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Time taken for registration of a company cut by 50 percent

Time taken for registration of a company cut by 50 as a part of ease of doing business effort by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Ministry to soon introduce a new version of Form INC29 incorporating

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Shri A.K Jain appointed as new chairman of CBDT

Shri A K Jain Member CBDT to discharge the duties and responsibilities of the post of Chairperson CBDT in addition to his own duties Ms Anita Kapur Chairperson CBDT who is superannuating today is appo

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Highlights of Recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission

Recommended Date of implementation 01 01 2016 Minimum Pay Based on the Aykroyd formula the minimum pay in government is recommended to be set at 18 000 per month Maximum Pay 2 25 000 per month for Ape

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Scheme for speedy grant of refund accumulated in cenvat credit

Scheme formulated for Speedy grant of refund of accumulated and unutilised CENVAT credit to help in ease of doing business by unlocking the accumulated credit Exporters of services today accumulate CE

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Summary of the Recommendations of the Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee

Following is the Summary of the Recommendations of the Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee BLRC The Report of the BLRC is in two parts i Rationale and Design Recommendations ii A comprehensive draft Inso

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Filing of form 20b

For a company which was formed during March 2014 for the period ending 31 03 2015 which form to file Form 20B or MGT7 The website is not permitting 20B but it permits 23AC and ACA

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Format or excel sheet for mvat cda interest working

Required excel sheet for MVAT CDA Interest 30 2 working for 2012 13

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As14 disclosure format

Hello All It is kindly requested Please share AS 14 Disclosure format E mail robinsingh catarunkandhari com

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Itr 4 excel utility

Sir my income tax return for AY 14 15 is u sec 139 4 after due date So my speculation loss cannot be carried forward but automatically under TI schedule it considers loss to be carried forward What to

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Format of application

pls send me format of application send to icai for delay submit form 108 ASAP

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Form 15ca for local remittance

We need to file Form 15CA and 15CB for remittances under section 195 to non residents In case of remittance is Indian rupees to NRI with full TDS deduction of 30 9 to their NRE ordinary account Do we

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Project report format

Hi Friends I am about to draft a Project Report on our newly proposed Academic training institution Can anyone please help me with the same Thanks in Advance

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Query about compliance form

Hello Everyone I Tamal Mitra writing this mail behalf of my father Sri Kamal Mitra On 11 Dec 2015 we received a mail from Income tax department requested to submit Compliance Form Income tax departmen

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Question about formation of company

One of my friends has an acting academy He is running the same as Sole proprietor His business is growing What is suitable for him to convert his business in firm or a company

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Form52 excel format

Required form 52 Excel format

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  • Appointment letter to director



  • Resignation letter Format by Director

    Intimation of resignation by director to comapny


  • Tax Audit

    Audit under Income Tax Act 1961


  • IT Notes & Amendments Applicable for May 2016(CA-IPC)

    Class Summary Notes Amendment Applicable for May 2016 Attempt


  • Fillable Form52A

    UPVAT fillable pdf form by Ajay Yadav any quary pls contect 9456002506


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7 reasons behind your mutual funds' poor performance and how to overcome them

Have you ever heard anyone say his or her mutual funds proved worthless or he she has lost money in the same One might also experience times where their investment in a mutual fund was a major disappo

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Emotional Transformation

One morning suddenly one thought came to my mind that why some people are happy with nothing and some are unhappy even if they have everything What is the cause of unhappiness What is Fear How to live

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Video-conferencing - A recognised merger of Information Technology Act

Introduction 1 With the lapse of time information technology continues to impact on day to day activities whether it is banking communication etc Thus it is impracticable for corporate world to remain

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Full Summary of Form 15CA & 15CB Requirements & relevant Provision

Firstly to understand the provisions needs of Form 15CA 15CB we have to understand the income Tax Act Rules made behind the compliances and transactions required the compliances of Form 15CA 15CB 1 Se

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Integrated Process For Incorporation: Form INC-29

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA has introduced Form INC 29 Integrated Incorporation Form in order to reduce the overall time in company Incorporation In Form INC 29 all the steps of company inco

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Updated on : 12/15/2015 4:31:08 PM

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