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The Companies (Declaration and Payment of Dividend) Amendment Rules, 2014

The Companies Declaration and Payment of Dividend Amendment Rules 2014 Please refer the attched link

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Summary of Economic Survey

More than 6 Per Cent Growth Forecast for Next Fiscal Considerable Enhancement for Social Sector Spending India on Verge of Creating Quality Jobs to Seize Demographic Dividend Indian economy is likely

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Payment of Dividend by Companies

The data regarding companies which have not given dividend to their shareholders is not maintained in this Ministry Further there is no statutory compulsion on the companies under the Companies Act 19

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Auditor may have taken PAC's cue

Exact math used by the governments auditor in its calculation of losses and the process it followed still unclear The Comptroller and Auditor General of India CAG may have taken a cue from the Public

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Income Tax Department takes Several Punitive and Deterrent Steps to Unearth Unaccounted Money And Curb Tax Evasion

No data is maintained in the Ministry of Finance regarding black money stashed abroad converted to white and brought back into the country by exploiting the provisions of no tax on dividend and capita

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Calculation of vat payable

I have started the CCTV security business in Haryana I am importing various items from China Can the amount of VAT payable be adjusted with Custom Duty paid on such imports Please advice me

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Calculation of grauity with relief under section 89(1)

What is calculation under section 89 1 under rule 21A 3 of relife if assess render the service 10 years and whats are the process of calculation

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Vat audit interest calculation

Dear sir mam Sir how to calculate vat interest in quarterly and six monthly explained plz more details vat interest u s 30 4

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Hra calculation procedure


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Salary calculation on hourly basis

Dear Sir If i work 2 hrs extra in the day and i m drawing salary is 11500 and i worked for 4 hrs extra How much pay i will get for extra 4 hrs Please explain with example Thanks Manoj Rao 9591608067

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About rough calculations in ca cpt

Sir I have done rough calculations beside the respective sums in the question paper instead of the rough sheet will it cause any problem

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Cash credit interest calculation

pls let me know how to calculate bank s Cash credit interest any xl chart available pls send to my email id vpckovai yahoo co in

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Drawing power calculation (cc a/c)

In calculation of Drawing Power for CC account in Monthly Stock Statement if Creditor is more than Stock How to calculate the DO

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Service tax interest and penalty payment calculation?

Please help in calculation of Service Tax Interest and Penalty Calculation File Attached Service Tax Turnover Rs 60 Lakhs Interest Calculation up to 31 12 2015 Thanks in Advance

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Deferred tax calculation

An asset whose useful life is nil then the remaining carrying amount after retaining residual value is charged to opening reserve surplus as per Schedule II of Companies act 2013 And assets are contin

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  • calculation of tds on salary



  • Calculation of POT with SBC

    It calculates the rate of service tax including SBC you need to just enter three dates i e date of completion of service date of payment and date of invoice


  • TDS summary

    for tds calculation every month


  • Chap-1 of C.Law(Final) Declaration and Payment of Dividend

    Chap 1 of C Law Final Declaration and Payment of Dividend


  • Calculation of POT -Service Tax 2015

    Calculates POT as per Rule 4 and Rule 3 of POT Rules of Service Tax


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Do companies consider these factors to declare dividend?

DO COMPANIES CONSIDER THESE FACTORS TO DECLARE DIVIDEND Background Dividend strategy of a company more particularly which is widely held should be such that the needs for funds within the company are

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Provisions related to dividend as per IT Act & Co Act, 2013

Section 115 O 1 Of the income tax act provides that every domestic company required to pay dividend distribution tax in addition to income tax on any amount declared distributed or paid by way of divi

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Dividend models & share valuation

Introduction The two foremost facets of Decisions for a company are Investment Financing Decisions Investing Decisions determines Companies Assets while Financing Decisions determines Companies Liabil

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Grossing up of Dividend for distribution tax - increase in effective Dividend Distribution tax rate of 3.47%

The Finance No 2 Bill 2014 proposes to levy pidend distribution tax by grossing up the pidend payable for the purpose of computing liability towards pidend distribution tax As per the existing provisi

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Declaration and Payment of Dividend under Co Act, 2013

The Provisions governing declaration and distribution of dividend by a company are provided under companies Act 2013 And the Rules made there under including the Companies Transfer of Profit to Reserv

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