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Extension of time for filing cost audit report

Extension of time for filing of cost audit report to the Central Government for the Financial Year 2014 2015 in form CRA 4 Please refer to theattached file for more details

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Indirect taxes grow more than 37% in first four months

FM Buoyancy in the Indirect Tax Collections as They Grow more than 37 in the First Four Months of the Current Financial Year 2015 16 That Manufacturing and Service Sector is Performing Well Economy Sh

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Online form for campus placement for Final qualified CMAs

Dear future CMAs Sub Online form for campus placement for Final qualified CMAs We understand that you have appeared for your final exam this June 2015 At this crucial juncture of your career we would

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India signs agreement with Seychelles for tax information exchange

Signing and Ratification of agreement between India and Seychelles for the exchange of information with respect to taxes The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved

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Clarification on sec 464 of the Co Act, 2013 for IPC exam

Clarification on section 464 of the Companies Act 2013 in Paper No 2 Business Law Ethics and Communication at Intermediate IPC Level The students are hereby informed that according to section 464 1 of

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Form dir-12

Dear Friends Experts Please guide me on the following IF POSSIBLE Query Please advise how can the Form DIR 12 already filed can be changed specifically for the purpose of NED from the ED as it is wron

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Time limit of c form

I am wholesaler of Cement Manufacturing in Rajasthan I Purchased raw material on C Form at 2005 06 But i Omitted to issue C Form to the party Now Party Call for C Form of 2005 06 Can I Issued C Form o

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Issuance of c form

In vat we are sending material to customer in one year on c form basis customer are giving us c form in next year So is there any effect in books of account for both side

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Roc procedure forms & fee for merger

Hi We need to merge 15 small co s in one big company I have all the details regarding scheme high court procedure Please help me eleborate the requirement to be meet with ROC Forms to be filed ROC fee

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Itr form

A Person having salary Intrest and Share Trading SHORT Term Capital gain Income Please Advise which ITR Form file

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C forms issuance under dvat

How to issue form with such a problem How to correct this error

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Tamil nadu sales tax form x register format

Hi Could any body provide me excel template of Form X Register format

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ICMAI - For information of Members on Validation Tool

For Information of Members The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has made available Validation Tool for Costing Taxonomy Version 2 0 on 14th August 2015 The professionals stakeholders are requested to dow

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Vat - change to form i from form k

Hi I am currently filing my VAT using Form K composition scheme My current year turnover has now exceeded Rs 50 lakhs and as I understand I have tofile my monthy return using Form I Please explain me

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Trade sales to exporters against "form h"

A merchant Trading Company as of now has to buy goods from their supplier PURCHASE RATE VAT CST and sell to the EXPORTING COMPANY SALE RATE agains H FORM Here they are paying CST VAT and recovering no

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  • Taxation Master 2015-16

    Prepration of form 16 for 500 Employees Tax Calculation and relief u s 89 1 from F Y 1985 86 to 2015 16 Prepration of Challan 280 281 Calculation of intrest on NSC House Rent Allowance rebate Tax Rate for last 30 years and much more in single excel sheet


  • New Simple Income Tax Formula for A.Y. 2016-17

    Contains new formula with percentage table to calculate base income tax for A Y 2016 207 Worksheet is not protected so you can view formula and edit for next year it table if there will be any changes with 3 slab rate


  • Foreign Party Exchange gain or loss & statement



  • ISCA 60+

    It s very Imp to score good marks in ISCA therefore these Notes comprises of Practice Manual RTP Study Material contents in Point form Spaces are also left to write own points People already downloaded Please Ignore


  • Easiest way to Incorporate a Company in India - Form INC-29

    the file describes the basic idea about the new procedure of incorporating a new company in India


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Imperfection in Professional Work of form 32 in Sheena Bora murder case

IMPERFECTION IN PROFESSIONAL WORK IN FORM 32 BY INDRANI MUKERJEA SHEENA BORA MURDER CASE On 28 08 2015 I was watching DNA on Sheena Murder Case on Zee News The reporter Sudhir Choudhary disclosed the

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How to Fill Income tax return form - Tax consultant in India

File your tax returns before August 31 Its time to pay more attention as the income tax department seeks more disclosures to catch tax evaders THIS is the time of the year when people run around for f

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CARO 2015 Reporting and Format

Reporting Under CARO 2015 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 10th April 2015 notified theCompanies Auditors Report Order 2015 CARO 2015 APPLICABILITY It shall apply to every company including a fore

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All about IT Form 16 for salaried employee

What is Form 16 If you are salaried employee in an organization then you will get the salary after deducting tax by the employer Therefore Form 16 is a certificate issued to you by your employer stati

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Use of digital signature and maintenance of records in electronic form

The Article given below may help you to know what are the Conditions and Procedures to be followed to use Digital signature to sign the invoices and maintain records in Electronic form By way of Notif

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