fema compliance checklist


Easing of Compliance Norms Under Companies Act

After commencement of various provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and rules thereunder various issues received from Industry Chambers and stakeholders were examined in consultation with stakeholders

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IT dept receives PM award for excellence in public administration

Income Tax Department Awarded the Prime Ministers Award for Excellence in Public Administration for Easy Tax Compliance Through Quality Service The Income Tax Department has been awarded the Prime Min

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Penalty for companies without women director

CIRCULAR CIR CFD CMD 1 2015 April 08 2015 The Managing Director Executive Director All recognised Stock Exchanges Dear Sir Madam Subject Fine structure for non compliance with the requirement of Claus

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ICSI prepares panel of female CS for appointment of woman director

ALL FEMALE COMPANY SECRETARIES Sub Appointment of Women Directors compliance with clause 49 II A 1 of Listing agreement and Section 149 of Companies Act 2013 Dear Professional Colleagues As you are we

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ICSI urges its members to apprise their BOD to appoint one woman director

Appointment of Women Directors compliance with clause 49 II A 1 of Listing agreement and Section 149 of Companies Act 2013 Dear Members As you are well aware that SEBI vide its circular dated 17th Apr

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Fema & fdi rules regarding investment in shares

Dear All A Company which is a foreign company has invested 90 in Company B which is Indian Company under FDI Policy Now B Company Wants to Invest in shares of Company C which is another Indian company

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Check list of compliance

Good Evening Freinds I have an urgent requirement of checklist of compliance regarding ROC and Income tax for private company small company public company company u s 8 one person company Thank you

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Roc compliances

A Pvt Ltd company was registered in Aug 2014 What are the ROC related compliances need to be done please guide

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Checklist for knternal audit of automobile industry


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Cs - doubt clarification in fema

I need clear explanation for the TRANSFER OF EXPORT DOCUMENTS The paragraph which I have doubt is given below Regulation 12 empowers the authorised dealer to accept for negotiation or collection shipp

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Compliance handbook

Compliance Handbook Attached

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Fema on firm listed in india but dealing global forex

A firm is listed in India could it deal with global stock market forex derivatives How will the income be taxed Is there any limitation of such a firm under FEMA

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Pls help me 1 One Company Ganesh Pvt Ltd obtained a loan from bankbut as a security they given a asset of another company its group company Shyam Pvt Ltd to bank Whatcompliances will followed by the c

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Retail store audit checklists

Dear Sir Please provide me theAudit Checklist for Retail Store Thanks Rahul Panday

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Audit & tax compliances for society reg. u/s 1860

Dear All Members Please reply There is Govt ITI registered U s 1860 so what Audit and Tax Compliances will be applicable on it Requirement of Statuutory Audit In which form Audit Report will be furnis

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  • Due Date - June 2015



  • Compliance Hand Book F.Y. 2015-2016

    Compliance Hand Book F Y 2015 2016


  • Brief Notes & Compliance Checklist under Labour Laws

    Sending you the Brief Notes and Compliance Checklist under various Labour Laws prepared for labour law compliance for my company In my views these are complete checklist you dont need to refer complete Acts Hope it will be useful for you Please find the Checklist attached herewith Thanks Regards CS Peer Mehboob M Com B Com Hons ACS LL B Mob 8447283435


  • Check list for audit report

    check list on section 143 1 143 2 of Companies Act 13


  • Karnataka VAT- Matching of Input Tax Credits

    Karnataka Commercial Tax Department has issued Notification no CCW CR44 2013 14 dated 29th April 2014 making mandatory for specified class of dealers to furnish purchases and sells details electronically After furnishing details next step is to rectify mismatching of uploaded details This article is an attempt to explain the provisions and procedures and also consequences of non compliance


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Compliance related to change of name

ALTERATION IN THE NAME CLAUSE 1 Section 13 2 Provides that any change in the name of a company shall be subject to the provisions of sub sections 2 and 3 of section 4 and shall not have effect except

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Penalties: Cost records and cost audit non-compliance

Penalties For Non Compliance With Cost Records And Cost Audit Provisions For 2014 15 Onwards Normally the companies have casual approach towards compliance with regard to the Costing Provisions Few of

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Checklist for shifting of registered office from one state to another

Shifting of Registered office from one state to another state SEC 12 13 of Companies Act 2013 a Board Meeting a Special notice to memebers aong with expl statement U S 173 b Holding a GM and filing a

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-All- is not well - Compliance of Applicable laws is sick

The dictionary meaning of the word ALL means the whole quantity or extent of aparticular group or thing and the adverb means completely fully entirely totally wholly absolutely utterly outright thorou

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Compliance of internal controls

Indian Compliance of Internal Controls over Financial Controlling in the Indian Perspective Towards regaining public confidence In the year 2009 we have seen the investor confidence under the Indian s

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