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Simplification of procedure for Form 15G and 15H

F No DGIT S CPC TDS DCIT 15GH 2016 174539 Government of India Ministry of Finance Central Board of Direct Taxes Directorate of Income tax Systems New Delhi Notification No 1 2016 Dated 09th June 2016

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Relaxation of MCA additional fees and extension of time for filing of eforms

Circular No 07 2016 F No MCA 21 33 2016 e Gov cell Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs 5th Floor A Wing Shastri Bhavan Dr R P Road New Delhi 110001 Dated 30 05 2016 All the Regional Dire

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CBDT- E-filing of appeals extension of time limit

CBDT E filing of appeals Extension of time limit PFA the enclosed attachment to view in PDF form

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Accounting code for payment of Krishi Kalyan Cess

Circular No 194 04 2016 ST F No 354 31 2016 TRU Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Tax Research Unit To Principal Chief Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise All Princ

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Relaxation for furnishing of UID in case of Form 15G/15H for certain quarters

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Fees u/s 234e for 194ia ???

One of my client purchased H P on 03 03 2014 for Rs 60 lacs So he was served a notice by I T for non filing of 26QB I have caclulated tds interest for late deduction and interest for late payment also

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can any one send me the condonation letter format for late submission of 108 form please its urgent

format for condonation latter

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Disclosure of Non Performing Assets in Financial Statementa

if a company has taken a loan from bank which has been declared as NPA by bank and if the company does not disclse this fact in its financial statements then whether auditor is responsible tp bring ou

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Section 143 (2)

The case of the private ltd company is scrutinized u s 143 2 for Financial Year 2013 14 A O demands stock statement for financial year ended on 31 03 2013 and 31 03 2014 from Bank The Stock position i

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Query on articleship form

Plz advise me My 1st grp clear In nov 2015 and the last date for submission of Articleship form is 30th april and because of some circumstances I couldn t deposit form as per prescribed period now I w

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Late filing fee u/s 234e for 194ia

One of my client purchased H P on 03 03 2014 for Rs 60 lacs So he was served a notice in May 2016by I T for non filing of 26QB I have caclulated tds interest for late deduction and interest for late p

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Llp post incoporation formalities

I have incorporated an LLP in Kolkata and got the registration certificate on 25th April 2016 However aftre getting registration certificate no furthers forms or anything has been filed Is there any f

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Itr form & head of income - rent received from mobile tower.

I want to know that What should be the head of income for Earning of rent from Mobile tower installed at the only residential property Which ITR form to be used for the said Rent Income from salary in

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Adt-3 issues

HI frnds we want to resign for FY 2015 16 Our resignation date is 10 06 2016 The time required to File ADT 3 is 30 days from resignation i e 10 07 2016 so when i am trying to upload the file why i am

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3rd pay revision committee for executive of cpsus

Govt constitutes 3rd pay Revision Committee for executive of CPSUs

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  • Transactions which are not regarded as transfer [Section 47]

    Transactions which are not regarded as transfer Section 47


  • Period of holding of Capital Assets

    How to determine period of holding of Capital Assets under different situation Pls go through the file


  • Finance Act 2016

    Finance Act 2016


  • New Procedure in MVAT

    New Procedure in MVAT


  • TCS Post 01/06/2016

    Lots of Curbs and Compliances on Cash Transactions in Budget 2016 TCS Provisions are one such amendment in this direction


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International Computation and Disclosure Standards (ICDS) - A brief overview

History In 2010 when Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA had announced converging Indian financial reporting with IFRS in a phased manner one of the biggest challenges faced by corporate sector was how

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NCLT & NCLAT under companies act, 2013

It has been more than 14 years that we first heard about National Company Law Tribunal NCLT National Company Law Appellate Tribunal NCLAT But now by MCA Notification dated 1st June 2016 in exercise of

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About 29 new sections notified on June 1st 2016 in CA 2013

Hi All MCA had notified 29 new sections through exercise of the powers conferred by sub section 3 of section 1 of the Companies Act 2013 18 of 2013 By this the Central Government hereby appoints the 0

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No Krishi Kalyan Cess on debtors as on 13th May 2016 - Part 2

The enabling provisions for KRISHI KALYAN CESS KKC are contained in Chapter VI of Finance Act 2016 As per the provisions KKC shall be applicable at 0 5 on all taxable services and the proceeds of KKC

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Ind AS 37 vis-a-vis AS 29

Due to globalization in the recent past the world has become a global village Many multinational companies have started expanding their business across various countries Accounting frameworks of diffe

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