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dividend calculation


The Companies (Declaration and Payment of Dividend) Amendment Rules, 2014

The Companies Declaration and Payment of Dividend Amendment Rules 2014 Please refer the attched link

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Summary of Economic Survey

More than 6 Per Cent Growth Forecast for Next Fiscal Considerable Enhancement for Social Sector Spending India on Verge of Creating Quality Jobs to Seize Demographic Dividend Indian economy is likely

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Payment of Dividend by Companies

The data regarding companies which have not given dividend to their shareholders is not maintained in this Ministry Further there is no statutory compulsion on the companies under the Companies Act 19

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Auditor may have taken PAC's cue

Exact math used by the governments auditor in its calculation of losses and the process it followed still unclear The Comptroller and Auditor General of India CAG may have taken a cue from the Public

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Income Tax Department takes Several Punitive and Deterrent Steps to Unearth Unaccounted Money And Curb Tax Evasion

No data is maintained in the Ministry of Finance regarding black money stashed abroad converted to white and brought back into the country by exploiting the provisions of no tax on dividend and capita

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Calculation of provision for taxation

how to calculate provision for taxation while computing income tax of a company

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TAXABILITY on Dividend received from Mutual Fund under ELSS

Dividend on Mutual Fund under ELSS are exempt under which section

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Calculation of vat

We have sold software licence to a company and billed them two invoices 1 for sale of licence and 2 for implementation costs We have applied VAT on the total amount invoice value Service Tax SBC KKC b

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Urgent help on dividend chapter

Hi Experts Colleagues While studying Chapter Dividend come across to following queries Please help in detail 1 123 3 provides that interim dividend cannot be paid at the rate higher than the average r

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Income tax calculation

Dear Sir Pls tell me for the F Y 2015 16 My salary 3 lac annual there is no Hra pf bonus Interest Income from bank saving bank account 26805 dividend 304 Short term capital gain 5518 total income 3326

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Dtaa calculation

Residential Status Resident Income from Ireland Euro 11000 Gross Less Insurance 1000 Less Tax 40 4400 Net in hand Euro5600 How this 5600 will be taxed Question 1 Will foreign income will be 5600 net o

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Cst calculation

cst will be charge on Actual Price Excise Duty EC SHEC then 2 CST is it correct

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Calculation of sundays as leave

My articleship has been extended by 98 days i want to know should I count sunday in the extension period or leaves Also will there be a problem if I serve articleship more than 98 days

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Bonus calculation

For calculation of bonus under bonus act which basic salary should I take if it is changing after every month

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Dividend stripping sec 94(7)

What is the income in sec 94 7 Means income includes both dividend as well as profit if earned on sale With that loss only to the extent of difference with dividend is c f for set off means If loss is

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  • Income Tax Calculation 2016-17

    Prepare form 16 upto 500 employee in single excel sheet Tax calculation and prepare section 89 1 relief from F Y 1985 86 to 2016 17 View Tax Rate for last 31 years Calculation of Tax under section 234A 234B 234C prepare challan no 280 281 Find out TDS TCS rates Find out Maturity value of Term Deposit RD House Rent Allowance rebate calculation and find out interest on NSC and much more in single excel sheet


  • Ind AS 10 Event Occurring After the Reporting Period

    This has Objective Scope Definitions Adjusting and Non Adjusting Events Examples Special treatment of Dividend and Going Concern Disclosure


  • Ind AS 7 "Statement of Cash Flows"

    This is the summary of Ind AS 7 It prescribes Objective Scope Operating Activities Investing Activities Financing Activities Some Specific Terms like foreign exchange fluctuation Interest Dividend etc


  • Income tax calculator And advance tax calculation

    Version 6 1 Income tax calculator Individual Company and Firm Following type income calculate tax 1 Salary income 2 House property 3 PGBP Income 4 Capital gain U s 111A U s 112 and Normal capital gain 5 Other source income 6 Agriculture income 7 interest U s 234A 234Band 234C Also HRA calculation


  • Buyback Calculation



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Dividend under Companies Act, 2013

INTRODUCTION 1 Clause 35 of section 2 of the Companies Act 2013 the Act defines dividend as dividend includes any interim dividend Therefore all provisions under Chapter VIII of the Act and under the

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Whether dividend can be paid in kind?

Provision As per Section 123 5 of Companies Act 2013 Dividend not be payable except in cash Dividend Section 2 35 of the Companies Act 2013 simply states that Dividend Includes Any Interim Dividend Th

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Declaration and Payment of Dividend

Introduction Section 123 to 127 of the Companies Act 2013 contains the provision about declaration and payment of dividend Definition The term Dividend has been defined in the Sec 2 35 of the Companie

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Dividends under Income Tax Act

Dividend in simple words refers to the amount paid to shareholder in proportion to the shareholding in the company out of the total sum so distributed Lets look at the meaning of dividend as per Incom

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Do companies consider these factors to declare dividend?

DO COMPANIES CONSIDER THESE FACTORS TO DECLARE DIVIDEND Background Dividend strategy of a company more particularly which is widely held should be such that the needs for funds within the company are

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