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CST Act, 1956 - Grant of exemption from filing returns withdrawal of concession

CST Act 1956 Grant of exemption from filing returns withdrawal of concession Detailed information has been attached herewith

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Work on Draft GST Constitutional Amendment Bill and GST Law Expected to be taken Forward

Rs 9 000 Crore set Apart for the 1st Instalment of the Balance of CST Compensation to States The Finance Minister Shri P Chidambaram presenting the Union Budget in Lok Sabha today has expressed the ho

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Differences widen on CST

Raising VAT should be left to the states and not be included as a part of the compensation formula he added Differences between the Union and state governments over central sales tax CST compensation

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Auditor may have taken PAC's cue

Exact math used by the governments auditor in its calculation of losses and the process it followed still unclear The Comptroller and Auditor General of India CAG may have taken a cue from the Public

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Approval for providing CST loss related compensation to States for the loss incurred in FY 2010-11

Approval for providing Central Sales Tax loss related compensation to States for the loss incurred in FY 2010 11 The Union Cabinet has approved a proposal for providing Central Sales Tax CST loss rela

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Calculation of st penalty

Dear experts ST penalty can be imposed upto 20000 per return but i have doubt in calculation suppose if the return was filled 1 month 12 days late 15 500 7500 12 1000 12000 it s 19500 till the slab of

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Vat calculation.

If I want to calculate two types of VAT under the same gross amount for eg if gross amt is 147 46 and 19 VAT is 17 7 and 7 VAT is 2 39 How would I get the Net and gross amt for both VAT

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Calculation of price of equity shares

while using the dividend discount model for calculation of fair price of equity shares in some questions we find thatD1 is used while in some D0 is used please clarify

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Cst refund

An amount of CST of Rs 26000 was eligible to be refunded No entry was passed for this in the earlier year During the current year the CST liability booked was Rs 2 31 000 Amount paid was Rs 2 05 000 T

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Income tax calculation

How to calculate income for Prohithar PUJARI if any sec Mension for this peoples

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Input vat against cst

Question we are exporter and registered dealer in tamilnadu we have a Input vat credit amount Rs 10 000 we sale the goods to other state against CST 14 5 the CST amont is 1000 in these case we can ded

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Senior citizen age calculation

Dear Experts Please clarify the following To avail senior citizen exemption limit whether the member shouldhave to complete60 years during the financial year or it is sufficient if he completes59 year

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Vat Cst Tax Gujarat

My Vendor My registration in Gujarat My vendor wants material in Kolkatta He has no Vat CST Registration in Kolkatta If I will purchase matrial from Kolkatta Direct deliver to him then how to do this

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Haryana vat ls 1 and cst form 1 clarification required

Dear All Need clarity onHaryana VAT Annexure LS 1 whether is it same as Sales of goods outside the state as defined in section 4 of the Act shown in CST Form 1 Thanks in advance With regards Subramany

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Income tax calculation for turnover

Hi I am doing a business as a distributor and registered in SSIDaily Turnover is 1 Lakh Per day but the profit of the business is only 0 5 Can you please guide me how to calculate the TDS Regards Sham

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  • Consolidated Financial Statements

    CFS as per new co Act 2013 Complete with all calculation notes account


  • Depreciation Calculator as per Companies Act 2013

    The sheet is useful for the Calculation of Depreciation as per transitional provisions of the Schedule II of the Companies Act 2013 Simple Precise User Friendly


  • Taxation Master 2015-16

    Prepration of form 16 for 500 Employees Tax Calculation and relief u s 89 1 from F Y 1985 86 to 2015 16 Prepration of Challan 280 281 Calculation of intrest on NSC House Rent Allowance rebate Tax Rate for last 30 years and much more in single excel sheet


  • TDS Interest Calculator

    A very easy way of interest calculation


  • Wage sheet March 15

    7Q interest calculation


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Overview of CST - Impact on Other Indirect Taxes

Overview of CST Including Impact of other Indirect taxes Introduction The provisions of various local VAT K Vat Act 2003 and the Rules made thereunder concentrates on the sale or purchase of goods wit

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New online registration system for MVAT and CST

Background With reference to my previous article on revised registration procedure as per circular 4T of 2015 where common form for registration of MVAT CST PTRC PTEC Now Department has come up with n

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State VAT & CST on E-Commerce Transactions

A significant number of web sites such as Amazon in Flipkart com Snapdeal com eBay in etc are engaged in E Commerce E Com in short activities in India The two major forms of E Commerce are Business to

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VAT/CST provision relevant to proposed GST

GST the biggest tax reform in India in spurring growth in the economy It is an indirect tax that brings most the taxes which are imposed on the goods and services under single banner As GST is highly

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Issues in Issue of Form F under CST law

Issues in Form F in CST When a dealer is transferring goods to another state not as a result of sale but as stock transfer to any other place of his business branch godown warehouse etc then such tran

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