gyrotech in 7738286611


  • Form 402

    MVAT Form 402 Works Contract Certificates for Sub contractors


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Online service providers like flipkart are not liable to VAT

Online service providers like Flipkart facilitating sale and purchase of goods through online portals cannot be considered as dealer of goods Not liable for VAT Flipkart Internet P Ltd Vs State of Ker

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Exegesis of the 'Rules of Computation of H-VAT' for Builders

The controversy regarding liability to pay VAT on agreements for sale of flats and units by builders and developers in Haryana has been emerged over a last few years It is purely a grey area where not

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TN VAT - Works Contracts - Tax disputes - Appeal Process

TN VAT Works Contracts Tax disputes Appeal Process and Consequences of Form O RR not issued by AO The readers may peruse the content in other article s on caption s Taxation of works contracts under T

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Disclosure of Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit in ST-3 Return - Practical Aspects - Part 3

Having discussed on the disclosure of availment and utilization of credit in previous two articles we shall move on to examining applicability of Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit Rules to a service provider an

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Conversion of Private Limited Company to LLP

Very often it is asked what is justification of having a private limited company Small promoters and entrepreneurs asks questions like why to pay dividend distribution tax why there is restriction on

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