ICMAI - President Communique October 2015

You have the right to work but never to the fruit of work You should never engage in action for the sake of reward nor should you long for inaction Bhagavad Gita My Dear Professional Colleagues Namask

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Amount declared under the compliance window under the Black Money Act

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue CentralBoard of Direct Taxes New Delhi 1st October 2015 Subject Declarations received and amount declared under the compliance window unde

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Clarification on the Black Money Act

Clarification on the Black Money Act Please refer to the attached file for details

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FM welcomes RBI decision to cut rate

Finance Minister Government Welcomes the Reserve Bank of Indias Decision to Reduce the Repo Rate to 6 75 Percent from 7 25 Percent Rate Cut Combined with Actions Taken and Planned by the Government wi

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Amendment in MAT provisions for foreign company

Government Decides to Amend Income Tax Act 1961 so that with Effect from 1st April 2001 the Provisions of Section 115JB Shall Not be Applicable to a Foreign Company If the Foreign Company is a Residen

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Taxation of aop registered under societies act

My query is regarding Taxability of AOP registered under Societies Act In normal case aop is taxable on the basis of income of the member at highest rate which can be 30 also Whereas in the case of So

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Director's report as per co. act, 2013

Please provide latest director s report format in word

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Notes for advanced company law and practice

Sir Mam Iam studying cs professional programme and I appeared for exam for 3 times but I got failed I need the guidance from any one regarding how to prepare for exams and which books I need to refer

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44ad of it act

Sir Can a person being a technical consultant 194 J filied his return under presumptive taxation scheme Pls reply

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How to protect indian manufacturer

9 26 5 31 PM Sumit Kaushik Sir cvd on subsidiesed article ka kya treatment hota h 9 26 5 31 PM Sumit Kaushik Treatment k according jitni subsidy exporter ki country deti utne tak ki duty import goods

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Insurance amendment act, 2015

Can anyone provide me the link for the revised study material for Insurance Amendment Act 2015 Thestudy material isnt updated on the BOS knowledge portal as mentioned in the circular

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Annual return section 92 of companies act, 2013

According to section 92 of Companies Act 2013 every Company shall prepare Annual Return in Form MGT 7 updated w e f 30 09 2015 containing the particulars as on the close of the Financial Year Annual r

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Permission for mortgage a property under bombay trust act

Hi My Name is C A Viral Sanghavi Mo No 8000318081 I am engaged in one finance proposal in which school is constructed by charitable trust and land owners are other individuals Now Charitable trust wan

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In workcontract contractor can avail excise duty on steel an

Dear All In workcontract Contractor can avail excise duty on steel and Cement If Yes How If not why Please explain Also please mention section Regards

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Indian contract act

Can anyone plse give me an example of proposal and promise

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  • New Diamond Tax Invoice for Excel-2007+

    Local Sales Invoice for Diamond Traders with new mvat 1 20 with Diamond Declarations Features 1 Options to select MVat CST H Form etc 2 Automatic Calculation for Item Amount Tax Grand Total 3 Options to Round off of item Amount Tax Amount Invoice Total 4 Automatic Invoice Amount in Words 5 Simple Format to be printed on Letterhead Required Excel 2007 Exshail Software


  • Penalty Chart for Companies Act 2013 [CA Final]

    Vika s Notes Penalty Chart As applicable for Nov 2015 CA Final


  • The EPF & Miscellaneous Act 1952

    PF Act


  • CS-EXE-Societies Registration Act - Chapter

    Sample chapter containing Societies Registration Act 1860 under Economic Commercial Laws for CS Executive Students


  • Free Tally Address book Addon

    Greetings fellow members of the forum We at Gyrotech develop and provide customized Tally solutions and addons for small and medium enterprises One such addon is provided here free of cost for your use This Addressbook addon allows you to view the addresses of your customers vendors and other ledgers as a regular address book You can also add to the address book without having to create new ledgers Attached alongwith is also an easy guide for installation of the above addon file Please feel free to contact in case of any assistance required Gyrotech 7738286611 info gyrotech in


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Impacts of crude oil on the economy

What is Crude oil Crude oil is a naturally occurring substance found in certain rock formations in the earth It is a dark and sticky liquid classified as a hydrocarbon which is highly flammable andbur

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Annual Return- Section 92 of the Companies Act, 2013

Dear Members Section 92 of the Companies Act 2013 corresponds to section 159 161 and 162 of the Companies Act 1956 and seeks to provide that every Company shall prepare an annual return containing cer

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Managerial remuneration under the companies act, 2013

Managerial Persons covered areManagingDirector Whole time Director Part time Directorsand managers who shall be paid remunera tion subject to and in accordance with provisions of Section 197 of the Co

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How to prepare annual return as per Companies Act 2013

INTRODUCTION Section 159 160 161 162 Schedule V deals with the Annual Return related Provisions under Companies Act 1956 But in Companies Act 2013 all these Sections are combined together in one Secti

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4 weird facts about the Chinese stock market

1 Striking similarities between Nasdaq 2000 and 2015 Shanghai Composite Index The fourth quarter of 1999 marked the beginning of the dot com boom projections for online companies were huge and people

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