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financial follow up report


Broad Parameters for Evaluation for the Competition, 'ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting'

Broad Parameters for Evaluation for the Competition ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting Please check the Attached file

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P. Chidambaram's Speech at ICSI Seminar on Indian Financial Code

The Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram has said that multiplicity of Institutions and multiplicity of Regulators which have come up from time to time to meet newly perceived requirements has potenti

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ICSI Conducts National Seminar on "Indian Financial Code"

Union Finance Minister Shri P Chidambaram here today inaugurated a National Seminar on the Indian Financial Code as recommended by the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission The Seminar was o

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Government urges all tax Payers to Disclose their True income and pay Appropriate taxes within the Current Financial Year

A Compliance Management Cell has been set up to Ensure Follow up Action and Track Return Filing and Tax Payment of the Target Segment 70 000 Letters are being sent in 2 Batches to High Priority Cases

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Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency Relating to Imported and Export Goods Notified

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 14 of the Customs Act 1962 52 of 1962 and in super session of the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Finance Department of Revenu

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Form and content of b/s & p&l (ca. nitin gupta)

Hello Frnz Here from u can download the summary of Form content of BS and Statement of PL

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Tds applicable for buying monthly report from vietnam?

We are an India based consultancy company We want to purchase a monthly report containing information about Vietnam rice markets and rice exports and other such information from a Vietnam based compan

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Need help on filing itr1 with superannuation

Dear Experts I was employed at a firm for part of last FY I have salary income of 2 5L and received superannuation of 1L when quitting TDS was deducted on both Now while filing returns should give tax

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Parag gupta costing book

Is it possible to get notes of Parag Gupta sir for ca final costing Also his books are available in the market Can anyone tell me if the books in the market are the same as the one he uses in his clas

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Summary of books of accounts by ca. nitin gupta

Hello Frnz Here from u can download the summary of Books of Account Company Audit II by CA Nitin Gupta Rathore Institute

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  • Variance Analysis

    This sheet is all based upon application of costing s wide areas such as budgets budgetary controls under practical circumstances for a company in order to control costs and further costs cutting also This sheet also provides variance analysis on gross cost basis without going through ascertainment of costs centres in depth I developed this sheet for deep analysis of costs at various types of costs This sheet covers costs revenues performance analysis in detail mingled up with charts graphs etc


  • Latest CS Course Syllabus (2013)

    Latest CS Course Syllabus 2013 Updated For more Visit www karmawarrior blogspot in Connect to Our fb Page www facebook com karmawarrior91


  • Use of Indirect Function for Consolidation

    Consolidation of Data using Vlookup or Index and IF Error Match Indirect


  • Amnesty Scheme - 2013

    Scheme brought up by the CBEC for service tax defaulters to waive of interest and penalty on tax due but not paid by the assesses Find along with VCES 1 decleration form in pdf


  • Bank Cheque Printing and Register Excel Software

    This is Free Automated auto Fill up Bank Cheque Printing Software in Excel Format This Excel base Software Utility help you to Print any Bank Cheque and manage your Bank issued Cheques Register data properly at one place The chances of mistakes are more when we write cheque manually and also more time consuming Using this software chances of Cheque mistakes less and chances of saving time more This software build with more features and user friendly Useful for every persons Small and Big Business Organisations Features of Software Utility Easy to Print any Bank Cheque at one click Maintain Register of 3000 isssued Cheques data at one Place More Fields Available in Cheque Register Find Cheque Data Easily with different Criteria Fully Automated and User Friendly More Secured and Time Saver Easy to Transfer and eMail


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Audit report u/s 44ab

In a case of person required to get his accounts audited by or under any other law it shall be sufficient if such person gets the accounts audited under such law and furnishes the report of the audit

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Financial year ending for producer company

What are the provisions regarding the first financial year end for producer company for suppose co is incorporated on 15 03 2012 then when shud the F Y end producer company

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Compliance report under cost accounting record rules

The Company is exempted from cost audit but is required to file compliance report under the cost accounting record rules 2011 The Company secretary of the company is also a member of the institute of

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Holding workshops on basic life support system and advanced

We are holding workshops on Basic Life Support Systems BLS and Advanced Cardiac Life Suport Systems ACLS to certain Colleges and Hospitals These workshops are accredited by American Heart Association

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Problem in uploading form 8

Dear Sir I fill form 8 and there is no prescrutiny error but while uploading there is msg show some prescrutiny validation failed and change that data and upload again i dont understand whats this can

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Civil Services - My Cup of Tea - Part-1

When the result of Civil Services 2012 was declared it brought a huge smile on the face of the whole CA community reason being a Chartered Accountant coming up with flying colours in that examination

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Mandatory Audit Report E-filling for the AY - 2013-14

CBDThas made itmandatorytoE file Audit Reportsfacility Provided that where an assessee is required to furnish a report of auditunder sections 44AB 92E or 115JB ofthe Act he shall furnish the same elec

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Overview of Revised Format of Auditor's Report

Auditors Report is the finale of the professional work of an auditor It also acts as a means of communication with various stakeholders of the company After the year 2008 commonly remembered as the ye

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Financial Intelligence Unit (India)

FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE UNIT INDIA A NEW STEP TO CONTROL MONEY LAUNDERING Introduction Money Laundering has always been a matter of discussion for government of all the countries Money laundering is th

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5 Excel Formulas for MIS Reporting

CASE STUDY 1 Converting text written in lower case to first letter capitalized case CASE STUDY 2 Converting text written in mixed case to upper case CASE STUDY 3 Removing extra unwanted spaces from th

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