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IPC results to be declared on 2nd August for May 2016

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The result of the Chartered Accountants Intermediate Integrated Professional Competence Examination held in May 2016 is likely to be declared on Tuesday the 2nd August 2016 arou

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Govt clarifies effective tax rate is 45% and not 31% under income declaration scheme

Circular No 27 of 2016 F No 142 8 2016 TPL Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes TPL Division Dated 14th day of July 2016 Clarifications on the In

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MCA issues order regarding rotation of auditors

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Companies Third Removal of Difficulty Order 2016 regarding applicability of the provisions of Rotation of Auditors as per Section 139 2 of the Companies Act 20

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ICAI President's Message - July 2016

Dear Professional Colleagues Heartiest greetings on CA Day I wish all of you a very happy CA Day All arrangements have been made to celebrate the legacy of the Indian accountancy profession with great

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CA day celebration at ICAI

ICAI celebrates its Foundation Day as the Chartered Accountants Day on 1st July every year This year the Chartered Accountants Day Celebrations of the ICAI will be heldon 1st July 2016in the Plenary H

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schedule of karnataka VAT rates

could you please send me the schedule of karnataka VAT rates product wise or where can I get it

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Plz suggest me strategy for cpt examination

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Vat rate

steel cutlery vat rate in mvat

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Difference between cost,price, rate and realisation cost

A silly but pointed question could anyone describe what is the difference between cost price rate and realisation cost

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Accelerated assessment

The assessee has no income Purpose of filing ROI is on account of sale of property where the buyer of the property has deducted tax 1 of the consideration This amount is the basic exemption of Rs 2 50

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Foreign teacher teaching in india liable to tax at what rate

foreign teacher from nepal coming india for teaching some medical students whether liable to tax deduction at what rate please guide

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Applicability of as to non- corporate entities

Dear members Kindly help me on the following 1 Can a non corporate entity be listed on any stock exchange 2 Can a non corporate entity be allowed to carry on the business of banking If yes please expl

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Help a confused entrepreneur on vat and cst; earn good karma

Dear Participants I have started a private limited company registered in Patna We intend to function as system integrators for various solar PV projects Our area of activity will be primarily in Bihar

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.regarding the applying for concurrent audit

how to get the RBI Unique Code for applying first time for the concurrent audit of the bank

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Rate of deprecation on cc camara and printer

How much is the rate of deprecation for cc camara and printer as per IT Act 1961

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  • TDS Rate Chart For Assessment Year 2017-18

    TDS Rate Chart For Assessment Year 2017 18


  • Income Tax Calculation 2016-17

    Prepare form 16 upto 500 employee in single excel sheet Tax calculation and prepare section 89 1 relief from F Y 1985 86 to 2016 17 View Tax Rate for last 31 years Calculation of Tax under section 234A 234B 234C prepare challan no 280 281 Find out TDS TCS rates Find out Maturity value of Term Deposit RD House Rent Allowance rebate calculation and find out interest on NSC and much more in single excel sheet


  • SPM Notes for CMA Final 2012 Syllabus - Part 2

    Strategic perf mgmt note covering imp points May not be exhaustive but will give u an overall idea


  • SPM Notes for CMA Final 2012 Syllabus

    Simple strategic perf mgmt notes


  • CA Final DT Laws-Must read -Treatment of Business Issues N16

    Entire syllabus of Direct Taxes covered in less than 200 pages without diluting the syllabus Easy to cover syllabus in a week who is in employment and unable to complete portion in time Finance Act 2015 are duly incorporated Applicable for November 2016 for following professional examinations 1 CA Final Paper 7 Direct Tax Laws 2 C M A Intermediate Paper 4 Direct Taxation 3 C S Executive Paper 7 Tax Laws and Practices Best of luck


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Basics of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The provisions relating to Corporate Social Responsibility CSR are governed by Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 and Schedule VII of the Act read with Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Pol

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Enactment of Concept of Corporate Governance

Introduction Why today world over everybody is talking about good governance system After all what is this word why so much of importance is now being given to this word and what is the need to unders

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An under estimated Investment strategy: Mutual Fund SWP-Systematic Withdrawal Plan

We can add drops of water to fill up a bucket the drops may be big or small but nonetheless it will fill the bucket In a reverse sequence we can draw out portions from the bucket when required and sat

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Chapter VI A deductions and Tax Slab Rates for FY 2015-2016 (AY 2016-2017) for Individuals

Chapter VI A Deductions for FY 2015 16 AY 2016 17 for Individuals Section Eligible Assessee Particulars Remarks 80C Individual HUF Sums paid or deposited in PY Employee Provident Fund Pension Annuity

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Rates of service tax in case of Reverse Charge w.e.f. 01.06.2016

Service Tax under reverse Charge On or After 01 06 2016 Sl No Service Abatement if any Effective ST Rate including SWC KKC payable by service provider payable by service recipient ST Rate for Service

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