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Last date for CS annual membership fees extended to 31st August

EXTENSION IN THE LAST DATE FOR PAYMENT OF ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP AND CERTIFICATE OF PRACTICE FEE FOR THE YEAR 2017 18 The annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for the year 2017 2018 has become due for payment w e f 1st April 2017 The last date for the payment of fee was 30th June 2017 wh

Reduced Liability of Tax on complex, building, flat etc under GST

The CBEC and States have received several complaints that in view of the works contract service tax rate under GST at 12 in respect of under construction flats complex etc the people who have booked flats and made part payment are being asked to make entire payment before 1st July 2017 or to face hi

GST rules as approved by GST Council on 18th May, 2017

Composition Rules Valuation Rules Transition Rules ITC Rules Revised Invoice Rules Revised Payment Rules Revised Refund Rules Revised Registration Rules Revised Return Rules

GST Act, Rules and Analysis

GST Act CGST Act IGST Act UTGST Act GST Compensation to the States Act NewGST Rules Composition Rules Valuation Rules Transition Rules Input Tax Credit Rules Revised Invoice Rules Revised Payment Rules Revised Refund Rules Revised Registration Rules Revised Return Rules Draft GST Rules Accounts and

CBEC releases draft GST rules on Assessment and Audit , eWay Bill

CHAPTER ASSESSMENT AND AUDIT 1 Provisional Assessment 1 Every registered person requesting for payment of tax on a provisional basis in accordance with the provisions of sub section 1 of section 60 shall furnish an application in FORM GST ASMT 01 along with the documents in support of his request el

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payments to airtel

We have provided airtel services to our staff and make payment to airtel inclusive of GST My qtn is whether we can claim input

about July GST Payment

when is the last Date of jully GST payment

Esi payment

What will be the due date of paying ESI contribution for the month of july 2017 as 15th August is public holiday Please help

Regardimg payment of gst(service tax on freight /rent )

Dear Sir Please help regarding 01 Payment of GST service Tax on Freight 02 Payment of GST Service Tax on Rental Income My queriy is How can I pay Above service Tax as in GST poratl Login Challan there are no separate columns or codes For different services Taxes Kindly clear how to deposit GST Thank

gst challan

I pay gst by bank off line so send manual challan for gst payment


Old payment from govt. w.r.t. gstr3b and gstr1 works contract

we receieved an old payment from railway this month works contract was completed before march 2017 now since GST TDS is not in motion as of now its a payment from Govt Govt has placed a hold on GST TDS as of now how should i go ahead with this payment w r t GST returns i mean i have to show this in

Querry on gst challan

Dear members my question is that we can do 90 interstate sale and purchase 100 from local so our output sgst and cgst is less then input sgst and cgst only output igst is higher so please tell me that how we create challan of duty

Gst payment quary

I Have output liability of rs 10000 rs 5000 for RCM Should i generate 2 challans for payment or 1 challan is enogh for rs 15000 should i pay before fillling the return or i can pay after filling the return

Payment of GST of July

last date for payment of GST of JuLy

Part payment of gst charged bill (not advance)

Hi Suppose i have a job worker bill of 10000 500 gst 5 10500 on 1st August 2018 Now can I pay him 5000 on 1st August and pay the balance 5500 at a later date Does this have any impact on GST calculation etc I know that we have to pay GST on advance but this will not be an advance incase bill has alr

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  • Updated Details Collection Excel for GST Return GSTR-3B

    As everybody is aware the GST Returns for every month needs to be filed by 20th of subsequent month As the regular outward and inward annexures and return GSTR 3 are not yet made available for the months of July and August 2017 a summary return in Form GSTR 3B needs to be filed before 20th of next month An excel sheet for obtaining the details required to fill the GSTR 3B is prepared as the GSTR 3B needs to be prepared and submitted online only as offline utility is not provided yet Basic features of the excel sheet are as follows 1 The details need to be entered in the yellow colored cells only 2 If any incorrect information is entered in the cell the contents of the cells appears in red color Please correct the same to get proper working 3 While entering the details of outward supplies and inward supplies in Table 3 1 select the proper nature of supplies from the drop down wherever it is provided 4 The Integrated Tax Central Tax and State UT Tax is calculated automatically depending on the figures entered under Inter State or Intra State columns and the Rate selected from drop down 5 Cess needs to be entered manually 6 Table 3 2 contains details of state wise inter state supplies to unregistered dealers composition dealers and UIN holders Select the Nature of inter state supplies and state from drop down 7 In Table 3 2 Total taxable value and integrated tax should be less than the taxable inter state supplies and integrated tax shown in Table 3 1 above 8 Details of ITC available ITC reversed and Ineligible ITC needs to be given in Table 4 The description mentioned in yellow cells is given for reference only and can be changed as appropriate in respective case 9 Tax payable in Table 6 1 is auto calculated and arrived by adding the tax payable as per Table 3 1 and deducting the net ITC available and adding ineligible ITC as shown in Table 4 10 The Tax payable figures in Table 6 1 appears in red color if there is net tax payable after adjusting payment through ITC TDS TCS and payment in cash 11 Similarly The Tax payable figures in Table 6 1 appears in red color if interest and late fee payable is greater than the tax paid in cash as the same needs to be paid by cash and can not be paid through ITC 12 The TDS and TCS credit is not applicable at present as the said provisions are not made applicable presently till further instructions
  • Returns, Payments, interest/penalty under GST regime

    Returns Payments interest penalty under GST regime
  • GST Payment Calculator

    Please give feed back to this calculator I hope it will help to find your GST liability help full to calculate Tax
  • Bank Guarantee for exports in GST

    The format of Bank Guarantee which is required to be submit with Bond with RFD 11 for the purpose of making exports of goods services without payment of IGST
  • Notification No. 16/2017-CT (GST)

    Notification No 16 2017 CT conditions and safeguards for furnishing a Letter of Undertaking in place of a bond for export without payment of integrated tax

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GST Payment Due Dates and Interest on Late Payment

GST Payment Due Date Due date for payment of GST is 20 days from the end of the month For persons registered under composition scheme the due date will be 18 days after the end of the quarter Rules and Regulations regarding GST payment Electronic Cash Ledger The payment made towards tax interest pen

Payment of GST on Supply of Goods under Reverse Charge Mechanism: A big dilemma

Prior to introduction of GST Reverse Charge Mechanism was common for Service Sector as several of the services were in Reverse Charge Thus Service Sector is well comfortable with the Reverse Charge provisions However the goods sector is in dilemma as with GST set to be roll out from the mid night of

Payment of tax, interest, penalty and other amounts under GST

Payment of tax interest penalty and other amounts under GST in 10 points 1 In the GST regime for any intra state supply taxes to be paid are the Central GST CGST going into the account of the Central Government and the State UT GST SGST going into the account of the concerned State Government For an

Payment of tax under GST

PAYMENT OF TAX UNDER GST In this article we will discuss how the liabilities of a person will be adjusted by using different type of register Ledgers For the payment of taxes under GSTfollowing ledger or register will be maintained 1 Electronic Cash Ledger 2 Electronic Credit Ledger 3 Electronic Lia

TDS default on payment to Non Resident

DISALLOWANCE U S 40 a i of the Income Tax Act 1961 TDS DEFAULT ON PAYMENT OF ANY NATURE OTHER THAN SALARY TO A NON RESIDENT FOREIGN COMPANY In this article I am going to have a discussion on Section 40 a i of the Income Tax Act 1961 Which deals with disallowance of certain business expenditure in ca

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