dividend calculation


The Companies (Declaration and Payment of Dividend) Amendment Rules, 2014

The Companies Declaration and Payment of Dividend Amendment Rules 2014 Please refer the attched link

Summary of Economic Survey

More than 6 Per Cent Growth Forecast for Next Fiscal Considerable Enhancement for Social Sector Spending India on Verge of Creating Quality Jobs to Seize Demographic Dividend Indian economy is likely to grow between 6 1 to 6 7 in 2013 14 as the downturn is more or less over and the economy is lookin

Payment of Dividend by Companies

The data regarding companies which have not given dividend to their shareholders is not maintained in this Ministry Further there is no statutory compulsion on the companies under the Companies Act 1956 to declare and pay dividends to their shareholders every year

Auditor may have taken PAC's cue

Exact math used by the governments auditor in its calculation of losses and the process it followed still unclear The Comptroller and Auditor General of India CAG may have taken a cue from the Public Accounts Committee PAC while calculating losses arising from the improper allocation of second gener

Income Tax Department takes Several Punitive and Deterrent Steps to Unearth Unaccounted Money And Curb Tax Evasion

No data is maintained in the Ministry of Finance regarding black money stashed abroad converted to white and brought back into the country by exploiting the provisions of no tax on dividend and capital gain in India However appropriate action as per the provisions of the Direct Tax Laws is taken whe

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Mat calculation

For Calculating Book profit for Section 115JB deduction of Lower of Brought Forward Loss or unabsorbed Depreciation is to be given there is a Company whose figures are given below please tell me whether any deduction is available for MAT Purpose as in the year ending 2017 the company is having Net P


please suggest how to get cash dividend either in my demat a c balance increase or share price increase in practical on the date of date of dividend given

Bonus calculation

Can anyone guide me If a company subsidiary registered under West Bengal shop establishment act and mother concern registered under Maharashtra shop and establishment act Employee having basic more than RS 15000 and spcl allowance 5000 basic Rs 10000 spcl Allowance Rs 7000 In this case how Bonus wil

Dta & dtl calculation

Dear Sir I here given the DTA DTL calculation Please check is Correct or not AS PER MY A C F Y 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16 Preliminary Expenses 3007 50 3007 50 3007 50 3007 50 Deferred Tax Assets 929 32 929 32 929 32 929 32 929 32 1858 64 2787 95 3717 27 2 AS PER BOOKS F Y 2011 12 2012 13 2013

Calculation of rent free accommodation

Dear Sir Madam I am working in PSU where we have take one flat on monthly rent Rs 20 000 P M for our transferee managers For this we are deducting nominal rent from their salaries As I know that this will covered under Perquisite tax on the hand of the employee s lower of 15 of salary OR rent paid b


Calculation of vat in excise invoice

Hi We are the manufacturer wehave an order for Rs 1000 we recieved some matereial from our cutomer for manufacturing of final product amounting Rs 500 while calculating Excise duty i need to consider value of material supplied by customer means Assessable value for Excise is Rs 1500 and we have calc

Capital gains calculation

1 land was purchased in April 2012 for 4 15 000 2 house was constructed during FY 2012 13 to FY 15 16 construction cost 12 13 19 00 896 13 14 3 74 215 14 15 5 89 127 15 16 13 28 336 construction cost is shown in IT returns 3 Finally it was sold in Mar 2016 for 50lacs I want to know how capital gains

Excise duty calculation

Dear Professionals Experts Friends A dealer manufacturing wooden items like Chairs Table Cot Sofa set Almirah His turn over crossed Rs 1 5 Crore Now I want to know whether it covers under excise if it so Under which tariff these items comes What is the rate and cess Is there any abatement How to cal

Dividend income

Is deduction u s 80C available on dividend income

Goodwill calculation

While going thru a sample balance sheet I saw some amount against GoodWill I know general concept what a goodwill is I however want to know how it is assigned a value say GoodWill is worth 37 Lakh or 37 Crore or 1337 Crore What is the formula to calculate goodwill of a business

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Dividend-icing on the cake

At the tea stole Swami addressing to his friends named A B C kaise ho dosto kya halchal A Bas badhiya teri tarah nai he Swami acha he mere jaisa ni he warna jeena chod dete laughing B ohoho babaji ki jay ho C tumhe pata he aaj muje dividend mila B uneducated wo kya hota he C ye to ganwar hi rahega i

Unpaid or Unclaimed Dividend

The word Dividend has origin from the Latin word Dividendum It means a thing to be divided Dividend means the portion of the profit received by the shareholders from the companys net profit which is legally available for distribution among the members Therefore dividend is a return on the share capi

All about dividend

INTRODUCTION Dividend means the profit which is distributed among the shareholders in proportion to the amount paid up on the shares held by them and is not retained in the Business The term Dividend is defined under Section 2 35 of the Companies Act 2013 Dividend for a Financial Year or Final Divid

Unpaid/ unclaimed dividend

The word Dividend has origin from the Latin word Dividendum It means a thing to be divided Dividend means the portion of the profit received by the shareholders from the companys net profit which is legally available for distribution among the members Therefore dividend is a return on the share capi

Calculation of Limits u/s 186 of the Companies Act, 2013

Subject Brief Note on Limits specified u s 186 of the Companies Act 2013 S 186 of the Companies Act 2013 is applicable to all the Companies Earlier corresponding S 372A of the Companies Act 1956 was applicable only to Public Limited Companies We hereby give gist of the section in brief Limits adsbyg

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