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Income tax on the honorarium for exam supervision, examiner

Dear all may i seek your imp advice on the income tax on the amount recieved as honorarium for university exam supervison and exam copy checking does it fall under TDS in income tax

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Service tax on honorarium paid by trade unions

Trade union pays honorarium to its office bearers There are no monthly regular payment of honorarium Honorarium payment to individual person exceeds Rs 10 00 000 1 Is service tax is payable on honorar

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Honorarium taxble in salary or business profession or other

dear experts plz tell me in which head honurarium taxble details are below 1 my client is received Pension from CGHS as a doctor post Thisis under salary head 2 after retirement he made contract a com

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Honorarium - will it form part of service tax

Does amount received as honorarium for being a examiner form part of my overall professional income from practice If yes then who will bear the service tax on that

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T.d.s. on honorarium paid

If trade union pays honorarium to its trustees and governing body members does it attract T D S payment of honorarium is done once in a year and not every month If T D S on honorarium is applicable is

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Tax on honorarium payment

Can some advise tax implication if any being an agency we are paying honorarium to Doctos Rs 25000 total nos 1500 on behalf of client Regards

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Tds on honorarium- to a ''famous person''

i am auditing a charitable trust religious the amount of honorarium paid by the trust to their guru who visits masjid for religious purposes is 2 04 000 for the current financial year i would like to

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Honorarium received alongwith conveyance expenses

Honorarium received alongwith conveyance expenses for acting as observer for the first time what is the treatment for honorarium and conveyance expenses for tax purpose

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Is honorarium is taxed

A person who is non resident and receive honorarium from india so it would be taxed plzz reply me

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Honorarium for examinership icwa

Please let me know present honorarium for examinership of ICWAI examinations Thanks

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