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form 16 excel format ay 2013 14


Online form for campus placement for Final qualified CMAs

Dear future CMAs Sub Online form for campus placement for Final qualified CMAs We understand that you have appeared for your final exam this June 2015 At this crucial juncture of your career we would

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India signs agreement with Seychelles for tax information exchange

Signing and Ratification of agreement between India and Seychelles for the exchange of information with respect to taxes The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved

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Clarification on sec 464 of the Co Act, 2013 for IPC exam

Clarification on section 464 of the Companies Act 2013 in Paper No 2 Business Law Ethics and Communication at Intermediate IPC Level The students are hereby informed that according to section 464 1 of

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Advisory from CPC (TDS) regarding spurious emails

Dear Deductor Taxpayer This is to inform that a few emails received by the Deductors and Taxpayers have been brought to the attention of the Centralized Processing Cell TDS which claim to have been or

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Computation of period of stay in India in certain cases


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Form 23aca

I am aware that as per law registered user is not allowed to view Form 23ACA of any Private Limited Company even after paying requisite fee of Rs 100 to MCA Is there any other way to view get Form 23A

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Form 23ac

There is a company which is dormant but now want to activate his business and now they have to upload Form 23AC for the F Y 2010 11 but my query is regarding Today when they upload Form 23AC whether t

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Financial statement as per schedule iii of co. act. 2013

Please can Anyone just send me across excel format of Sch III of Balance Sheet

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Refund of ass year 14-15

R all one of my client did not file return for ass year 14 15 and there was a refund of approx 4000 can we file return and claim refund now please suggest regard

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Form mgt-14

Urgent Dear all My question is weather mgt 14 is to be filed for board resolution for authorizing director to sign in annual returns forms

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Cst form 'c'

Dear We are placed at Gorakhpur in Haryana State We placed purchase order for supply of DG Sets 2 Nos on a firm based at Mumbai in Maharashtra State They took the order and got manufactured one DG Set

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Itr form if tcs applicable

can someone pls tell me which ITR form to use when the individual with only salary income having tcs credit

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Itr form for nri

I request the following advice regarding filing of Tax return I am an NRI with NRO Fixed deposit interest income in India which well exceeds the Income Tax limit and I have NRE Fixed deposit income in

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Unique tds certificate no: on itr 2 (ay 2015-16)

My questions are While filling in Unique TDS certificate no Col 4 of Tab 18 C of ITR 2 for Ass Yr 2015 16 1 Where do I find the Unique TDS certificate no on Form 16A 2 How many characters is the Uniqu

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Itr2a: where to show 15g/h information in the form

Hi Where to show 15G 15H details in ITR2 or ITR2A I have one more question In form 26AS I have one entry where tds deducted is shown as zero because interest paid was just 4 rupees I want toknow that

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  • Peer Review Questionnaire in word format (Latest)

    Peer Review Questionnaire for Practice Unit updated 2015 in word format


  • Law Sections for Final Nov-2015

    Applicable for final including circulars notifications orders and rules


  • Major Initiatives on "Ease of Doing Business" in India

    Major initiative under Ease of doing business in India


  • Depreciation Chart as per Schedule II

    Excel file of Depreciation as per Schedule II


  • CMA format for Bank loans

    CMA format for Bank loans


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All about payment banks

With RBI announcement of 11 payment bank on 19 08 2015 here is what we should know about these banks WHAT IS PAYMENT BANKS Apayments bankis a type of non full servicenichebankinIndia A bank licensed a

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Issue of Sweat Equity Shares under Companies Act, 2013

Dear Readers Professional Members Greetings for the day Section 54 of the Companies Act 2013 corresponds to section 79A of the Companies Act 1956 and seeks to provide that on fulfilling certain condit

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How to Fill Income tax return form - Tax consultant in India

File your tax returns before August 31 Its time to pay more attention as the income tax department seeks more disclosures to catch tax evaders THIS is the time of the year when people run around for f

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Kabaddi between taxpayer and income tax! Enjoy it!

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna Nowadays interesting matches of Pro Kabaddi are going on This is the second year of Pro Kabaddi Match Series The game of kabaddi is gaining more and more popularity

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Independence to small taxpayer if his profit is above 8%

Karneeti Part 110 Independence in 8th Month but for Small taxpayer if its profit above 8 Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna Independence Day of our country is coming closer on 15th August All citizens

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