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What is the deffernce between ssi licence and gumastadhara

hello sir i newly started office for tax consultancy accounting at ahmedabad my query is can i take ssi licence instade of gumastadhara licence

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Gumastadhara & ssi

Hello I am working with one healthcare limited company I want to register my company in gumastadhara but in option to this which registration I can do which can solve our purpose

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Gumastadhaa act

for a proprietorship firm is it compulsory to own a shop to get Gumastadhara shop act certificate

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Gumastadhara and professional tax in gujarat

Dear What is the Difference between Gumastadhara and Professional Tax in Gujarat

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Gumasta licence

how to get gumasta licence in Navi Mumbai

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Gumasta licence in residence area

Is it possible to have gumasta licence in residence area for the purpose of godown storehouse Even if neighbour had launched the complaint regarding it to society and police station claiming bmc act 3

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Regarding gumasta licence

I am proprietor of shop and I am entering into partnership with another person with the same shop should gumasta licence is valid license or I have to take anyother license after partnership it s reta

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Spelling mistake in gumasta form for proprietor name

i recently got a Gumasta license and to my surpise while checking on the website the status showed CANCELLED if i search by the receipt number but if i search by the Registration number on the Gumasta

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Gumasta licence adress

I want the Shop Establishment Licence office Adress in Panvel Navi Mumbai it s Urgent And I want to Know about the fees Structure for New Gumasta Regards Dhrupal

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Gumasta licence

Dear Freinds One of my client is operating a proprietory business in Mumbai in a rented premises and he wants a Gumasta Licence on his business name but the problem is that the owner of this premises

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