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Change in process of Assignments of checkers for exams

The examination process inter alia includes a procedure of having the answer books checked after evaluation by examiners by Checkers to ensure that all answers have been evaluated marks awarded have b

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Non filing of ITRV for earlier years

Circular No 13 2016 Verification of tax returns for Assessment Years 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 2014 and 2014 2015 through EVC which are pending due to non filing of ITR V Form and p

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Revised Company eforms notified

The Company e Forms have been revised on MCA portal effective 27th March 2016 You are advised to download the latest version of forms from Company Forms Download page on the MCA portal The previous ve

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CS Professional & Executive Programme Result June 2015 announced

Click here to view Result and Download E Mark Sheet http icsi examresults net

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Facility for downloading Statements of Marks for IPC exams

Physical copies of statement of marks in respect of Intermediate IPC Examination held in May 2015 in the standard printed stationery are under dispatch in the normal course In addition to the above th

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Dt suggested solutions for may 16

anyone having DT suggested solutions for may 16 kindly share thanks

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study material, practice manual and suggested answers sufficient

plz suggest me for Finance reporting and strategic financial management institutes material practice manual and suggested answers are sufficient or do I need to refer reference books

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Please provide answers

What is diff between Accrual Outstanding and Provision 5 What is meant by contingent liability 6 What is meant by accrued income accrued loss 7 Difference b w bank reconciliation and Intercompany reco

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Download of TDS Certificates

what one should do if he she skipped to download TDS certificates from traces within time whether one should to download the same

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May 2016 suggested answers?

Hi I need suggested answers for CA Final Auditing law May 2016 If anyone have plz send the link to me or atleast send the answers for auditing Q No 3 d Q No 6 c d Thanks in advance

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Non download of form 16/ form16a

Dear All Can anybody update me if I dont download Form16 Form16A there is any fine penalty If there is any penalty what is the last date for download of the same Nowadays nobody asking for Form 16A as

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Suggested answer of ca final may 16

please do confirm whether suggested answer of Ca final may attempt has been given or not by institute

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Suggested answer of advanced management accounting 2016 may

Suggested Answer of Advanced Management Accounting Costing and O R of CA Final 2016 M attempt Now you are free to make comparison between what you did in examination hall and what should have been Ple

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Dt suggested answers ?

DT Suggested Answers Has it been published by anyone so far Kindly share if it has been

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Idt suggested answers for students in tamilnadu, kerala

can anyone please upload the answers for idt held in tamilnadu puducherry and kerala i have written caselaws well and my first 20 marks appears to be right i have written definitions not upto the mark

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  • CS Executive TAX Answer June 2016

    Disclaimer We have taken care to make this suggested answers as the Most Authenticated Answers Still neither HBC nor CA Vivek Goel shall be responsible for the result of any action taken on the basis of information provided in this publication


  • Analysis of AMA (CA Final) Paper of May 2016 Exam

    Analysis of AMA CA Final Paper of May 2016 Exam Courtesy CA Vikas Kumar


  • Important Notes On Assessment Procedure - IT Act 1961

    Important Notes On Assessment Procedure IT Act 1961 Download Income tax Assessment Procedure Notes Summary on important part of Income tax The File will be helpful for those students who appears in CA Final exam In this File only important areas of assessment and notice period of income tax are covered


  • Direct tax Answers of May 2016 Exam Questions

    CA FINAL DT 2016 SOLUTION by Gurukripa


  • Suggested Answer of Advanced Management Accounting 2016 may

    Suggested Answer by CA Ravi Shanker


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Suggested answers of AMA (CA Final) for May 2016 Exam

Question Chapter Level of Question 1 a Target Costing 5 A 1 b Total Quality Management 5 B 1 c Service Sector Costing 5 B 1 d Transportation 5 B 2 a Total Quality Management 8 C 2 b Pricing 8 A 3 a Tr

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Suggested answers of Indirect Taxes (CA-Final) for May, 2016 Exam

Q1 a Divine Ltd manufactures product K which is a notified product under Section 4A of the Central Excise Act 1944 The output for the month of October 2015 was 8 000 units out of which 6 000 units wer

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Suggested answers of Indirect Taxes (CA-IPCE) for May, 2016 Exam

Q1 b Dharmendra Ltd gives the following particulars relating to the services provided by it to its various clients for the month of January 2016 i Total bills raised for Rs 17 50 000 out of which bill

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Suggested Study Pattern for CA IPCE May 16 Exams

Paper 2 Law Ethics Communication Also refer the Amendment in Nego Act On 3rd May Evening Small Acts like POBA POGA EPF Along with its RTP On 4th May Pre Lunch Ethics Communication Negotiable Instrumen

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Suggested study plan for CA Final May 2016

CA Final exams of May 2016 are coming closer We have sufficient time for exam preparation ICAI have alreadydeclared CA Final results Last attempt NOV 2015 ICAI declared verylow pass percentagethat mea

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