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hospital internal audit report


ICAI - Mechanism to Monitor Tendering

ANNOUNCEMENT MECHANISM TO MONITOR TENDERING With a view to contain the tendering system for attest functions the Council at its special 338th meeting considered the report of the Group constituted und

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Clarification on Reports Appearing on Black Money Act

Over last few days a number of reports have appeared in the media expressing views and concerns regarding the applicability of various provisions of the Black Money Undisclosed Foreign Income and Asse

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ICAI awards for excellence in financial reporting

ICAI AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN FINANCIAL REPORTING Invitation to Participate in the Competition for the year 2014 15 Last date for receipt of entries 30th September 2015 Objective To recognise and enco

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Group formed pursuant to CAG report on performance audit

1 Pursuant to CAGs Report Performance Audit on Appreciation of Third Party Chartered Accountants Reporting in Assessment Proceedings for the year ended March 2014 the President in terms of the authori

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Ceiling limit of 20 statutory audit increased

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Notification dated June 5 2015 exempting the maximum ceiling of 20 companies as provided in clause g of sub section 3 of Section 141 of the Companies Act 2013

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Auditing and assurance

friends please tell which book is best for auditing and assurance

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sir coaching institute is included in meaning of profession as per 44AB limit of 25 lakhs or coaching institute will be covered in 1 crore limit

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Tax audit

Respected sir mam I am running my coaching institute which is patnership firm As per 44 AB is it necessary for me to get my books audit gross receipts 850000 and if my net profit is less than 8 of gro

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Query for internal reconstruction

Plz tell me the journal entries of following adjustments in the internal reconstruction 1 A member holding 100 equity shares of Rs 2 each opposed the scheme and his shares were taken over by a directo

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Is audit

I m DISA qualified and was looking for practical training in the same How should I go about it

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Non functional company audit pune

What is the minimum fee for a non functioning company based in pune Last year my CA has doubled my fee stating that there has been several changes by previous govt which just raised fee by 10 times I

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Ca final audit confusion

guys i read audit report chapter yesterday from the module today I read it again but it took a lot of time i think aise syllabus bahut der me khatam hoga so please tell me is my stratey wrong

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Best auditing firm in dubai- Macnross

Hello Everyone I am Jenniferfrom Macnross Macnross is a certified public accountants and audit firm in Dubai and here I am talking about auditing accounting and all the financial services which a comp

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Reimbursement auditing

Hi all I wanted to knowabout reimbursement Reimbursementprocess held incompany and also the procedure relatedthereon How should it be accounted and what documents thatmust be varified while vouching t

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Tretment of employee in hospital

If compamy paying amount to hospital for treatment of employees then TDS is applicable

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  • Companies (Cost Records Audit) Rules 2014

    Summary of Companies Cost Record and Audit Rules 2014


  • 2nd Edition - CA Final Audit by Sumit Aggarwal - All format

    Sample Chapter 24 All format of Audit Report Engagement Letter etc at one place


  • Audit Notes & Tips

    Audit Notes Tips


  • IPCC auditing amendments Nov. 2015

    Covers CARO 2015 Revised audit report formats and letter of engagement


  • Final - Auditing Amendments for Nov. 2015

    covers CARO 2015 Cost Records and Audit rules revised formats of audit reports and letter of enaggement


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Difference between audit procedure & audit technique

Audit Procedure is something an auditor does or should do in order to do audit Audit Technique means how the Audit procedure is conducted Audit procedure for audit of Receivables may be as follows 1 V

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Preparation Strategy for CA Final Financial Reporting!!

Friends all of you are going to be a Chartered Accountant and a CA is supposed to be very much familiar with this subject at least We are studying this subject from 11th standard and this is a subject

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Highlights of Report on the GST Bill by Select Panel of Rajya Sabha

Highlights of Report on the GST Bill by Select Panel of Rajya Sabha With the first days proceeding of the Monsoon session of the Parliament getting distressed the Select Panel of the Rajya Sabha had s

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Should statutory auditors attend AGM compulsorily?

PREAMBLE The Company jurisprudence in India enshrines statutory auditors who audit the accounts of a company as representatives of the shareholders who appoint them at every Annual General meeting AGM

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A Bird's eye view on Accounts and Audit under The Companies Act, 2013

Accounts Audit under The Companies Act 2013 Significant provisions related to Accounts under Companies Act 2013 Books of Accounts Section 128 Every Company shall Prepare and keep at is registered offi

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