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The Companies (Declaration and Payment of Dividend) Amendment Rules, 2014

The Companies Declaration and Payment of Dividend Amendment Rules 2014 Please refer the attched link

Summary of Economic Survey

More than 6 Per Cent Growth Forecast for Next Fiscal Considerable Enhancement for Social Sector Spending India on Verge of Creating Quality Jobs to Seize Demographic Dividend Indian economy is likely to grow between 6 1 to 6 7 in 2013 14 as the downturn is more or less over and the economy is lookin

Payment of Dividend by Companies

The data regarding companies which have not given dividend to their shareholders is not maintained in this Ministry Further there is no statutory compulsion on the companies under the Companies Act 1956 to declare and pay dividends to their shareholders every year

Auditor may have taken PAC's cue

Exact math used by the governments auditor in its calculation of losses and the process it followed still unclear The Comptroller and Auditor General of India CAG may have taken a cue from the Public Accounts Committee PAC while calculating losses arising from the improper allocation of second gener

Income Tax Department takes Several Punitive and Deterrent Steps to Unearth Unaccounted Money And Curb Tax Evasion

No data is maintained in the Ministry of Finance regarding black money stashed abroad converted to white and brought back into the country by exploiting the provisions of no tax on dividend and capital gain in India However appropriate action as per the provisions of the Direct Tax Laws is taken whe

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Deperction calculation

Particulars AMT Deperection Factory Bulding 1906383 DEP 117619 Electric installation 311678 DEP 96343 Plant Machinery 1479082 DEP 1031059 Vehicles 117929 DEP 40668 Equipment 53739 DEP 7990 Please Deperection Calculation Datail Straight Line Methode

Calculation of capital employed

Hi Can you pls tell me why should we add dividend paid during the year to terminal capital employed in order to calculate Average capital employed And while doing goodwill calculation is it correct to take purchased goodwill for capital employed Calculation In some books purchased goodwill is consid

Calculation of long term capital gain and investment to save

Sir yesterday on 22 6 2017 I enquired about calculation of long term capital gain and suggestions for investments to save income tax But my enquiry is still unanswered If there is any other formalities to fulfill pl let me know Pl help me Thank you Yours Subhash chandra sharma

Hra calculation

Sir I want to calculate computation of income form salary i have a doubt in HRA calculation Bengaluru is metropolitan city or not

Basic salary put rs.4000 for pf calculation

Dear all Sir I am confuse regarding basic salary my salary is Rs 35000 and here is following salary structure of my salary SALARY STRUCTURE ARE AS FOLLOW Salary Nature Amount Rs Basic Salary 4 000 00 Dearness Allowance 12 000 00 House Rent Allowance 10 000 00 Transport Allowance 5 000 00 Education A


Mixed supply calculation under the gst

Mixed supply arise in the jewellery sector I give 2 examples of points for clarification 1 Mr A purchased a 100000 worth of jewellery artciles under gst with exchange of old jewellery worth of Rs 80000 How GST affected in the situation and what is the GST tax liability in this situation 2 Mr A purch

proposed dividend accounting treatment

if in the Q proposed dividend appears in the balance sheet then how to solve n how to present in amalgamation chapter as well as consolidation chapter

calculation of gst

how to calculate tax give some xample

Calculation of Tax on sales

I am a trader in Bihar I purchased a material from West Bengal for 1 00 000 paid IGST 18 18 000 I paid freight for transporting 5000 No Now the total cost of this material is 1 23 000 Now I am resaling this material in Bihar for 1 30 000 Now I want to know that how much rupee I will charge as Taxes

Taxability of Dividend - FY 16-17

I am not clear as there is a bit of confusion regarding taxability of dividend income I have received 12 lakhs as dividend for the FY 16 17 Please advise whether I have to pay 10 on 12 lakhs or 10 on 2 lakhs i e in excess of 10 lakhs

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  • Dividend - CA Final - Corporate & Allied Laws - Nov 17

    This is sample chapter about my book Corporate Allied Laws for Nov 17 examination
  • GST Top 10 Questions

    Example Of GST Calculation Frequently Asked Questions About GST Bill What are final GST rate slabs What are CGST SGST and IGST What are the differences between the UPA s GST and the NDA s GST What are the taxes that GST replaces What will be the short term impact of GST When will GST be implemented What is a constitutional amendment What are the finer points in the implementation of the bill What is the Empowered Committee What will become costlier and cheaper
  • Custom Duty Calculation

    Excel calculator which can help to us for Custom duty calculation
  • Statutory bonus amount under Amended Payment of Bonus Act

    Statutory bonus amount calculator under Amended Payment of Bonus Act calculate amount payable for all employees as per the act After amendment calculation has become tricky and with the help of this template you can make it easy for multiple employee PM me for any doubt and help
  • Automatic GST Invoice in excel

    Full Fledge Billing Software for Business 1 Complete Billing Software 2 100 GST compliant with format published by GST Council 3 Retail and Tax Bill Bifurcation 4 Automatic applicable IGST CGST and SGST calulation 5 Transfer all bill data to another sheet automatically for analysis 6 Automatic Challan Generation 7 Perfect Print Setup 6 One Click Printing 7 One Click Back up of each invoice in different Folder 8 Back up will be retail bill wise and Tax Bill Wise 9 Completely working based on formula 9 Flexible Formulas 10 Full Customized 11 Client Database with each and every detail 12 No need to input details of party every time 13 only put x in the first column of database and all the details will be transferred to invoice sheet 14 Automatically cloud backup of all invoices 15 Automatic GST rate calculator based on HSN Code will be available as soon as GST rates are published 16 Automatic GST rate calculator based on Name of Goods will be available as soon as GST rates are published 17 Monthwise analysis of Party wise sales monthwise IGST SGST CGST liability calculation 18 Training for GST return filing and this software with fulfillment of custom requirement of business 19 Automatic transfer of sales invoice data in the form of outward return of GST outward return is to be filled in form GSTR 1 every month 20 Free 1st GST return filing

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Convertible Bonds Calculations - Equity & Liability portion - Ind AS/ IFRS

Many of our readers requested to share actual calculation and the process to bifurcate any convertible bonds between Equity Liability and its related Journal Entry Let s refer some relevant guidance reference related to these kind of convertible bonds and its related calculation as mentioned in acco

Dividend-icing on the cake

At the tea stole Swami addressing to his friends named A B C kaise ho dosto kya halchal A Bas badhiya teri tarah nai he Swami acha he mere jaisa ni he warna jeena chod dete laughing B ohoho babaji ki jay ho C tumhe pata he aaj muje dividend mila B uneducated wo kya hota he C ye to ganwar hi rahega i

Unpaid or Unclaimed Dividend

The word Dividend has origin from the Latin word Dividendum It means a thing to be divided Dividend means the portion of the profit received by the shareholders from the companys net profit which is legally available for distribution among the members Therefore dividend is a return on the share capi

All about dividend

INTRODUCTION Dividend means the profit which is distributed among the shareholders in proportion to the amount paid up on the shares held by them and is not retained in the Business The term Dividend is defined under Section 2 35 of the Companies Act 2013 Dividend for a Financial Year or Final Divid

Unpaid/ unclaimed dividend

The word Dividend has origin from the Latin word Dividendum It means a thing to be divided Dividend means the portion of the profit received by the shareholders from the companys net profit which is legally available for distribution among the members Therefore dividend is a return on the share capi

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