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ICAI condones delay in filing form for pursuing other course along with articleship

ANNOUNCEMENT Condonation of Breach of Regulation 65 78 Non submission of Form 112 The Council of the Institute has decided to condone the delay in submission of Form 112 for having pursued additional other course of study along with articleship through correspondence mode of study or by attending re

Requirement to Complete Orientation Course in Lieu of GMCS

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India at its 361st Meeting held in December 2016 has decided that the students registered for Practical Training Articleship on or after 1st May 2012 uptill 31st December 2014 but not completed the GMCS I course shall be required to undergo Or

Extension of date to complete GMCS-I Course by the students registered for articleship training on or after 1st May, 2012

It has been decided to grant extension to students who were registered for practical training on or after 1st May 2012 and completed one year of their practical training but not completed the GMCS I course are required to complete GMCS I Course latest by 31st December 2016 The above students are adv

Revised guidelines for articleship training abroad

REVISED GUIDELINES FOR TRAINING OF ARTICLED ASSISTANTS OUTSIDE INDIA i A Chartered Accountant is eligible to train an articled assistant provided his main occupation is the practice of the profession of Accountancy at the time of engaging articled assistants as well as in each of the qualifying year

Extension of time to complete GMCS-I Course by the students registered for articleship training between 1st May, 2012 and 31st December, 2012

The Council at its 326th Meeting being held from 27th 29th July 2013 at ICAI Bhawan New Delhi has decided to grant one time extension to students who were registered for practical training between 1st May 2012 and 31st December 2012 to complete GMCS I Course latest by 31st December 2013 The eligible

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Articleship issue

I mean to say mujhe 1 original deed of document 2 stipend details in form of bank statements 3 letter of cononation 4 daily work details 5 Attendence record Ye 5 document mujhe jama karne hai Jinme se 1st and 2nd mere pas nahi hai is ka Kya solution hai Plz tell me

Articleship issue

Sir Mujhe stipend cash milta hai icai me mujhse stipend ki details in form of bank statements icai be manga hai along with other documents Iska Kya solution hai

Articleship tranfer querie

Dear Team I took tranfer on 12 may 2017 but joined other firm by 24 may 2017 due to exam leave So is there any letter will be required for period of 12 day period or it will be added in my articleship period Regards Nirmal 7689900527

Transfer of articleship after 3rd year

My father is a businesman and is shifting to other city 200km away from present location my principle is not giving me transfer what can i do in such a case


hii there I joined the firm on 20 08 2016 and took termination on 20 05 2017 so I have been in the last firm for a period of 09 months Now I got my form 109 signed on 20 05 2017 when should I submit my form 109 to Icai and with which documents please share your expert answer


Articleship query

Dear Experts Can anyone suggest me the Unique area to explore in Articleship that many of the other articles dont concentrate I want to have an specialisation in that So please help me in this situation Thanks in advance

Articleship discussion

Hi I am in my 6th month of articleship in a mid sized firm in Bangalore I am a direct entry student and my attempt is due in November 2017 In my 6 months these are the expsoures I ve gained 1 Accounting and Finalization 2 VAT S T T D S Computation and Filing 3 ROC FIling ADT 1 AOC 4 and MGT 7 4 VAT


I m a IPCC student through CPT route I want to convert from CPT to direct entry scheme IF I apply for conversion after may 17 exam between the result Will any problem arise


I need help regarding articleship I have registered for articleship but not shown bcom as mylast semester exam was pending but now i wish to show then what could i do in that case


How is BMR advisors for articleship and what is their criteria for selection

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How Should You Choose The Right Firm For Articleship

Dont base your decisions on the advice of those who dont have to deal with the results If we read the above statement carefully it actually makes sense Majority of the people take advice from those who either have no idea of the actual facts and circumstances or those who have no skin in the game if

Cracking an articleship interview by SRCC students

Articleship training is one of the defining phases in the life of a CA student A good firm not only adds to the CV but also provides the career a launching pad through quality working environment and enriching experiences The learning that this period offers provide a strong foundation to the profes

Transformational value of CA articleship

If you have a vision for your future that you can become a successful CA then believe me you must be serious with your article ship training You must always remember that you are known by the quality ofwork and not by qualification alone CA Qualification serves as a gate pass only The quality of wor

Articleship Experience in a Big 4 CA Firm

If you clear IPCC you have to compulsorily go through an articleship process in a CA firm So which firm to choose Big Size Medium Size or Small Size The Big Four Companies are namely these Deloitte PWC PriceWater Coopers EY Ernst Young and KPMG Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler We have with us Hemil S

CA IPCC Results Out: Are You Ready For Articleship

Today morning 7AM when I was getting ready for a jog it started raining heavily Unfortunately I couldnt go out and decided to open my laptop and edit my book I am finalizing my first book that I have written for CA students that I have been writing since the last 6 months This book is all about how

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