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CBDT Clarifies Regarding Prosecution of Tax Evaders

CBDT Clarifies Regarding Prosecution of Tax Evaders Effective and Stringent Action only in known and big cases of Tax Evasion to Demonstrate to the Large Number of Compliant Tax Payers that the Tax La

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New thought paper released by IFAC tears down the risk management silo

With the increased volatility in the modern business environment and continuing effects of the financial and economic crises effective management of risk in organizationsincluding good internal contro

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Application guide on provision of Schedule II to the Companies Act 2013

Corporate Laws Corporate Governance Committee Application Guide on the provisions of the Schedule II to the Companies Act 2013 The Corporate Laws Corporate Governance Committee of the Institute of Cha

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RBI keeps repo rate and CRR unchanged at 7.5% and 4%

Monetary and Liquidity Measures On the basis of an assessment of the current and evolving macroeconomic situation it has been decided to a keep the policy repo rate under the liquidity adjustment faci

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Highlights of Foreign Black money bill

Highlights of the Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets Imposition of Tax Bill 2015 Introduced in Lok Sabha Today The Finance Minister in his budget speech while acknowledging the limitations under th

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Direct tax case laws

Do we have to study case laws other than the one issued by ICAI for ca final exams

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Ca final law and audit self study or tuition?

Whether I should take Siddharth Agarwal tuitions for ca final law and audit or do self study

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Bye laws format of memorial foundation

Dear sir I want the format of memorial foundation bye laws under the Karnataka Society s Act 1960 And also the information regarding the formation of the memorial foundation in this act Plz give reply

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what is actionable claim are debtors an actionable claim

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Sebi law

In India what are laws regarding Distribution Business of Debt products like SP Bonds NCD etc What commission can be charged by Distributor from Customer Issuer

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How to understanf tax case laws clearly

How to understand case laws clearly What is the meaning of Revenue A vs B Among them who is defendent and appelant Please provide extra tips to understad case laws more clearly

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Differential duty calculation as per excise laws

Hi I have one doubt regarding differential duty in excise One of my client is a manufacturing entity It is having yards warehouses and also depots They are sending goods to yards and from there goods

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Important changes w.e.f. 01.06.2015 under income tax laws.

Important changes w e f 01 06 2015 under Income Tax Laws 1 Now Bank Cooperative bank and post office RD recurring deposits interest if more than 10000 per year will be liable to TDS w e f 1 6 2015 If

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Please help about company law and ecl studies?

CS Executive programme group 1 Please Suggest a Company Law and ECL Study material and Techiques about how can i study for Dec 2015

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Ipcc law

i have munish sir may 2015 book should i need to buy new for november 2015 or there is any alternative please suggest me

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  • Reopening of Assessment-Horrendous journey for assessee!

    This file contains the brief analysis on Reopening of assessment along with practical tax issues and riders One can found all recent rulings and relevant case laws about section 147 here A helpful guide for professionals


  • Indirect Tax and Other Laws Communique 8th June, 2015

    Indirect Tax and Other Laws Communique 8th June 2015


  • CS Executive important cost formula

    cs executive basic theory in short and important formula material labour overhead etc


  • Important changes under Central and State Tax Laws

    The following are the important changes under Central and State Tax Laws with effect from 1st April 2015 1 Conveyance Allowance Transport allowance granted to an employee is exempted up to Rs 800 per month The limit of exemption is now enhanced to Rs 1600 per month 2 Profession Tax Those whose salary for a month was more than Rs 10 000 were supposed to pay Profession Tax of Rs 150 per month Now from 1st April 2015 the persons drawing salary up to Rs 15 000 per month are exempted from Profession Tax Applicable for Bangalore 3 Profession Tax exemption for senior citizens who have attained age of 60 Years Applicable for Bangalore 4 Wealth Tax Is abolished from 1st April 2015 Keep all the wealth tax papers of past 8 years in safe custody even though wealth tax is abolished from FY 2015 16 5 Mediclaim Insurance The premium paid towards mediclaim insurance is enhanced from Rs 15 000 to Rs 25 000 per year for senior citizen it is enhanced from Rs 20 000 to Rs 30 000 per year u s 80D 6 Basic Exemption Limit for VAT registration in Karnataka Now the traders who expect to do annual taxable turnover sales of less than Rs 10 Lakhs needn t register under Karnataka VAT Laws However other aspects of registration which were applicable till March 2015 will continue to apply 7 Reverse Charge Method under service Tax Laws w r t Manpower Consultancy Currently in case manpower supply or security services is provided by individual HUF or partnership firm to a body or a corporate the service provider is liable to deposit Service Tax to the extent of 25 and service receiver liable to deposit Service Tax to extent of 75 W e f 1st April 2015 Service Tax is not required to be charged by specified service provider i e individuals HUF Partnership Firms and the same is to be paid by the service receiver entirely i e instead of 75 the service receiver has to pay 100 F No 334 5 2015 8 ESIC Payment Through Online Online payment of ESI contribution made easier Now facility for payment of ESI contribution through net banking is made available through State Bank of India and 58 major banks 9 PF Payment Made Online The EPFO payment has been made online Mandatory effective from 1st May 2015


  • Company Law (Amendment) Act, 2015



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Company law notifications since the commencement of Co. Act, 2013

1 General Circular No 07 2015 Clarification whether a managerial person appointed in accordance with such provision of Schedule XIII of Earlier Act may receive relevant remuneration for the period as

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10 must read recent case laws for all professionals (relevant for CA/CS)

Case laws These two words are enough to cause a flood of different reactions from anguish to interest in our mind Case laws are basically the laws or guidelines which are an outcome of judicial pronou

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International Tax - Case Law Analysis-2015: Series 3

International Tax Update India Foreign Remittance Taxability Case Law Analysis 2015 Series 3 1 Reimbursement of Technical Expenses to Head office Bureau Veritas Indian Division vs ADIT 2015 54taxmann

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Foreign Remittance: Case Law Analysis:2015: Series 3

International Tax Update India Foreign Remittance Taxability Case Law Analysis 2015 Series 3 1 Reimbursement of Technical Expenses to Head office Bureau Veritas Indian Division vs ADIT 2015 54 taxmann

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International Tax - Case Law Analysis-2015: Series 2

International Tax Update India Foreign Remittance TDS u s 195 Case Law Analysis 2015 Series 2 Some of the important case laws published in India during the year 2015 pertaining to TDS u s 195 and or t

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