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form 13 in word format


Undisclosed income of Rs 21354 cr detected in last 2 years

There is no official estimation of the amount of black money stashed away abroad Various non governmental organizations and economists in the past have indicated certain estimations of illicit financial flows out of the country Such estimations appear to be based upon different sets of facts assumpt

IT dept to issue 7 lakh letters seeking information in respect of high value non PAN transaction

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 21st July 2016 Sub Income Tax Department to issue 7 lakh letters seeking Information in respect of High Value Transactions Under the Annual Information Returns AIR various types of high value transa

Time table for Nov 2016 CA exams released

No 13 CA EXAM N 2016 In pursuance of Regulation 22 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased to notify that the Intermediate IPC and Final examination will be held on the dates given below at the following places provided

Govt considering having a new financial year

Government today constituted a Committee headed by Dr Shankar Acharya former Chief Economic Adviser to examine the desirability and feasibility of having a new financial year The Committee to submit its Report by 31st December 2016 The Government of India today constituted a Committee to examine the

MCA issues order regarding rotation of auditors

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Companies Third Removal of Difficulty Order 2016 regarding applicability of the provisions of Rotation of Auditors as per Section 139 2 of the Companies Act 2013 PFA the enclosed attachment for more details

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Related to form 16

In form 16 of my client Gross Salary 309167 Less Allowance exempt under section 10 0 Less Value of perquisite under section 17 2 0 Less Deduction under section 80c 30000 Respected Sir Above is picture of form 16 my question is that i claim deduction more than 30000 in 80c also claim conveyance allow

Not able file itr online for f.y. 2012-13

I have tried to file ITR 4S online for F Y 2012 13 but message popped up as The end date for filing this ITR is over Please suggest is there any alternate way of filing this ITR of F Y 2012 13

Proforma invoice & how to solve tnsaction

As a Individual I want to do export I have a export number I want to sell goods to yuganda I have a contact through my Friend Buyer made payment in my friend account In this case what can i do How to prepare invoice Provide me a proforma Also suggest me a journal entry Reply as soon as possible

Change the itr forms

Last Year I have a tution Income So I filled a ITR 4S This Year I have a salaried income so can I Filled a ITR 1

Filing of form 10 e

Sir I am facing a peculiar situation A bank employee has registered his Digital Signature with IT website for some other form filing purposes relating to his job Now while filing his Form 10 E for Section 89 relief online with IT department the website asks for signature file as DSC is registered wh


Can I ignore Form 16 Calculation which is wrong?

Dear Professional Friends My company Form16 is not right Total salary is not right Moreso they have not included i HRA ii Medical Benefits Of Rs 15000 Thus I have prepared my own calculation by considering i ii above said 2 points My question is Shall I take my OWN calculation as BASE igonoring my c

Itr form


It filing query (form 16 and 16a)

Dear Sir Good day I am working in a company and I received Form 16 for my salary alternatively i am also working as LIC Agent doing minimum business to retain my license and get commission for that i received Form 16A Deduction of Tax at source under section 203 of the IT Act 1961 For Interest on Se

Format of affidavit for e-form chg-8


For certified copies i make the declaration form image up to 100 dpi and with in 200 kb is it sufficent

if bichance its with in not 200 kb is they disqualified the application

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Audit and Auditor as per Companies Act, 2013

Chapter X of the Companies Act 2013 deals with Audit and Auditors Section 139 Appointment of Auditors 1 Every Company shall at the First Annual General Meeting appoint an Individual or firm as an Auditor who shall hold office from the conclusion of this meeting until the conclusion of sixth Annual g

Words will sound empty if your emotions don't match your words

We say what we mean and we mean what we say When we break from this pattern and say things we dont really mean we move out of integrity Personal power comes from being in integrity and diminishes whenever our integrity is undermined And lying is one of the ways we do that If your actions do not prov

Online filing of Form 15G/ 15H

Submission of Form 15G 15H to Income Tax Department There are certain provisions in the income tax act for deduction of tax at source TDS out of certain income like dividend interest rent etc There are certain flat rates for deduction of TDS if such income exceed a certain fixed amount The payer hav

Income tax return forms

Various queries arises during filing of Income tax return such as Which form is to be used for me for filing my income tax return for better clarification of doubt on such issue here I am listing out various Income tax forms which are to be used while filing their income tax return ITR 1 OR SAHAJ Th

NCLT & NCLAT under companies act, 2013

It has been more than 14 years that we first heard about National Company Law Tribunal NCLT National Company Law Appellate Tribunal NCLAT But now by MCA Notification dated 1st June 2016 in exercise of the powers conferred by section 408 of the Companies Act 2013 18 of 2013 the Central Government her

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