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Government notifies 4 Cost Auditing Standards

Tech CAASB 9 2015 September 11 2015 To All Stakeholders Dear Sir Madam Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide their letter no 52 33 CAB 2013 dated 10th September 2015 has under section

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ICAI grants financial assistance to 400 students

The Board of Trustees of The Chartered Accountants Students Benevolent Fund has decided to grant financial assistance to 400 students who are currently undergoing articled training in accordance with

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Application invited for 15th ICSI National awards for excellence in corporate governance

Applications are invited for the 15th ICSI National Awards For Excellence in Corporate Governance 2015 Please refer to the attached file for more details

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Indirect taxes grow more than 37% in first four months

FM Buoyancy in the Indirect Tax Collections as They Grow more than 37 in the First Four Months of the Current Financial Year 2015 16 That Manufacturing and Service Sector is Performing Well Economy Sh

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Ease of Doing Business/Use of INC - 29 for Formation of Company

For ease of doing business Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced a simplified Incorporation Form INC 29 The form offers a number of advantages over traditional incorporation forms in terms of r

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Newly company incorporated

Dear Experts if company newly incorporated and no any business transaction till 31st Mar 15 then Balance sheet contains only Share capital and cash in equal amount and P L having Nil or is it necessar

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Depreciation rate on fixed assets

Hello Please explain the rate of depreciation on various fixed assets and how to calculate the depreciation on yearly basis

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5(3) of the cst act 1956

I did not reported my sales Turnover in my monthly returns under 5 3 of CST Act Now i have all necessary Form H with connected records But My Reported Turnover is lesser than Accounting Sales If any J

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Tds rate

One Govt Office rented a car on contract for office purpose for that they have to deduct tds on payment but my confusion is which rate they have to deduct tds is it 1 or 2 as contract or is it 10 as r

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Machine hourse rate

everybody I am Gokul Avhad student of CMA I want help regarding computation of machine hourse rate of CNC VMC machine because I have joint as management trainee I don t have any XL format and no idea

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Rate for exam nov 2015

which rate of service tax is applicable for nov 2015 exam

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Notification rate of exchange foreign currency wef 18/09/15

CA CS ICWA TAX PROFESSIONALS PORTAL Notification 93 2015 Customs Rate of exchange of conversion of each of the foreign currency with effect from September 18 2015 CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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Can you please confirm the vat rate in west bengal on work c

Hi Can anyone confirm me the vat rate in west bengal on work contract

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Quarterly Report on DEBT Management for the First Quarter (April-June 2015) of Current Financial Year 2015-16 (Q 1 FY 16)

Quarterly Report on DEBT Management for the First Quarter April June 2015 of Current Financial Year 2015 16 Q 1 FY 16 Released Government Issues Dated Securities Worth Rs 180 000 Crore in Q1 Of FY 16

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Rate of TDS - IT service manpower

We have hired a IT person to take care of IT service for one of our branches Could you please tell me if the rate of TDS 10 or 2 as it a firm This is FY 2015 16

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  • Taxation Master 2015-16

    Prepration of form 16 for 500 Employees Tax Calculation and relief u s 89 1 from F Y 1985 86 to 2015 16 Prepration of Challan 280 281 Calculation of intrest on NSC House Rent Allowance rebate Tax Rate for last 30 years and much more in single excel sheet


  • New Simple Income Tax Formula for A.Y. 2016-17

    Contains new formula with percentage table to calculate base income tax for A Y 2016 207 Worksheet is not protected so you can view formula and edit for next year it table if there will be any changes with 3 slab rate


  • Easiest way to Incorporate a Company in India - Form INC-29

    the file describes the basic idea about the new procedure of incorporating a new company in India


  • Salary Tds Calculator for A.Y. 2016-17

    Calculates TDS to deduct monthly from Salary for the current year i e F Y 2015 16 from Employee declaration form Provide also quick computation sheet to calculate tax liability Required Excel 2007 Exshail Software


  • Consolidate Report using OFFSET Function

    Generate Consolidate Report within a second using OFFSET function in Excel


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How to incorporate a Private Company in India?

The legislation with regards to companies in India has seen a massive overhaul postthe Companies Act 2013 The demarcation of companies have been increased andnew forms of companies such as One Person

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Corporate landscape of India

Have you ever wondered how many companies are there in India If you provide loan to Companies sell them services or are involved in industry analysis then this question must have occurred to you Perha

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There is rate change 'Return Utility' - No more utility

Introduction Online the most used word in modern world whether it is a person or a procedure everyone and everything is online now Compliance procedures of most of the legal provisions have become onl

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Facing CA Exam- Strategies for success

An exam is conducted to test ones knowledge of the subject To get through the exam the understanding of the subject memory and presentation skills matter Lets see how to tune ourselves to prepare face

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Preparation Strategy for CA Final Cost!!

A quick disclaimer before I start My Articles doesnt give 100 guarantee for success in exam but Youll have to sit down work hard work smart If you can stick to it Im damn sure youll definitely be able

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