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Two more attempts for CS old syllabus

ATTENTION STUDENTS Two More Attempts to students of Professional Programme Old Syllabus The Council of ICSI in its meeting on 03 09 2015 decided that the professional programme Old Syllabus Students s

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ICMAI - President Communique September 2015

No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end either here or in the world to come Bhagavad Gita My Dear Professional Colleagues Namaskaar I on behalf of the Council and on my own behalf hearti

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31st Aug is the last date for payment of CS annual membership fees

Dear Member You are well aware that the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for theyear 2015 16 became due for payment on 1st April 2015 The last date for payment ofannual membership

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ICAI participates in Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Social responsibility comes as a very important integral and natural part of the autonomy bestowed on the accountancyprofession by the founding fathers of the nation Since this calling is a service or

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Application invited for 15th ICSI National awards for excellence in corporate governance

Applications are invited for the 15th ICSI National Awards For Excellence in Corporate Governance 2015 Please refer to the attached file for more details

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Regarding cst registration

I have to register for CST But it is asking under section 7 1 or 7 2 What is the difference between the two sections which one I should go with Thanks in advance

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Implementation of cst

Dear Sir We purchased material from Dadra place where cst is exempted now we want to generate debit note from uttrakhand whwre cst is 1 My question is now on debit note cst is implement or not From De

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Which topics are must do's?

In Accounts which AS are must to do for nov 15 and chapters in sfm

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Compulsory computer test for cs executive programe

The query is relating to CS exams if anyone who is CS requested to guide Is it mandatory for CCT for a CS student appearing for executive programe I am a qualified CA with 17 years experience and appe

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please explain about TCS with one example

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Dgft:modifications in electronic and physical iecs will now

Modifications in Electronic and physical IECs will now be done online DGFT The modifications in the Electronics Importer Exporter Codes IECs as well as physical IECs can now be carried online by payin

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One ca & cs arrested for faking dsc

One CA CS Arrested For FakingDSC Three persons from Delhi and Pune were arrested on Thursday for forging digital signatures and presenting themselves as a companys directors on the Ministry of Corpora

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Imp topics

Plz tell me imp topics for second group ca final nov 15 of all 4 subjects

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Mathematics for business

Hello I came across this term a while ago couldn t understand it Does anyone know what Mathematics for Business comprises Do we have to study this in CA at any level

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How to exemption in cs exams

hello friends I want to claim exemption in 2 subjects of cs executive while filing exam form its not showing any column for exemptions in respect of any subject Please help I have to fill it somewhere

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  • Avinash Poddar's Communique - 2nd Vol, September 2015

    0 09 2015 Dear Reader We are happy to release this week s Communique Days are going to be very hectic in the month of September especially for my CA professional brothers and sisters but then also i would request all to spare some time and read this journal since this will certainly give value addition Further we are very happy to inform that our reader base in just 2 months has crossed 27000 registered users We are sure you would like this journal and find the same useful We further request you to ask your friends colleagues clients etc to visit www avinashpoddar com and subscribe their email id so that they can also start getting the Communique We expect from our readers to give their valuable inputs no matter in the form of criticism or in the form of appreciation since both will motivate us to work more hard and efficiently in future and make the forthcoming editions of the Communique more unique and valuable We sincerely thank all our readers who are giving us their valuable inputs and assure we will continue to improve and live to their expectations WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO INFORM YOU ALL THAT WITHIN A WEEK WE ARE LAUNCHING AN EXCLUSIVE PORTAL FOR GST GOODS AND SERVICE TAX For any queries related to Service Tax and GST Kindly visit www avinashpoddar com and post the same Following are the brief contents of this Communique 1 0 Articles 2 0 News Updates 3 0 Case Laws 35 Selected Cases in brief DownloadLinkText Happy Reading Thanks and Regards CA Avinash Poddar TEAM


  • ICSI - Two More Attempts to students of Professional level

    ICSI Two More Attempts to students of Professional Programme Old Syllabus


  • ICSI - FAQ on two more attempts Professional old Syllabus



  • ICSI - FAQs on grant of two more attempts for CS old syllabus

    ICSI FAQs on grant of two more attempts for CS old syllabus


  • Bansal's Creations :: Calculation Under Section 234A/B/C

    Hello Friends and Professional colleagues Today I am here for sharing a new Creation today I am attaching here a excel sheet that is useful for Calculation of Interest under section 234 A B C of The Income Tax Act 1961 This is not just simple calculation it also Consider other relevant provision of Act Please find the attached file Use it and share it Send me your valuable views Please Enable Macros Best Regards CA M BANSAL


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Imperfection in Professional Work of form 32 in Sheena Bora murder case

IMPERFECTION IN PROFESSIONAL WORK IN FORM 32 BY INDRANI MUKERJEA SHEENA BORA MURDER CASE On 28 08 2015 I was watching DNA on Sheena Murder Case on Zee News The reporter Sudhir Choudhary disclosed the

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Be more patient than your critics

I was reading a blog where the author talked something very beautiful sooner or later the critics move on Dont you think thats right Do you remember the person who had criticized you for starting the

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CSR: Mandatory or Optional

The preamble to the constitution of India describes it as a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic Since independence India has followed a mixed pattern of economy wherein the sovereign as we

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Overview of tax implication of CSR expenditures

Introduction 1 1 1 The Finance Act 2014 has brought a very radical far reaching amendment asfar as CSR expenditures are concerned 1 1 2 There was a lot of expectation that as a corollary to the CSR re

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CSR - Some Concerns

With the passage of companies act 2013 a mandatory responsibility under section 135 was cast on companies to spend 2 of the net profit as calculated under section 198 of the companies act on the activ

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