Apply for Common Proficiency Test to be held on 18th June, 2017

Announcement Common Proficiency Test to be held on 18th June 2017 For the attention of students registered for Common Proficiency Course Common Proficiency Test an entry level test for the Chartered Accountancy course is held twice a year in the month of June and December The forthcoming Common Prof

Group constituted to do a SWOT analysis for the Profession and Institute

Swot analysis for the profession and Institute actionables thereon and in process also identify and analyze the strategic alliances ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL Madam Dear Sir While the Indian Chartered Accountancy profession commands a ubiquitous position leveraging its inherent strength in Accountin

Raids by Enforcement Directorate on offices of CA in Delhi

Our attention has been drawn to the media reports regarding the raids conducted by the Enforcement Directorate on the offices of the Chartered Accountants in New Delhi who were alleged to be involved in the money laundering and hawala like transactions through shell companies The Disciplinary Direct

Application for empanelment of Resource Persons by ICAI for Investor Awareness Programmes

We are pleased to share with you that the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India through its erstwhile Committee on Financial Markets and Investors Protection now Banking Financial Services and Insurance Committee is conducting Investor Awareness Programmes under the aegis of Investor Education

Empanelment of Members to act as Observers in CA exams

EMPANELMENT OF MEMBERS TO ACT AS OBSERVERS AT THE EXAMINATION CENTRES FOR THE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS EXAMINATIONS MAY JUNE 2017 It is proposed to empanel members to act as Observers for the forthcoming MAY JUNE 2017 Chartered Accountants Examinations scheduled as under Intermediate IPC and Final exam

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provision for depreciation

If closing balance of provision for depreciation is greater than charge depreciation during the year then what will be the treatment

Depreciation wdv less then 100

Dear Experts Some of the assets WDV as on 1 4 2016 is less then 100 pls clarify should i clubbed these assets to other assets in the block by passing the following entry Asset whose WDV is more then 100 DR To Asset whose WDV is less then 100 or should i write these assets in debit side of profit los

summary charts for applicable of sections

plz if any one have summary charts for application of various sections on various companies than plz share for eg application of sec 177

Chartered accountant

In IPCC i registered for both groups separately and cleared in 1 go Group 1 May 11 Group 2 Nov 11 while recruitment will I be considered 1st attempt or 2 attempt


Sir On which bases Depreciation Rates are fixed Depreciation Rates are fixed on the bases of Budget by central government or Section 32 of the Income Tax Act 1961 Please confirm me Sir


tds rate chart

what is the tds deduction rate for the ay 18 19

Accelerated depreciation

Can a holding Company take income tax benefits of Accelerated Depreciation from its subsidiary company Who carrying the business of Solar Energy Plant

Depreciation rate on bio-metric attendance system

Can anyone provide the depreciation rate on Bio metric attendance system and Cylinders as per IT act and Companies act

Stock valuation chart in excel

some problem in stock valuation calculation so plz provide this chart in excel

Unabsorbed depreciation

when will unabsorbed depreciation won t be treated as a part of business loss

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Understanding a few share price charts

Stock markets have always been a fascinating realm for finance professionals How stock prices move how trading happens and how investors fortunes change have made them a really interesting phenomenon Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are the two main schools of thought in the financial mar

The revised scheme of education and training for chartered accountancy course

The structure of the Chartered Accountancy course is akin to the basic structure of Indian Constitution Any amendment that destroys the basic structure of the constitution is invalid as laid down in Kesawananda Bharati v State of Kerala 1973 The empirical model is the basic structure of the course w

Chartered accountants monopoly to practice GST law is undesirable

1 All the Ministers MPs MLAs and Judges in India are under wrong impression that only Chartered Accountants are in practice of taxation Therefore the taxation laws are being drafted only with the advice of Chartered Accountants working in various Government Departments or as the case may be with the

Opportunities in GST for Chartered Accountants

GST may be a reality soon The constitutional amendment bill has been approved in Rajya Sabha with clear majority on 03 08 2016 GST may get implemented though there are practical difficulties with effect from April 2017 For CAs it is very important to get updated with the proposed GST law in order to

A Guide to Seek Clients for New Chartered Accountants in Practice

First question that comes in fresher Chartered Accountants mind who is planning to start his own practice is How to get the work Believe me getting work is not very difficult task provided you have good contacts and references And contacts can be developed over a period of time until then you must h

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