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27 Queries relating to tax compliance provision under black money act

CBDT Issues a Circular Clarifying Another Set of 27 Queries Relatingto Tax Compliance Provision Under Chapter VI of the Black Money Act The Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has considered the querie

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Non-Compliance of Companies Act

Registrar of Companies ROCs were directed to examine documents under Section 234 of the Companies Act 1956 in the year 2010 ROCs examined documents of the companies located within their jurisdictions

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Measures taken by govt to simplify tax filings

With a view of minimize the cost of compliance of the taxpayers the Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has taken several measures to make tax payment and statutory filings simple and convenient for th

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Clarifications on Tax Compliance for Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets

Circular No 13 of 2015 F No 142 18 2015 TPL Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes TPL Division Dated 6th of July 2015 Clarifications on Tax Compli

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Notification of Black Money Rules and issue of Explanatory Circular for Compliance Window under Black Money Act

The Black Money Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets and Imposition of Tax Rules 2015 the Rules have been notified vide notification no G S R 529 E dated 02 07 2015 These Rules provide the method of

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Roc compliance

Sir as per the provisions of new companies act an auditor being a firm can be appointed for two terms of 5consecutive years and ADT 1 is to be filed My query is whether filing one ADT 1 is sufficient

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Statutory compliance checklist

Request you to provide me a statutory compliance checklist while opening a new branch office in any city of India by NBFC Such as Under Shop Establishment Act Companies Act SEBI Act RBI Act Please gui

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Compliance link

Dear Sir I was submitting my response at compliance link I have mentioned reason why I did not file return for Ay 2o13 14 in remark window however when I click on shubmit button it shows invalid remar

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Checklist for compliances of public unlisted company

Can anyone please help me with the check list of compliances to be taken care under CA 2013 for Public Unlisted Company Awaiting reply at the earliest

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Non compliance of actuary valuation

Sir if a company does not get actuary valuation of gratuity what disclosure exactly should be given in notes to accounts Also which statute says that actuary valuation is mandatory

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Compliance related to outsourcing to srilanka

Dear All My organisation is a manufacturer and seller of branded garments We are exploring outsourcing garments manufacturing to a firm in Srilanka Under this sub contracting arrangement we will suppl

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Cs compliance certificate - form 66b

Hello Can anybody tell me when a Company is required to get compliance certificate in Form 66B i e what is criteria for getting compliance Certificate from Company Secretary CS waiting for a expert re

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Query regarding compliance certificate and xbrl format

Greetings to everyone I basically have two questions in my mind 1 Whether Compliance Certificate is needed to be filed for the Companies incorporate under Companies Act 2013 also if incorporated under

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Please tell me the various annual filing compliance as per the companies act 2013 as applicable to Pvt Ltd Company in the form of list Also tell the various changes in the system done by your company

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Tax audit checklist for small and medium clients

CHECKLIST FOR TAX AUDIT CASES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM PRACTITIONERS Not recommended for companies Will support for the Compliance of Peer Review NAME OF THE CLIENT File No NAME OF CONTACT PERSON Account

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  • CARO 2015 check list

    Checklist on Companies Auditor s Report Order 2015 ICAI


  • Due Date-Sept 2015

    August Month Compliance


  • Important compliances



  • Annual Compliance Calendar under Companies Act, 2013

    Annual Compliance Calendar under Companies Act 2013


  • SS-1

    checklist on ss 1


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Requirement of Actuarial Valuation services in compliance of AS 15

Requirement of Actuarial Valuation services in compliance of AS 15 Revised 2005 under various employee benefits plans such as Gratuity Leave Encashment Pension The article given below may help you to

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Foreign company compliances

As Per Section 2 42 Foreign company is a company or body corporate incorporated outside India which a has a place of business in India whether by itself or through an agent physically or through elect

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Observations in respect of employee benefits in compliance of Accounting Standard 15

Observations in respect of Employee Benefits in compliance of Accounting Standard 15 made by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in their Journal The Chartered Accountant issue of December

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Compliance related to change of name

ALTERATION IN THE NAME CLAUSE 1 Section 13 2 Provides that any change in the name of a company shall be subject to the provisions of sub sections 2 and 3 of section 4 and shall not have effect except

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Penalties: Cost records and cost audit non-compliance

Penalties For Non Compliance With Cost Records And Cost Audit Provisions For 2014 15 Onwards Normally the companies have casual approach towards compliance with regard to the Costing Provisions Few of

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