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Draft interpretation on uncertainty over income tax treatments

Draft Interpretation published by the IFRS Interpretations Committee for comment only Comments on the Draft Interpretation need to be received by December 21 2015 The International Accounting Standard

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Taxation of income from off-shore Rupee Denominated Bonds

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 29th October 2015 Subject Taxation of income from off shore Rupee Denominated Bonds reg The Reserv

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Two CAs in committee to simplify income tax act setup by govt

The Government of India has constituted a Committee with a view to simplify the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961 with the following composition i Justice R V Easwar Retd former Judge Delhi High C

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E sahyog portal for settling IT return claims online launched

The Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley Launches The E Sahyog Pilot Project of The Income Tax Department to Facilitate Taxpayers The Income tax Department is committed to the Digital India initia

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Finally tax audit return due date extended for whole country to 31st October

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 1st October 2015 Subject Extension of date for filing of Income tax returns and tax audit reports

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Income tax question

Dear Sir I work as free lancer and ship Fashion Products and Car Parts in The united States I receive money through PayPal So Is that mandatory to file a return How i can do that My annual growth not

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A grievance letter format for income tax refund required

I filed Income Tax Return for the A Y 2010 11 by manual My Refund amount is Rs 80 000 But I have not received refund So How to get my refund How to apply Income Tax Grievance Cells and Kindly send pro

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Income tax return

Dear sir we are paying Royalty to our MD he is having pan card and he is saudi arabian national my query is we are paying from company to individual by deducting 10 TDS Since he has Pan No in this my

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Non filler income tax notice f.y-13-13, f.y-13-14, f.y-14-15

Good After Noon Sir My uncle has received the Notice from Income Tax Department Non Filler of Income tax return F y 12 13 13 14 and 14 15 In notice they have written go to online and complete the comp

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Income tax notice more than 2 lac payment to credit cards

Respected Sir My income is Non Taxable and not getting salary on paper but cash I do have Credit Cards I used these card to use money to deal my financial problems I used to get money by swiping Credi

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Other comprehensive income (oci) under us gaap

Please let me know how other comprehensive income OCI appearing in Balance sheet is utilized or exhaused under US GAAP Will be grateful if you provide any website links on this subject I could not fin

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Income tax on long term capital gain

My father in law has sold his old house for 67 lacs and paid 2 lacs to real estate agent in the month of October 2015 He had purchased this house in 1978 for Rs 12 000 His second daughter bought one f

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Regarding non submission of income tax return

I have got a letter from IT department regarding non submission of income tax return for some particular assessment year what should I do deal with this matter and I want to know the consequences of n

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Incometax paid to wrong head

Hi I have an query on IT payment we Company paid IT tax in the month of May 2010 through challan in SBI bank Our people had made a small mistake now big instead of paying under the Head 300 self asses

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dividend by an Indian company is exempt in the hands of a resident if such assessee resides for more than 182 days in the year 2016 not an ay outside India and still he holds the equity shares and rec

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  • Case laws on Section 2(13) of Income Tax Act, 1961

    Case laws


  • List of Benefits available to small business

    List of Benefits available to small business


  • Income tax calculator with deductions

    income tax calculator with deductions


  • Basic things about Income Tax for Salaries person

    Basic things about Income Tax for Salaries person


  • Income Tax Returns ITR 2A

    ASSESS OF 2015 16


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Differences between Income Computation and Disclosure Standard and Accounting Standard

Statement showing differences between Income Computation and Disclosure Standard and Accounting Standard ICDS corresponding to accounting Standards ICDS No ICDS Corresponding to AS Applicability on JA

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Basic about income tax department

Introduction Income Tax Return Audit is normally filled online at income tax department website Herein I would like to discuss some basic knowledge about the working of income tax department Generally

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How to tackle with income tax notices

Many of my family members friends are receiving notices from Income tax department usually any communication from the Income Tax department especially receiving a notice from them can send shivers dow

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Agricultural income

Agricultural Income As per Sec 10 1 Agricultural income earned by the tax payer in India is exempt from paying Tax What is Agricultural Income Sec 2 1A defines agriculture income to mean Any rent or r

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Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets ) and Imposition of Tax Act 2015

1 What is this new Act all about Flight of money representing undisclosed incomes and asset creation abroad has been a perennial source of concern As a one time measure to combat control and bring to

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