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deferred revenue expenditure


Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency Relating to Imported and Export Goods Notified

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 14 of the Customs Act 1962 52 of 1962 and in super session of the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Finance Department of Revenu

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The tax payer should be seen as an important partner in generating revenue for all our National Endeavours, says President

The President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee attended the Valedictory Ceremony of the 65th Batch of Indian Revenue Services today April 29 2013 at Nagpur Speaking on the occasion the President said ta

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Tax Foregone Statement

The salient features of the Tax Forgone Statement issued by the Government are as under This Statement seeks to list the revenue impact of tax incentives or tax subsidies that are a part of the tax sy

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Date for filing the ST-3 return, for the period from Oct'12 to March'13 has been extended from 25th Apr, 2013 to 31st August, 2013

F No 137 99 2011 Service Tax Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Excise Customs New Delhi dated the 23rd April 2013 Order No 03 2013 Service Tax In exercise

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Issuance of certificate for tax deducted at source in Form No. 16 in accordance with the provisions of section 203 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 read with the Rule 31 of the Income-tax Rules 1962 - reg

CIRCULAR NO 04 2013 F No 275 34 2011 IT B Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi the 17th April 2013 Sub Issuance of certificate for tax

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Tips to increase revenue for the government

If a kidnapper kidnaps a child and ask his father to provide the ransom money for not harming his son Whether service tax would be applicable on such transaction Reply Service means any activity perfo

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Bus speed governor is capital exp. or revenue exp.

is bus speed governor is capital exp or revenue exp

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Deferred advertisement expenditure

hi A Pvt Ltd company made a huge advertisement exp to promote its new branch it treated it as deferred revenue expenditure in books of accounts for a period of three years but for the purpose of Incom

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Deferred tax

My client is a company which failed to create deferred tax asset against the preliminary expenses incurred in its first year of operation The same were disclosed as miscellaneous asset in balancesheet

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Tds on onsite development expenditure

please clarify my quary software company incurred onsite development expenditure TDS applicable or not

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  • Variance Analysis

    This sheet is all based upon application of costing s wide areas such as budgets budgetary controls under practical circumstances for a company in order to control costs and further costs cutting also This sheet also provides variance analysis on gross cost basis without going through ascertainment of costs centres in depth I developed this sheet for deep analysis of costs at various types of costs This sheet covers costs revenues performance analysis in detail mingled up with charts graphs etc


  • Accounting Standard - 9 Revenue Recognition



  • Revenue from Exchange Transactions



  • Format of Income & Expenditure Accounts



  • Payroll/Human Resources Review Work Program

    The non payroll expenditure audit program provides the detailed testing to verify the operation of the internal controls and procedures reviewed during the preliminary survey The extent of the detailed testing will be determined by the auditor and supervisor during a review of the preliminary survey documentation Any significant Payroll Human Resources Review Work Program


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Deferred tax

our company 1st FY 31 03 13 incurred losses of Rs 7 crores including depreciation of Rs 2 crores as per companies act and depreciation as per IT act of Rs 5 crores Please advise is it require to calcu

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Revenue stamp duty in gujarat

hello sir i want to know what are the revenue stamp duty for property in gujarat

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Revenue stamp

when revenue stamps is needed on a voucher

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Deferred tax

please let me know the following calculation is right or not Opening Balance Liability 11380 00 as per balance sheet Depreciation as per Companies Act 13087731 00 Depreciation as per Income Tax Act 11

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Revenue recognition

ABC LTD is Manufacturing of Product A and product B Product A is used in manufacture of product B PQR raised purchase order on ABC ltd for Product A and B with separate prices and asked ABC ltd to use

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HC directed the revenue to grant interest

HC directed the revenue to grant interest 12 on delay in release of seized cash On 12th March 2013 Hon ble HC directed the revenue to grant interest 12 on delay in release of seized cash Assessee have

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Burden of proof to claim interest expenditure is on the assessee

As informed in 11th Sep 2012 and reported in 2012 6 TaxCorp DT 52547 SC Involving disallowance under S 14A of the Act A division bench of SC observed that there was no judgment of High Court on the in

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Revenue should furnish AIR information received to Assessee

Recently on 24th Aug 2012 ITAT held that Revenue should furnish AIR information received to Assessee Principles of natural justice Assessee invested in mutual funds along with his wife The assessing a

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Deferred Tax Entries

In my earlier article on Taxation Entries I have not touched Deferred Tax concept Many reader friends have asked me to clear the concept and explain the entries regarding it In this article I have tri

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Functional Currency-s consequential Impact on Deferred Tax

In continuation of my previous article this article highlights the consequential impact of having two sets of functional currency one for GAAP reporting and other Tax submissions on deferred tax compu

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