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FM releases FAQ on GST

The Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley releaseda Booklet containing Frequently Asked Questions FAQs relating to Goods and Services Tax GST Speaking on the occasion the Finance Minister Shri Jaitley lauded the efforts of the officials associated in the preparation of the booklet He complimented

Switchover from old to new CS syllabus

ATTENTION STUDENTS Important Announcement on Switchover from Professional Programme 2007 Old Syllabus to 2012 New Syllabus The Council of the Institute in its meeting held on 17th September 2016 decided as under 1 All 2007 Old Syllabus Students shall be compulsorily required to switchover to 2012 Ne

Authorization of Practising CS for conducting Third Party Certification Audits

THE INSTITUTE OF CompanySecretariesof India IN PURSUIT OF PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE Statutorybodyunder an Act of Parliament PDPPS LL 2016 37 Dated September 09 2016 Dear Professional Colleagues Sub Authorization of Practising Company Secretaries for Conducting Third Party Certification Audits As you a

CAG Readies to Meet Big Data Challenges

CAG Readies to Meet Big Data Challenges Shri Shashi Kant Sharma Inaugurates Centre for Data Analytics The CAGs Centre for Data Management and Analytics CDMA is going to play a catalytic role to synthesise and integrate relevant data into auditing process This was stated by the Comptroller and Audito

Further clarification issued for Income Declaration Scheme

Income Declaration Scheme 2016 Government issues Clarifications in the form of Sixth Set of Frequently Asked Questions FAQs The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 the Scheme provides an opportunity to persons who have not paid full taxes in the past to come forward and declare their undisclosed income a

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Professional Ethics Query

CA not having COP Certificate of practice certified certain letter Can CA certified matter without having COP And if he certified without COP than CA is guilty of breach of which clause of The Chartered Accountants Act 1949

Regarding cst c form

I am having some query regarding c form I know basic about CST but I don t have in depth knowledge If A of Mumbai sells goods to B of Jaipur then it is considered as inter state sales and CST will be charged 2 A has raised invoice in favour of B and charged 2 CST in invoices But the main thing I wan

Cs group 1 executive

Dear Sir Kindly guide me through strategy of preparing for group 1 of cs executive for remaining 90 days with 9AM 6PM job Supposing if i have not started yet is it still possible to prepare in 90 days if yes then guide me through refined strategy to be followed with job I will be extremely thankful

solution of question(issue, forfeiture and reissue of shares

the subscribed share capital of s ltd is 80 00 000 of 100 each there were no calls in arrear till the final call was made the final call made was paid on 77500 shares the call in arrear amounted to 62500 the final call per share

CST paid as VAT

what are the consequences of payment of CST amount as vat amount example vat payable 5000 CST payable 1000 Total amount paid 5500 as vat 500 as CST


Professionals Ethics Query

CA not having COP Certificate of practice certified certain letter Can CA certified matter without having COP And if he certified without COP than CA is guilty of breach of which clause of The Chartered Accountants Act 1949

Mvat / cst utility from april 2016


About gmcs-1 applicability

I joined article ship training on 28 Aug 2015 whether GMCS 1 applicable or not

Mock test papers

When does icai release mtp held in september 2016 for ipcc and final

Cs registration extension

What are the cut off dates for applying for extension my status is expired can i now go for extension and give dec exams

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Are you really Professional?

A humorous example took place at a social function when I told my friend about particular guest That Person is very professional I said to my innocent friend pointing at the guest What my innocent friend looked at me in surprise No no he is not professional Hes a businessman Well I resisted the stro

How to write audit paper in exam?

Hello friends In this article I am sharing my experience on how to write audit paper I learnt these points during my CA journey And I hope this article will also help you all Things to do 1 In questions related to AS and SA mostly these questions are compulsory quote the AS number and name SA number

The Success Mantra to clear CA papers

The Magical Element for clearing CA Papers which apparently no one prepares for Was just passing through after my class and overheard two people on my way out saying arrey yaar tujhe pata hai yeh baar result sirf 6 aaya haiboss apna kaise hoga And I started to feel The student without even attemptin

Should CA, CS, CMA be integrated under one statute?

Dear Professional friends There has been several articles on the profession recognitions ethics regulations equivalence etc of CA CS CMA and some courts have also ruled on the regulatory powers of the 3 statutory bodies However in my opinion a profession must not be put to compete with other profess

ICSI can't refuse to provide copies of answer sheet under RTI ACT, 2005

ICSI CANNOT REFUSETO PROVIDE THE COPIES OF ANSWER SHEET UNDER RTI ACT 2005 TO ITS STUDENTS DELHI HC Students of ICSI can move a RTI to obtain certified copies of their answer sheets Landmark Judgement Paras Jain V Institute of Company Secretaries of India LPA 275 2014 order dated 22 04 2014 As we al

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