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Extension of Amnesty scheme 2014 upto 15th May for members


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Payment of Fee for renewal of your Membership for 2015-16

Payment of Membership Fee Updation of your membership particulars Appeal for contribution to CABF SVAMF Fund ICAIs initiatives for Practicing CAs and Firms Dear Member We take the opportunity to reque

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Payment of membership fees for CS

Payment of Annual Membership and Certificate of Practice Fee for the Year 2015 16 The annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for the year 2015 16 has become due for payment w e f 1st Ap

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Extension for today e-payment deadline and banking hours

Circular No 182 01 2015 Service Tax F No 137 155 2012 ServiceTax Pt II Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Excise Customs Service Tax Wing New Delhi the 27th

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Extension of General Amnesty Scheme for Retrospective Restoration of Membership

ANNOUNCEMENT Extension of General amnesty scheme for retrospective restoration of membership One time dispensation DATE 19 03 2015 With a view to mitigate the hardships being faced by members whose na

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Tds late payment

We forgot to provide TDS liability for interest on loan taken Feb 2015 Can we make the TDS entry now in March15 and remit TDS with penalty Also can we revise ETDS return which was already filed The am

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Billing & shipping address cst concern

Dear Concern Please Guide out with below Query A Customer ABC Pvt LTd Head office in Maharshtra B Customer ABC Pvt Ltd Branch Office in Himachal Pradesh C Vendor XYZ Company Senario is C Company have

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Guidlines of rbi for credit & debit card payment in hotel


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Payment of professional tax

My client has not obtained PT Registration and paying salary of Rs 51000 to one employee without deducting PT what are the complications

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Regarding tds payment

I wnat to pay tds payment by cheque through hdfc bank suggest me on which name will i write on top of the cheque Pay to can i write there pay to yourself plz suggest me

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Wrong code done in tds challan

Dear Sir At the time of making payment of TDS for May 15 by mistake written 94C instead of 94I the payment made through online now how to correct the same Thanks Jayanta

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Treatment of gratuity payments as per revised as 15

Sirs My company makes yearly payment of Gratuity under LICI Group Gratuity Policy for disbursement of Gratuity payments on retirement of employees Please let me know the accounting treatment of such p

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Hdfc bank launches payzapp, an all-in-one payment & money tr

HDFC Bank Launches PayZapp An All In One Payment Money Transfer Mobile App Indias leading private Bank HDFC Bank today announced launch ofPayZapp an all in one mobile payment and money transfer app th

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Mininmise vat payment

We are taking up construction of around 400 flats as JD project The entire construction activity is outsourced As per JD agreemet 67 of the developed property is with the Developer ourselves and 33 wi

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Tds payment

HI Can we pay TDS INTEREST for all quarters for AY 2015 16asingle payment on salaries rent contracts Thankyou

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  • Tax Benefits On Housing Loan

    Tax Benefits on Principal repayment of Housing Loan and Its Interest Component


  • Important changes under Central and State Tax Laws

    The following are the important changes under Central and State Tax Laws with effect from 1st April 2015 1 Conveyance Allowance Transport allowance granted to an employee is exempted up to Rs 800 per month The limit of exemption is now enhanced to Rs 1600 per month 2 Profession Tax Those whose salary for a month was more than Rs 10 000 were supposed to pay Profession Tax of Rs 150 per month Now from 1st April 2015 the persons drawing salary up to Rs 15 000 per month are exempted from Profession Tax Applicable for Bangalore 3 Profession Tax exemption for senior citizens who have attained age of 60 Years Applicable for Bangalore 4 Wealth Tax Is abolished from 1st April 2015 Keep all the wealth tax papers of past 8 years in safe custody even though wealth tax is abolished from FY 2015 16 5 Mediclaim Insurance The premium paid towards mediclaim insurance is enhanced from Rs 15 000 to Rs 25 000 per year for senior citizen it is enhanced from Rs 20 000 to Rs 30 000 per year u s 80D 6 Basic Exemption Limit for VAT registration in Karnataka Now the traders who expect to do annual taxable turnover sales of less than Rs 10 Lakhs needn t register under Karnataka VAT Laws However other aspects of registration which were applicable till March 2015 will continue to apply 7 Reverse Charge Method under service Tax Laws w r t Manpower Consultancy Currently in case manpower supply or security services is provided by individual HUF or partnership firm to a body or a corporate the service provider is liable to deposit Service Tax to the extent of 25 and service receiver liable to deposit Service Tax to extent of 75 W e f 1st April 2015 Service Tax is not required to be charged by specified service provider i e individuals HUF Partnership Firms and the same is to be paid by the service receiver entirely i e instead of 75 the service receiver has to pay 100 F No 334 5 2015 8 ESIC Payment Through Online Online payment of ESI contribution made easier Now facility for payment of ESI contribution through net banking is made available through State Bank of India and 58 major banks 9 PF Payment Made Online The EPFO payment has been made online Mandatory effective from 1st May 2015


  • HP Goods Tax Challan



  • Excel Billing Software

    1 Complete Billing Software 2 Retail and Tax Bill Bifurcation 3 One Click Form 402 Generation 4 Merge All Bill data in Single Sheet 5 Automatic Challan Generation 6 Perfect Print Setup 7 One Click Printing 8 One Click Back up of each invoice in different Folder Back up will be retail bill wise and Tax Bill Wise 9 Completely working based on formula 10 Flexible Formulas 11 Full Customized 12 Client Database with each and every detail 13 No need to input details of party every time only put x in the first column of database and all the details will be transferred to invoice sheet Filters will not work in trial version This is only trial pack and only 3 Bills can be entered with full features Buy Full Version from here by paying online Visit here and get full version in your email instantaly https www payumoney com store product 3a86836e61d5b05f0a4c4e7d0a84c038 or email me your name and email address I willl send you software Feddback at Smit shah3000 gmail com


  • Excel to tally - Very simple - X2TEAZY

    Hi to all I am providing excel to tally conversion services Surely it will reduce your working times And I assure you your data will be a secure one The cost is very low one For Contra Payment Receipt type vouchers per transaction cost will be Rs 50 fifty paisa only For Purchase and sales type vouchers per transaction cost will be Rs 1 one rupees only If you wanna know more more details means see my site http x2teazy blogspot com Thank you Kind regards G KESAVAN X2TEAZY


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Overview of CST - Impact on Other Indirect Taxes

Overview of CST Including Impact of other Indirect taxes Introduction The provisions of various local VAT K Vat Act 2003 and the Rules made thereunder concentrates on the sale or purchase of goods wit

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Rephasement of repayment schedule vs. area of fraud

All of us are known to Concurrent Audit of Banks The one of the key area of Concurrent Audit is to verify the correctness and to report the matters relating to Loans Advances Every Bank Official and H

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Export condition fulfilled even if payment is received in Indian Rupees

Dear Professional Colleague Export condition fulfilled even if payment is received in Indian Rupees We are sharing with you an important judgment of the Honble Mumbai Tribunal in the case of Sun Area

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New online registration system for MVAT and CST

Background With reference to my previous article on revised registration procedure as per circular 4T of 2015 where common form for registration of MVAT CST PTRC PTEC Now Department has come up with n

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Credit of Education Cess & SHEC can be used for payment of Excise Duty by Manufacturers

Credit of Education Cess SHEC can be used for payment of Excise Duty by Manufacturers and Gist of Other important Notifications LS passed Finance Bill 2015 The Lok Sabha passed the Finance Bill 2015 w

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