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FCRA regd association to incur exp above Rs 20000 in cheque

FCRA Department has issued a circular to incur expenditure above 20 000 by cheque or draft A copy of the circular has been enclosedherewith The circular advises FC registered organisations to incur ex

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First quarter GDP growth increases to 5.7 percent

Finance Ministry Performance of the Economy in the First Quarter of the Financial Year 2014 15 ss Broadly on Expected Lines The Finance Ministry states that the performance of the economy in the First

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Fiscal Deficit to be Contained at 4.6 Per Cent of GDP in 2013-14

The fiscal deficit for the financial year 2013 14 will be contained at 4 6 per cent of GDP Stating this in his Interim Budget speech for the financial year 2014 15 the Finance Minister Shri P Chidamba

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Estimates of GDP for Second Quarter (Q2) for 2013-14

The Central Statistics Office CSO released the estimates for the Second Quarter of GDP for 2013 14 Growth in GDP at factor cost at constant 2004 05 prices real GDP for the Second Quarter Q2 of 2013 14

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PNGRB reference on compliance with AS 17 by CGD entities

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board PNGRB entrusted with the duties interalia of regulating the transportation rate for city or local natural gas distribution networks or common or contract

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St on contractor regd under composition vat

One of my Client is a Works Contractor registered under Composition Scheme in Karnataka CAT Act paying COT at Flat 4 on Contract VAlue Also he pays Sevice Tax under Composition i e ST on 40 of Contrac

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Important topics for november 2015 ca final

Dear sir please suggests me the most important topics of each subject which should be asked in nov 2015 ca final exam

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Gdca results

GDCA Results Date please

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Important topics

What are the important topics for nov15 Ca final exams

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Filing of tds-regd.

Respected Sir Ours is a Govt Aided School wherein the tax deducted at source from the salary staff grant bill prepared and signed by the school correspondent of the staff is credited into the central

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Effect of change in regd address on scrutiny proceedings

If the registered office of a private company is changed from Delhito Mumbai in Nov 2015 then will the scrutiny notice selection for Fy 2014 15 will be done in the income tax office of Delhi or Mumbai

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Ipcc important topics and questions for nov 2015

all the important topics for ipcc nov 2015 is uploaded on youtube channel ca ipcc and cpt check now and subscribe channel for more updates

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Topics for people interested in exceptional issues

Dear friends I have decided to explain issues percieved by me in a different view than most of people considered All the issues explianed are not found in the internet by me before I have explained th

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Ca ipcc and cpt.important topics

important topics for ca ipcc mov 2015 and cpt dec 2015 uploaded on youtube channel ca ipcc and cpt check it put guys

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Regd: sales tax return


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  • Audit IPCC NOV 2015

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  • Excel Format of Opening entry for new Accounting Software

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Low Crude Price World GDP to slowdown

The world economy is set to slowdown in 2015 followed with extensive pressure on currency across the globe and to end up with asset bubbles going for blow up Japan has declared that its economy is in

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How to Crack GD

To start your career you are required to go through a hiring process in which there are multiple rounds Firstly there will be an elimination round which may be through a written test or a Group Discus

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GD, PI, Extempore - Are you Ready! Part 2

In the previous article I mentioned in brief what are the real reasons for the various selection steps to be there That would have helped you to understand what is expected from you in each of the sel

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GD, PI, extempore - Are you ready after CA?

CA Final Result Pass WOW CA Campus placement Rejected Oh My God I am sure those of you have passed the CA final exam in this attempt will not want the above to be true even in their dreams CA is a jou

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IFRS- Impact on Country's GDP

IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards is not just a corporate subject but something which is of national interest As the world turns into a Global village it is difficult for a country to s

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