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Time taken for registration of a company cut by 50 percent

Time taken for registration of a company cut by 50 as a part of ease of doing business effort by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Ministry to soon introduce a new version of Form INC29 incorporating

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Clarification regarding Notices of defective returns issued to FII/FPIs

Notices of defective returns were issued under Section 139 9 of the Income tax Act to Foreign Institutional Investors Foreign Portfolio Investors FIIs FPIs in cases where Balance Sheet and PL account

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New facility of pre-filling TDS data while submitting online rectification

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has simplified the process of online rectification of incorrect TDS details filed in the Income Tax Return Taxpayers were required to fill in complete details of the

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Extension of tax compliance dates in Tamil Nadu

For all Central Excise and Service Tax assessees in the State of Tamil Nadu the date for payment of Central Excise duty and Service Tax for November 2015 is extended to 20th December 2015 while date o

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Shri A.K Jain appointed as new chairman of CBDT

Shri A K Jain Member CBDT to discharge the duties and responsibilities of the post of Chairperson CBDT in addition to his own duties Ms Anita Kapur Chairperson CBDT who is superannuating today is appo

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Vat audit form 704

Dear Experts where can i get the full info regarding tax audit form 704

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Filing of form 20b

For a company which was formed during March 2014 for the period ending 31 03 2015 which form to file Form 20B or MGT7 The website is not permitting 20B but it permits 23AC and ACA

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Revised return

Dear Friends please Suggest me in such problem Can we Revised the house property SOP Address in revised return if we Wrongly filed earlier in which sop loan Interest has claimed Please Suggest as best

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Format or excel sheet for mvat cda interest working

Required excel sheet for MVAT CDA Interest 30 2 working for 2012 13

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St3 late return filling

Dear Sir My consultant upload ST3 on 25 10 15 but on return copy show actual date of filling is 26 10 15 is it count as late return filling what is the penalty amt

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Sales return after 6months from the date of sale mvat

One of my Clients has Sold Goods to Buyers Outside Maharashtra in F Y 14 15 and Paid the VAT on Same The Said client has returned the goods after 6months from the date of sale which falls in F Y 15 16

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Cst and vat no,


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Regarding non filing of i.t. return of pvt. ltd. company

A private limited company incorporated on 25th Feb 2014 and Close its First Books of Accounts on 31st march 2015 First Financial Year from Feb 2014 to March 2015 Now Management have received a Letter

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Unit of quantity in excise return and sales invoice

Whether unit of quantity mentioned in ER1 return should be same as mentioned in Sales Invoice For the month of May unit of quantity was cubic metre closing balance was 1000 cu mtr For the month of Jun

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Form 15ca for local remittance

We need to file Form 15CA and 15CB for remittances under section 195 to non residents In case of remittance is Indian rupees to NRI with full TDS deduction of 30 9 to their NRE ordinary account Do we

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  • List of Documents Required for Gujarat VAT and CST TIN

    List of Documents Required for Gujarat VAT and CST TIN


  • Appointment letter to director



  • Resignation letter Format by Director

    Intimation of resignation by director to comapny


  • Tax Audit

    Audit under Income Tax Act 1961


  • IT Notes & Amendments Applicable for May 2016(CA-IPC)

    Class Summary Notes Amendment Applicable for May 2016 Attempt


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A common man's guide for registration for VAT TIN and CST TIN in Gujarat

A lot of queries cometo mind when one thinks about taking registration under Gujarat VAT and CST Laws Some of the queries and their answers are published as follows for the benefits of the readers 1 W

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7 reasons behind your mutual funds' poor performance and how to overcome them

Have you ever heard anyone say his or her mutual funds proved worthless or he she has lost money in the same One might also experience times where their investment in a mutual fund was a major disappo

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Emotional Transformation

One morning suddenly one thought came to my mind that why some people are happy with nothing and some are unhappy even if they have everything What is the cause of unhappiness What is Fear How to live

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How to report Incomes from India while filing the tax return in USA?

It is often that people take the plea that the law is not known to them and any breach of law therefore is purely due to ignorance However the Latin term ignorantialegisneminemexcusat very aptly and s

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Video-conferencing - A recognised merger of Information Technology Act

Introduction 1 With the lapse of time information technology continues to impact on day to day activities whether it is banking communication etc Thus it is impracticable for corporate world to remain

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