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The Companies (Declaration and Payment of Dividend) Amendment Rules, 2014

The Companies Declaration and Payment of Dividend Amendment Rules 2014 Please refer the attched link

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Summary of Economic Survey

More than 6 Per Cent Growth Forecast for Next Fiscal Considerable Enhancement for Social Sector Spending India on Verge of Creating Quality Jobs to Seize Demographic Dividend Indian economy is likely

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Payment of Dividend by Companies

The data regarding companies which have not given dividend to their shareholders is not maintained in this Ministry Further there is no statutory compulsion on the companies under the Companies Act 19

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Auditor may have taken PAC's cue

Exact math used by the governments auditor in its calculation of losses and the process it followed still unclear The Comptroller and Auditor General of India CAG may have taken a cue from the Public

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Income Tax Department takes Several Punitive and Deterrent Steps to Unearth Unaccounted Money And Curb Tax Evasion

No data is maintained in the Ministry of Finance regarding black money stashed abroad converted to white and brought back into the country by exploiting the provisions of no tax on dividend and capita

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Provision for taxation, provision for dividend

Why is Provision for taxation and Provision for dividend treated as current liability

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Dividend declared for year 09 10 on 1 1 11 and share purchased on 1 10 11 is still dividend receivable or not if share is cum dividend please urgently reply

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Tds calculation doubt

Sir Our director s salary in Rs 75 000 per month so i want to know how much of TDS we should be deducted And also want to KNOW the datails for above salary Basic DA H R A THANKS MAYA

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Time period for calculation of fca

Dear Sir i had worked in a Practicing ca firm for 6 month as full time paid assitance now i want to hold cop for the purpose of FCA the above 6 month is count or not means after holding COP for 4 5 ye

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Vat payable amt calculation against cst sale

please tell me what is the vat payable amt My vat computation is follow tax amt output vat 12 5 254172 00 input vat 12 5 152310 00 Output Cst 2 5650 00 vat payable amt 107512 00 is correct or not

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89(1) rebate calculation

bank employees got arrears this year for FY 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 While disbursing arrears banksdeducted Some percentage of arrears as PF Example arrears 250000 PF 25000 This arrears 12 13 25 000 13

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Regarding calculation of articleship extension

I had taken leave to appear for my CA final exams but could not actually appear for the same due to personal reasons Now for the purposes of calculation of articleship extension will the examination p

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Interest calculation for old tax due

One person has tax dues for 1999 2000AY amount 1700 now he wants to pay it but thats the principle amount due that year some interst must also be there How to calculate that any formula Simply should

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Proposed dividend

pls help me experts I have a doubt in proposed dividend why proposed dividend is shown in P L account it is a sharing of profit only then why it is placed in P L account HELP ME EXPERTS

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Interim dividend

what is interim dividend and what are its effect on cash flow statement

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  • Document Management addon for Tally

    Greetings fellow forum members Let me thank you for your valuable support advice and feedback on our first addon Continuing with the same we wish to present you with our new addon Document Management System Experience has taught accountants and buisnessmen to have ready access to documents related to all entries in an accounting system We have come up with an addon specifically to address such issues We present this Document Management addon a useful tool for people who wish to attach any bills invoices cerificates etc i e any file you wish to attach with any accounting entry as a supporting document or evidence Thus it helps for future reference for accountants and also for audit purposes for auditors This addon is a trial version which only works for contra entries as well as masters If you wish to attach any documentary evidence for withdrawal of cash from bank or vice versa you can attach scanned copy camera captured image of the deposit slip withdrawal slip For people who wish to attach supplier or vendor details say TDS certificates or VAT service tax certificates they can attach any such documents during creation or alteration of such masters This can be applied to many areas say assets where bills invoices may be attached or excel sheets having depreciation calculations can be attached The Paid version of this addon can be used for all voucher types We hope that this trial version will convince you of the full potential of this addon In case of any query or feedback please feel free to communicate Regards CA Deepak Agarwal Gyrotech info gyrotech in 7738286611


  • Service Tax Calculation

    Service Tax Calculation Sheet


  • Simple Salary Tds Working FY 2015-16 for xl-2007+

    Auto calculate Tds on Salary for current F Y 2015 16 for Excel 2007 Features 1 Automatic Calculation of Tax liabiliity for Ind Senior Super Senier Citizen 2 HRA Calculation working 3 Monthly Salary Working Any suggestions are welcome Exshail Software


  • New Diamond Tax Invoice for Excel-2007+

    Local Sales Invoice for Diamond Traders with new mvat 1 20 with Diamond Declarations Features 1 Options to select MVat CST H Form etc 2 Automatic Calculation for Item Amount Tax Grand Total 3 Options to Round off of item Amount Tax Amount Invoice Total 4 Automatic Invoice Amount in Words 5 Simple Format to be printed on Letterhead Required Excel 2007 Exshail Software


  • Easy Articleship Leave Calculator

    Are you Confused about your calculation of leaves Are you not sure how many leaves are allowed to you Are you a transfer case during Articleship Then This Tool Is Absolutely for You Just enter your Period in the Yellow spaces and get the whole detail of leave of 3 years Note For your Refrence i have entered some dates


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Do companies consider these factors to declare dividend?

DO COMPANIES CONSIDER THESE FACTORS TO DECLARE DIVIDEND Background Dividend strategy of a company more particularly which is widely held should be such that the needs for funds within the company are

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Provisions related to dividend as per IT Act & Co Act, 2013

Section 115 O 1 Of the income tax act provides that every domestic company required to pay dividend distribution tax in addition to income tax on any amount declared distributed or paid by way of divi

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Dividend models & share valuation

Introduction The two foremost facets of Decisions for a company are Investment Financing Decisions Investing Decisions determines Companies Assets while Financing Decisions determines Companies Liabil

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Grossing up of Dividend for distribution tax - increase in effective Dividend Distribution tax rate of 3.47%

The Finance No 2 Bill 2014 proposes to levy pidend distribution tax by grossing up the pidend payable for the purpose of computing liability towards pidend distribution tax As per the existing provisi

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Declaration and Payment of Dividend under Co Act, 2013

The Provisions governing declaration and distribution of dividend by a company are provided under companies Act 2013 And the Rules made there under including the Companies Transfer of Profit to Reserv

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