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At 7.6% GDP growth India is the fastest growing large economy

India continues to remain a bright spot in world economy with robust macro economic and fiscal parameters Together with GDP growth of 7 9 in Q 4 of 2015 16 and 7 6 in the whole of 2015 16 The Provisio

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Fiscal Deficit Retained at 3.9 percent

Fiscal Deficit Retained at 3 9 percent in RE 2015 16 and at 3 5 percent in BE 2016 17 Adhering to the fiscal targets the fiscal deficit in RE 2015 16 and BE 2016 17 have been retained at 3 9 and 3 5 o

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Survey predicts over 8 per cent growth in next couple of years

Econmy Survey 2015 16 Indian economy stands out as a haven of macroeconomic stability resilience and optimism and can be expected to register GDP growth that could be in the range of 7 0 per cent to 7

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Indian economy emerges as one of the fastest growing economies of the world

FM Indian economy has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world with its GDP growth accelerated at 7 3 percent in 2014 15 Economy is firmly on the path of economic revival The Union

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Economy is expected to grow in the vicinity of 7.5%

The Central Statistics Office CSO released estimates of GDP and related parameters for Second Quarter of 2015 16 today The Finance Ministry analysed the data and made its observation that the GDP grow

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Common topics for ca and icwai

Hi Can any tell me in detail How many marks covered by ca final sfm Ama and FR in icwai final course Pls tell me with the name of such subjects in icwai

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GDP rate is 7 means what I mean to say what does the number 7 say I just only knew that gdp is value of all goods and services produced within the country

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Tnvat annual return filling_rgds

Res Sir Good Morning my client is Running is Malikai Shop Yearly Turnover is Rs 8 Lacks how to filling TNVAT Annual Return what commodity code is malikai items and then what is FORM K Kindly help me V

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Shifting of regd office from one state to another

Dear Sir i request to kindly guide me on the procedure to be carried out for shifting of regd office from one state to another

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Important topics for ipc may 16

kindly upload important topics for ipc may 16 thank u in advance

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Malikai items tnvat commodity code_rgds

Dear Sir i am filling TNVAT Annual return my cliant running is malikai shop annual turnover is 8 lakhs now my doubt is what is malikai shop items commodity code Kindly Help Me how to filling online re

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Imp topics for exam

Can anyone please inform me the important questions that are likely to come in today s ipcc audit paper

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Has anybody regd. tan of branch of a big co(through traces)

Has anybody regd TAN of branch of a company i AM ASKING ee ees that there is a highlight on the right side saying that the activation code will be sent to the PAN holder of that company i e central of

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Shifting of regd office

Dear CCI members please guide me on the procedure for shifting of regd office from one state to another someone with practical experience and the relevant documents format etc please if possible mail

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Which college to choose for best pgdm program in mumbai?

As many colleges are in the market so lot of confusion for the best I heard of IES MCRC the most logical extension of a academic pursuit and has good infrastructure and faculties to guide for choosing

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  • ISCA Important topics for May 2016

    This is based on analysis of previous years question papers This file is meant for students who are not confident about clearing their ISCA Paper to fill some confidence in them First prepare these topics and then go ahead with other topics Research credit goes to Mr Ganeshan


  • Meetings section wise companies act 2013

    handwritten notes of meetings chapter of companies act 2013 with all important topics covered


  • CA IPCC Auditing & Assurance Important Questions, Topics & Chapters

    CA IPCC Auditing Assurance Important Questions Topics Chapters


  • Group Discussion & tips to crack it

    What is GD What are qualities judge in GD Tips to crack a GD


  • Prepare cash flow statement in 3 steps

    Cash flow statement excel format to know more visit https www accountingdose com


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Low Crude Price World GDP to slowdown

The world economy is set to slowdown in 2015 followed with extensive pressure on currency across the globe and to end up with asset bubbles going for blow up Japan has declared that its economy is in

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How to Crack GD

To start your career you are required to go through a hiring process in which there are multiple rounds Firstly there will be an elimination round which may be through a written test or a Group Discus

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GD, PI, Extempore - Are you Ready! Part 2

In the previous article I mentioned in brief what are the real reasons for the various selection steps to be there That would have helped you to understand what is expected from you in each of the sel

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GD, PI, extempore - Are you ready after CA?

CA Final Result Pass WOW CA Campus placement Rejected Oh My God I am sure those of you have passed the CA final exam in this attempt will not want the above to be true even in their dreams CA is a jou

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IFRS- Impact on Country's GDP

IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards is not just a corporate subject but something which is of national interest As the world turns into a Global village it is difficult for a country to s

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