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Relaxation of MCA additional fees and extension of time for filing of eforms

Circular No 07 2016 F No MCA 21 33 2016 e Gov cell Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs 5th Floor A Wing Shastri Bhavan Dr R P Road New Delhi 110001 Dated 30 05 2016 All the Regional Dire

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CBDT- E-filing of appeals extension of time limit

CBDT E filing of appeals Extension of time limit PFA the enclosed attachment to view in PDF form

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Relaxation for furnishing of UID in case of Form 15G/15H for certain quarters

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Digital reporting of Form No.60

Circular No 14 2016 F No 370149 68 2016 TPL Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 18th May 2016 Subject Digital reporting of Form No 60

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New and revised standards on auditing

Revised SA 700 Forming an Opinion and Reporting on Financial Statements New SA 701 Communicating Key Audit Matters in the Independent Auditors Report Revised SA 705 Modifications to the Opinion in the

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Form 4 raw material register applicable in excel or not

Dear Sir manufacturing excisable unit have maintain Form 4 for Input Raw Material consumption my Question is 1 Can we maintain in Excel Sheet or Not 2 is it Applicable Allowable by the excise Departme

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Income tax return form

I had filled AOP return Now i want to file return of AOP s members Which ITR should used to file the return i wan to show the share of income received from aop ie share of profit

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Form 15ca cb amendment query

Dear Sir We are paying for the purchase of CAPEX Imported machinery parts As per amendments with effect from 01 04 2016 No Form 15CA and Form15CB is required for the Imports and advance on Imports Now

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Formation of Co operative bank

can anyone please let me know the complete procedure for Formation of Co operative bank How much time it will take

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Which form use for filling income tax return

Dear Sir I have salary and professional income for accounting service i need advice for which form should i use for filling income tax return for the f y 2015 16 please give your valuable opinion Than

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When will available form 23ac , 23aca and 20b

when will available Form 23AC 23ACA and 20B as same is not available in mca website for filling Annual Returns of earlier yer

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Itr information

Dear Sir Which ITR Need to select for a pvt ltd company director if he has no other income accept director remuneration

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Mvat return new format - apri 16

Hi Experts MVAT new format e filing not enabled so far and fiinding error Can you tell up to what period e filing date is extended What is the procedure for E filing of april 16 thanks

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Form 20b, 23ac and aca, 66 - availability

When the Forms 20B 23AC 23ACA and 66 are available for filing Is ROC is planning for any CLSS

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Can we treat pension arrears as salary arrears for form 10e

My client has received arrears of his pension of 8 years 2006 to 2014 in 2015 16 fy He is filing form 10E for Relief u s 89 Which annexure to file of this form Annx I or Annx IV

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  • MIS Financial format for any month end

    This is a format of MIS data for any month end and it is easy to understand


  • SBI Stock Statement Format



  • CS Executive TAX Answer June 2016

    Disclaimer We have taken care to make this suggested answers as the Most Authenticated Answers Still neither HBC nor CA Vivek Goel shall be responsible for the result of any action taken on the basis of information provided in this publication


  • IND AS 23-Borrowing Costs

    Borrowing costs that are directly attributable to the acquisition construction or production of a qualifying asset form part of the cost of that asset Other borrowing costs are recognised as an expense An entity shall apply this Standard in accounting for borrowing costs The Standard does not deal with the actual or imputed cost of equity including preferred capital not classified as a liability


  • IND AS 20-Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance

    This Standard shall be applied in accounting for and in the disclosure of government grants and in the disclosure of other forms of government assistance


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IFC - Relevance of Information Technology in Internal Controls

The purpose of internal controls is to identify manage and control risks that could prevent the organization from achieving its objectives The information technology IT function designs develops imple

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All about Form 15G/15H

BACKGROUND Chapter XVII Collection and Recovery of Tax of Income Tax Act 1961 provides for the various provisions related to deduction of tax at source These provisions work as a tax collection mechan

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Failure to perform the agreement to sell

Now a days a number of criminal cases are being filed on the failure to perform the agreement to sell or execute the sale deed in favor of the buyer But the question that comes to everybodys mind is w

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New Forms in MVAT

Now Maharashtra Government take initiative regarding hassle frees from the E Filing return process for ease of doing Business For that purpose New templates of annexures and returns in Form 231 Form 2

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Government notifies new income tax return forms for FY 2015-16

In brief The Central Board of Direct Taxes has notified Income tax return forms applicable for the financial year FY 2015 16 assessment year 2016 17 There are no major changes in the forms compared to

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