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At 7.6% GDP growth India is the fastest growing large economy

India continues to remain a bright spot in world economy with robust macro economic and fiscal parameters Together with GDP growth of 7 9 in Q 4 of 2015 16 and 7 6 in the whole of 2015 16 The Provisional Accounts for 2015 16 have been released by the Government today 31 5 2016 Fiscal Deficit in 2015

Key Features of Budget 2016-2017

INTRODUCTION Growth of Economy accelerated to 7 6 in 2015 16 India hailed as a bright spot amidst a slowing global economy by IMF Robust growth achieved despite very unfavourable global conditions and two consecutive years shortfall in monsoon by 13 Foreign exchange reserves touched highest ever lev

CMA- President's Communique for January 2014

Presidents Communique for January 2014 No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are raise your sights higher and see the brighter possibilities for they are always there for you to reach Norman Vincent Peale Dear Professional Colleagues Wish all of you your family and friends a great start t

Summary of Economic Survey - Survey Pegs GDP Growth At 6.9% in 2011-12

Outlook Brighter for Next Fiscals Indian economy is estimated to grow by 6 9 in 2011 12 mainly due to weakening industrial growth This indicates a slowdown compared not just to the previous two years when the economy grew by 8 4 but also from 2003 to 2011 except 2008 9 economic downturn when the gro

Changing over from GAAP to IFRS-1: Are we ready yet?

Sub Heading A single implementation date for the new regime would be desirable Author Kaushik Dutta Shrenik Baid DNA Content The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI and the Government of India have affirmed that the country will converge with International Financial Reporting Standards

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ifrs and us GAAP

I need to understand the both concepts and overview of both please if any one has this please send me

Ifrs and us gaap notes

Hi I am a working Chartered Accountant Can someone help me with a good book notes for IFRS and US GAAP and its difference in context with Current IGAAP Also practical solutions and direct numerous examples and illustrations Thanks CA Mehul

Goodwill - valuation as per the us & indian gaap and ifrs

How to value the goodwill for company as per the US and Indian GAAP and IFRS


what are the difference types of GAAP are their like Indian GAAP and US GAAP

Accounting as per us gaap

Hi we are in crane renting business and one major accident has happened at the site and crane got fully damaged now we went for full claim with the insurance company and they have approved and conducted auction for sale of damaged crane and we have participated in the auction and won the auction Ins


Difference between IND-AS103 & INDIAN GAAP of business combination

Business combination Major difference between IND AS 103 and INDIAN GAAP Sr No PARTICULARS IND AS103 INDIAN GAAP 1 Scope Ind AS 103 applies to most business combinations including amalgamations acquisitions and common control business combinations It however does not apply to formation of joint vent


please if any one has this both notes and concepts please send me

As & gaap

Dear Friends Accounting Standards are issued by Council of ICAI and notified by the Government Can you provide information on GAAP I want to know difference between AS and GAAP Regards Kavitha

Ind as and gaap

What are points of distinction between IND AS and Indian GAAP Please discuss

Us gaap animated videos

Hey Guys check out videos on US Gaap Is you like subscribe to the channel for more updates Video 1 US Gaap Fasb Gasb Video 2 US Gaap Gasb Objectives of Financial Reporting

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  • The Maverick Treasurer - Feb 2016 Edition

    This is the February 2016 edition of The Maverick Treasurer A Magazine which talks about Treasury Foreign Exchange Risk Management Derivatives Currency Trading Interest Rates Derivatives Fixed Income Markets Debt Markets Money Markets Capital Markets Valuation of Derivatives Instruments Central Bank Policy Actions Hedge Accounting US GaaP IFRS IAS Indian GaaP IND AS Guidance towards International Accounting Standards Trading tips pertaining to variety of assets classes covering both Onshore and Offshore Treasury Markets which in turn would sink with Proprietary Trading Desk of Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers
  • Allied Law [Two Chapters- Summary Notes]

    Prevention of Money Laundering and Banking Act Covers 8 Marks of Paper 4 You can refer the material on Last Day Short and Simple for feedback mail me brightfortune live com
  • Systems [Summary Notes] - ISCA

    Short sweet Summary Notes Spare Just 2 hours with the material and grab 12 15 Marks in your bucket of Group II Give me you Feedback on brightfortune live com
  • Differences as compared to Indian GAAP

    Useful PPT Differences to Indian GAAP

    Major differences between IFRS and Indian Accounting Standards

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Ind-AS: convergence with IFRS: GAAP GAPS summarised

The MCA had issued a notification dated 16 February 2015 announcing the Companies Indian Accounting Standards Rules 2015 for applicability of Indian Accounting Standard Ind AS Ind AS are converged IFRS and applicable in a phased manner to Indian entities Ind AS are converged standards since India ha

Bright days always follow gloomy days

I was in Mussorie last week with my family for vacations and we had stayed in a beautiful resort The Amber Vermont Estate It was located some 5 kms away from the main mall road of Mussorie in a picturesque place near the Company garden The beauty of this resort was not in its designing but in the pl

Understanding the US GAAP with Indian GAAP

With the globalization and advancement of India Indian accountant professionals IAP are not only required to follow the India AS but also required to follow the US GAAP as many MNC are doing the accounting job from India and IAP are not require to prepare the financials for Indian company but also f

Accounting Deep Discount Bonds - I GAAP & IFRS

A Zero Coupon Bond Deep Discount Bond Zero coupon bond also called a discount bond or deep discount bond is a bond issued at a price lower than its face value with the face value repaid at the time of maturity It does not make periodic interest payments or have so called coupons hence the term zero

Be an effective public speaker to make your career bright

PUBLIC SPEAKING is the most powerful skill to create an immediate identity of self This requires thorough knowledge of different subjects Some of the ingredients to be a successful public speaker is 1 Trace out the latest news which is somewhat lengthy and or tricky to understand by public may be re

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