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31st Aug is the last date for payment of CS annual membership fees

Dear Member You are well aware that the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for theyear 2015 16 became due for payment on 1st April 2015 The last date for payment ofannual membership

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Measures taken by govt to simplify tax filings

With a view of minimize the cost of compliance of the taxpayers the Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has taken several measures to make tax payment and statutory filings simple and convenient for th

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Clarification on repayment of deposit u/s 74

Clarification on repayment of deposits accepted by the companies before the commencement of the Companies Act 2013 under section 74 of the said Act Please refer to the attached file for details

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Extension of Amnesty scheme 2014 upto 15th May for members


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Payment of Fee for renewal of your Membership for 2015-16

Payment of Membership Fee Updation of your membership particulars Appeal for contribution to CABF SVAMF Fund ICAIs initiatives for Practicing CAs and Firms Dear Member We take the opportunity to reque

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Tds on payment of bus. promotion expenditure to bangladesh

Dear Sir I have to pay Rs 2 Lac to a company whose permanent establishment is not in india against business promotion expenditure our relation from the company is of buyers and sellers and that compan

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Payment of bunus

1 For first 5 years of establushment Bonus Act does not apply though there are profits Is it right 2 If bonus is paid for employees drawing below Rs 10 000 pm salary is it mandatory to pay for those w

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Creditors payment

whether sec 269 T are applicable if payment to creditors in cash in One day exceed rs 20000

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Interest on delayed payment of excise

Dear Experts What is the rate of interest on delayed payment of Excise Is it a progressive rate of 18 for 6 months 24 for 7th month till 12th month and 30 for period beyond 12 months or it is simply a

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sir in small business which mode of payments of bills should be preferred either in cash or through cheques

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How to adjust tds twice payment for section 194c

Dears Wrongly we have made twice payment of TDS under section 194C on 07 10 2013 for Rs 442 155 Can we adjust the same challan no in FY 2015 16 forSep 15 payment for same section Pls confirm Regards N

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Service tax late payment

We are into business from01 05 2014 as service provider Our total taxable turnover for the FY 2014 15 is Rs 1 15 Crore Our total service tax liability for the FY 2014 15 around Rs 1 00 000 now we are

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Dvat paid on car purchaes for business travel

i purchase car for business travel what are the treatment of vat paid on purchasEOF car for business cai i treat this vat as input tax credit and arjust it againt my output tax

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C forms issuance under dvat

How to issue form with such a problem How to correct this error

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Payment made at time of family settlement

Hi I have entered into a family settlement with my relatives As part of settlement I have got a residential flat valuing approximately 90 Lakhs This flat was purchased by my father in 1976 at a cost o

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  • Foreign Party Exchange gain or loss & statement



  • Service Tax Delayed Payment and Interest

    Service Tax


  • How to make Cumulative Sum on certain Criteria?

    Suppose you need to track bill wise payment details in excel which shows Invoice Amt Cumulative payment outstanding etc


  • Delhi Dvat Registration procedure

    some information about Delhi Dvat Registration procedure


  • CA Final (Corporate and Allied laws notes)

    Short notes of Selected Notified Defonitions Under The Companies Act 2013 Chapter 1 Declaration and Payment of Dividend Chapter 2 Accounts and Audit Chapter 3 Appointment and Qualifications of the Directors Chapter 4 Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel Chapter 5 Meetings of Boards and its Powers


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All about payment banks

With RBI announcement of 11 payment bank on 19 08 2015 here is what we should know about these banks WHAT IS PAYMENT BANKS Apayments bankis a type of non full servicenichebankinIndia A bank licensed a

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Rephasement of repayment schedule vs. area of fraud

All of us are known to Concurrent Audit of Banks The one of the key area of Concurrent Audit is to verify the correctness and to report the matters relating to Loans Advances Every Bank Official and H

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Export condition fulfilled even if payment is received in Indian Rupees

Dear Professional Colleague Export condition fulfilled even if payment is received in Indian Rupees We are sharing with you an important judgment of the Honble Mumbai Tribunal in the case of Sun Area

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Credit of Education Cess & SHEC can be used for payment of Excise Duty by Manufacturers

Credit of Education Cess SHEC can be used for payment of Excise Duty by Manufacturers and Gist of Other important Notifications LS passed Finance Bill 2015 The Lok Sabha passed the Finance Bill 2015 w

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DVAT Registration procedure Simplified

DVAT Registration procedure Simplified CS Kundan Mishra Delhi Value Added Tax Act 2004 hereinafter called DVAT Act is a multi stage tax on sale of goods work contract lease and hire purchase in Delhi

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