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Relaxation in the requirement to undergo nine months practical training

Sub Relaxation in the requirement to undergo nine months of Practical Training to appear in Intermediate IPC Examination in respect of students registered for Intermediate IPC under CPT Route and shif

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Time Table of CPT December 2015

NOTIFICATION No 13 CA EXAM CPT December 2015 In pursuance of Regulation 22 of theCharteredAccountants Regulations 1988 the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased tonotif

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Pass Percentage of CA Final May & CPT June 2015

Annexure B Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in May 2015 The details of percentage of candidates passed in the above examination is given below Examination Group No of candidates appeared N

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Toppers of CA Final May and CPT June Exams 2015

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI today announced the following results 1 Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in May 2015 2 Common Proficiency Test held on June 13 2015 Sin

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Result of the CA Final May 2015 & CPT June 2015 exam declared

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI established under the Chartered Accountants Act 1949 to regulate the profession of Chartered Accoun

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How to prepare of cpt

Hloo i m kushaal nd i am juzt want to prepare for cpt using books of cpt tell me how to prepare and manage time and any other ways to clear this and have best result in entrance exam Tips to prepare f

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if 15 dates are chosen at random then the probability of getting two fridays is

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Cpt law

It is shown in text book that According to Sec 464 of Companies Act 2013 the maximum Partners allowed in a Partnership is 100 But as you know Rule 10 of Companies Act issued by Central Govt limits it

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Related to cpt registration

hello sir i am kushaal and i want to do register for cpt but there is a problem in my name at the time of registration they want first and last name but in my documents only first name is there So wha

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Cpt mock test date

i need to know Cpt dec 2015 mock test date

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How to pass cpt maths : (

please suggest some easy chapters in maths section thanks in advance

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Cpt exam required?

Completed BE Engineering in 2007 and now planning to do CA Is it required to pass through CPT exam Is there any regulations for my criteria

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Cpt accounting query

The owner of a business gifted a car to his son in law on the occasion of his daughters marriage Which one of the following is the right entry a Drawings A c Dr To Cash A c b Drawing A c Dr To Car A c

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Hyderabad cpt institute wise coaching schedules/lisitngs

Hi to all CA aspirants across India Great new for those preparing in Hyderabad Studytom com provides CPT coachinglistings across institutes All consolidated in1 place Visit now to view how simple the

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Is this calculator allowed for cpt exam?

i just want to know whether this calc is allowed in the exams or not thank you

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  • Shri Manak Chand-Ichraj Devi Parakh Scholarship to CA Students

    I would like to inform you that applications are invited from needy CA Students for SHRI MANAK CHAND ICHRAJ DEVI PARAKH SCHOLARSHIP TO CA STUDENTS for scholarship named SHRI MANAK CHAND ICHRAJ DEVI PARAKH SCHOLARSHIP TO CA STUDENTS of Rs 5100 As per fund guidelines Scholarship may be given to one student of CA CPT or CA IPC or CA FINAL Course Applications are invited from eligible students for scholarship for F Y 2015 16 Application form is enclosed herewith Students may also get application form from Branch office Last date for submitting dully filled form is 15 December 2015


  • CPT - Bills of exchange notes

    It contains conceptual problems in Bills of exchange and questions are set in order to give complete knowledge about this chapter


  • CPT Mercantile Law Revision Notes

    Best notes for quick revision please give the review


  • CPT Accounts Revision Notes

    Best Book for Revision with questions by CA Amit Talda


  • CA Final/CPT Result Notification May/June 2015



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Relevant Examination Tips for CA CPT Students

Dear CPT Aspirants Please find below few suggestions to deal with your CA CPT Examinations As per my opinion it is very important to lay stress on the study material provided by the Institute Further

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Gold Installment Schemes may come under MCA Scanner

The new Companies Act 2013 has changed the regulatory face of the corporate India The new regulatory changes including greater transparency increased disclosure norms and sea changes in various provis

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How to score well in CPT?

Hey friends Today I am going to tell you people how to pass or get a rank in CPT The reason I am telling you people pass get a rank is you have to pass in order to get a rank and you have to follow my

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CPT- Can Pass Through! :)

Tring Tring Tring Tring Hey 1147 1200 Gethhhh dii is the EPIC NEWS if my Life which I got when I was in my 12th Grade I wasnt happy about it though as You missed a CENTUM by 1 mark in Commerce by 2 ma

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Tips and Strategies for CA-CPT Exam

The CA CPT exam conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI declared on July 19 2012 the result of their exam conducted in June 2012 It is considered one of the toughest competit

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