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FM asks Income tax officers to use non intrusive methods of investigation

Finance Minister Asks Officers of Income Tax Department to Maximise the Use of Non Intrusive and Innovative Methods of Investigation Calls for Training for Upgradation of Skills and Need for Capacity

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ICAI-President's Message - January 2014

Dear Friends Bharat Ratna and Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela has passed away a person who stood for peace and against racial discrimination and who got inspired by our Father of the Nation and his nonv

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CBDT Circular on application of profit split method

CBDT Circular on application of profit split method Dated 26 3 2013 Circular No 2 2013

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ICAI-President's Message - October 2012

Dear Friends I find it quite apt at present to remember the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi and his never ending trust in nonviolent method of protest and struggle Violence begets violence Those w

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The Depreciated Replacement Cost Method of Valuation

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New depreciation method ( life) v/s sec 32 depreciation

hello sir i have a query relating to company act 2013 dep life of assets for example purchased a air conditioner in my company as on 1 april 2013 41500 dep for 2014 15 as per company act dep will be a

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Calculation of depreciation as per slm method

Dear expert plz let me know the calculation of depreciation as per SLM method with an example if possible thanks in advance

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Depreciation as per slm method

Dear expert plz let me know how to calculate the depreciation as per SLM method with an example if possible regard Tarun

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Straight line method of depreciation

Dear Sir We have purchased a fixed asset in FY 1415 for Rs 1 Lac and charged dep as per SLM In the next fin year how should we calculate dep i e on Rs 1 Lac or cl bal as on 31 03 15 i e 100000 dep of

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Official full proof method of calculating market value of share of a new company after demerger

kindly suggest official full proof method of calculating share value of a new company which comes in force after demerger of a listed old company on the date of demerger

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What is the forex price action method?

FOREXprice action method refers to making buying and selling decisions in the Forex based upon price movements and analysis of charts and technical indicators as opposed to interpreting fundamental da

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Innovative teaching methodologies & international faculty

Special Student Service Career counseling tools communication program from the UK and social welfare activities are also a part of the curriculum Students in the senior secondary section attend regula

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Resale price method

Under Resale Price Method by reducing Gross Profit margin from Total Sale figure sale of goods purchased from related party sold to unrelated party what remains with us is COGS which include opening s

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How to calculate irr in trial and error method

How to calculate IRR in trial and error method In that how to find out the two dicount factor pl send the complete formula for pay back period ARR NPV IRR Thanks R Marimuthu

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Urgent query - depreciation method for f.y 14-15

sir madam If a co follows i t depr rate as its depr method for accounts purpose also not depr method as per Co act 56 til 31 03 2014 so whether the co can continue with the old practice or it has to f

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  • Depreciation WDV without date of acquisition

    Calculation of Depreciation using WDV method if date of acquisition is missing as per companies Act 2013


  • Methods of Calculation of Arm's Length Price

    Various methods of calculation of Arm s Length Price under Section 92 C of Income Tax Act 1961


  • No need to send ITR-V hard copy (signed) to CPC, Bangalore

    Notification No 2 2015 dated 15 07 2015 No need to send ITR V hard copy signed to CPC Bangalore as generation of electronic verification code EVC notified by Directorate of Income Tax Systems as an alternate method


  • Depreciation Calculator for WDV Method As Per Companies Act

    Fully formulated and go through guidance that provided in this sheet


  • Investment Banking Book

    The first edition of Investment Banking appeared in 2010 and I am encouraged to launch its 4th edition in about 51 months from the initial beginning The success of the previous editions made me more determined to build further on its contents to provide the readers bankers analysts students professors with more at the desk practical reference material I believe that the book appeals to readers around the globe as it advocates the logical approach and universal fundamentals The book has been expanded updated and improved with growing experiences of training and working in the investment banking sector The book has been updated and expanded with a try to make it more reader friendly To make the book easier to navigate we have broken up long chapters from the previous edition into shorter chapters so that each chapter is of a more manageable size and the reader can find important topics faster An important addition to the book is inclusion of income based valuation method i e DCF Valuation that has a wide range of applications including valuation for various M A situations IPOs restructuring and investment decisions


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Recent changes in voting methodology

Companies Act 2013 for the first time had mandated electronic voting for all listed companies and other unlisted public companies having not less than 1000 shareholders and the AGMs held for the finan

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Reverse Charge Methodology under Service tax

style2 font style italic font weight bold The responsibility to pay service Tax With effect from 1st July 2012 The Government of India has notified the concept called reverse charge Methodology A brie

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Combination of Costing Strategies and Methods

Costing methods used in combination can be used as a devastating weapon for creation of economically and social benefits But its often misunderstood and miss represented which leads to further poor un

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Various methods of Project finance

Introduction For whom is it important to understand project finance a Financial managers b Sponsors c Lenders d Consultants and practitioners e Project managers f Builders g Suppliers h Engineers i Re

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Basic methodology to succeed in CA exams

One thing that CA students love to discuss the most is How to clear CA Exams Everyone seems to have the best answer but considering the pass percentage I think the success mantra is yet to be unearthe

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