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Government notifies 4 Cost Auditing Standards

Tech CAASB 9 2015 September 11 2015 To All Stakeholders Dear Sir Madam Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide their letter no 52 33 CAB 2013 dated 10th September 2015 has under section

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No Extension of Date for Filing of Returns due by 30th Sept for AY 2015-16

No Extension of Date for Filing of Returns due by 30th September for Assessment Year 2015 16 for Certain Categories of Assessees Including Companies and Firms and Individuals Engaged in Proprietary Bu

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ICAI grants financial assistance to 400 students

The Board of Trustees of The Chartered Accountants Students Benevolent Fund has decided to grant financial assistance to 400 students who are currently undergoing articled training in accordance with

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CBDTs instruction on Minimum alternate tax

Following the Acceptance of the Recommendation of the Justice A P Shah Committee by the Government CBDT Advises its Field Authorities to keep in Abeyance for the Time being the Pending Assessment Proc

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Scholarships for CA Students

Board of Studies ICAI invites applications for the award of Scholarships to the selectedcandidates to be paid from October 1 2015 onwards To know more in details find the enclosed attachment

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Refund of duty due to typographical error by supplier

Dear Sir Madam We have imported material from China on Month of July By DHL Courier There is typographic error made by Supplier Actual Order value is 115 50 and Supplier has mention 1155 00 Now all du

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Capital gain ( exemption sec 54 series)

I have purchase Shop by sold my another shop Is it Exempted Under Sec 54 Series Please If Any case law regarding this case Send the link of same Please reply fast

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Finalisation of audit

what is d present procedure for finalisation of audit

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Capital gain


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Tax audit applicable if a person getting salary > 25lakh?

tax audit applicable if a person getting salary

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Capital Gain in case Cost of Acquisition of Capital Asset is Indeterminable

What is Capital Asset Section 2 14 of The Income Tax Act Capital asset means property of any kind held by an assessee whether or not connected with his business or profession with certain Exclusions s

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If sumone get Intimation U s 143 under which section one has to file rectification so the changes in income can be allowed

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Caro 2015

I wish to know about the impact of CARO 2015 on Indian Companies Whether it has made the law more stringent and enhanced transparency for the companies

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Integrated wall electronic digital calendar and clock.

Do you feel that it can be possible to design and Construct a integrated Digital Calendar and Clock product which can be fixed to the Wall Its a combined product which will display the Day month Year

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Dear Friends A company has a canteen in office premises to service employees lunch dinner etc Now employees eat from canteen dont pay anything and whatever they have eaten gets deducted from their mon

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  • ISCA 60+

    It s very Imp to score good marks in ISCA therefore these Notes comprises of Practice Manual RTP Study Material contents in Point form Spaces are also left to write own points People already downloaded Please Ignore


  • TDS Interest Calculator

    A very easy way of interest calculation


  • Point of taxation - ST- CA Final



  • Vlookup + Hlookup , Lookup in statistical table

    Vlookup Hlookup Lookup in statistical table purchase and sales pricing etc


  • Statutory Due Date for F.Y 2015-16

    Statutory Due date applicability for West bengal for Financial Year 2015 16 Assessment Year 2016 17


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Six things a 'CIN' of a company can tell you

What is CIN Do you deal with companies Have you ever come across aalphanumeric 21 digit codecalled CIN Whenever you will look at Companys details you would see a CIN i eCompany Identification Number A

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Corporate landscape of India

Have you ever wondered how many companies are there in India If you provide loan to Companies sell them services or are involved in industry analysis then this question must have occurred to you Perha

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Wake up call! 30th September 2015!

Wake up call 30th September 2015 File Foreign Assets and Liabilities Return FLA Return with RBI What is it An Annual return on the Foreign Assets and Liabilities of the Company notified under FEMA 199

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Exemption for small scale units (SSI) under central excise

1 Meaning of Small Scale Exemption Under the provisions of the Central Excise Act a Small Scale Industry is one whose aggregate value of Turnover does not exceed Rs One Hundred and Fifty Lakhs made on

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Cash discount under Excise valuation - SC Judgement and its analysis

Dear All In this article I have discussed a recentjudgement of the Supreme court and also shared my views confusion in regards to the same Request the readers to express their valuable views in this r

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