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ICAI grants financial assistance to 400 students

The Board of Trustees of The Chartered Accountants Students Benevolent Fund has decided to grant financial assistance to 400 students who are currently undergoing articled training in accordance with

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Two more attempts for CS old syllabus

ATTENTION STUDENTS Two More Attempts to students of Professional Programme Old Syllabus The Council of ICSI in its meeting on 03 09 2015 decided that the professional programme Old Syllabus Students s

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Scholarships for CA Students

Board of Studies ICAI invites applications for the award of Scholarships to the selectedcandidates to be paid from October 1 2015 onwards To know more in details find the enclosed attachment

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31st Aug is the last date for payment of CS annual membership fees

Dear Member You are well aware that the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for theyear 2015 16 became due for payment on 1st April 2015 The last date for payment ofannual membership

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Application invited for 15th ICSI National awards for excellence in corporate governance

Applications are invited for the 15th ICSI National Awards For Excellence in Corporate Governance 2015 Please refer to the attached file for more details

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Noc for gmcs

Whether ts is necessary to give NOC for GMCS if yes what is the standard format for it and it will give as a letter or certificate

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5(3) of the cst act 1956

I did not reported my sales Turnover in my monthly returns under 5 3 of CST Act Now i have all necessary Form H with connected records But My Reported Turnover is lesser than Accounting Sales If any J

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Cs classes

Anyone Know about CS Leak CD s If anyone know PLz Mail Me At shukugoel gmail com

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Update dcs at mca

I forgot answer of hint question at MCA i have to update my dsc i have lodged complain at mca but no response from their side Plz guide me

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"reverse switchover" of cs professional programme

I have switched over to CS Professional Programme New Syllabus but not enrolled for December 2015 Session of Examinations What should i do Reverse Switchover to CS Professional Programme Old Syllabus

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Guiding students in direct entry system

Anybody requiring help in Direct Entry System can contact me It was a pretty bad ride for me as no one knew the rule properly but I for sure has thoroughly learnt it via the experience I had So I am t

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Extension for a period of one month for the High Level Committee on CSR

Extension for a period of one month for the High Level Committee on CSR Refer to the circular as enclosed below

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New purchase policy of icsi annexure

New Purchase Policy of ICSI Annexure Please refer to the attached file for more details

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Cs executive

Hi friends can exemption be availed in CS exam In previous Dec 2014 exam I got exemption in one subject I didn t appear for June 2015 exam Can I avail that exemption in Dec 2015 exam in case yes then

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Dgft:modifications in electronic and physical iecs will now

Modifications in Electronic and physical IECs will now be done online DGFT The modifications in the Electronics Importer Exporter Codes IECs as well as physical IECs can now be carried online by payin

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  • Audit Professional Ethics important topics

    Important for Nov 15 exams


  • Excise duty theory for IPCC

    very concise theory covers almost complete portion except CCR s which may help students to revise during exams best of luck


  • CA Final Audit 2nd Edition with Amendment for Nov. 2015

    Thanks you to all CA Student for their wonderful response to my first Edition A Complete Guide for Advanced Auditing CA Final I am happy to announced that my Second Edition has been released available online at flipkart com or amazon in This book cover entire syllabus in less than 600 pages with shorts Notes Student reading first time can read full syllabus in just 2 weeks revise whole syllabus in just 2 days It will help students to secure maximum marks in minimum time frame Best of Luck for upcoming CA Exams CA Sumit Aggarwal


  • ICSI - Two More Attempts to students of Professional level

    ICSI Two More Attempts to students of Professional Programme Old Syllabus


  • ICSI - FAQ on two more attempts Professional old Syllabus



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Understanding of CSR

A Statutory Provisions Introduction As per The Companies CSR policy Rules 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility CSR means and includes but is not limited to 1 Projects or programs relating to activitie

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Quick tips and inspiration for CA students

Hi everyone Exams are approaching and you all must be very busy in preparation of exam You all have approx 45 days to go for the exam and the exam fever is on its high So here are few words of inspira

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Top 10 tips for CA students - Your attitude matters the most

In a career spanning close to one and a half decade and working with some of the best brains in the country as I look back I personally feel there are a few things that makes the winner stand out vis

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Be more patient than your critics

I was reading a blog where the author talked something very beautiful sooner or later the critics move on Dont you think thats right Do you remember the person who had criticized you for starting the

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CSR: Mandatory or Optional

The preamble to the constitution of India describes it as a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic Since independence India has followed a mixed pattern of economy wherein the sovereign as we

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