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Extension of time for CEP Credit Hours for renewal of COP

Dear Members As you are aware that in case of members holding Certificate Of Practice COP as per the Guidelines for Mandatory Training for all Members of The Institute under Continuing Education Programme it is mandatory to undergo minimum mandatory training of 15 hours per year commencing from 1st

Relevant Study Material of Corporate and Allied Laws, Final course for May 2016 Examination

Important Announcement The Board of Studies have received lot of queries from students regarding the relevance of October 2014 edition of study material December 2014 edition of practice manual vis vis January 2016 edition with respect to Final Paper 4 Corporate and Allied Laws forMay 2016 examinati

ICAI replies to not allowing CA to practise law in India

To The Principal Chief Commissioner Income Tax Chandigarh Sub Only enrolled Advocates are licensed to practice Law in India Not to allow Chartered Accountants Non Advocates for practice of law in the course of proceedings before revenue authorities falling under the jurisdiction of Principal Commiss

Last date for payment of annual COP fees of CS

LAST DATE FOR PAYMENT OF ANNUAL CERTIFICATE OF PRACTICE FEE FOR THE YEAR 2015 16 Practising Company Secretaries may note that the annual certificate of practice fee of Rs 1000 for the year 2015 16 became due for payment w e f 1 st April 2015 The last date for payment of the same is 30th September 20

31st Aug is the last date for payment of CS annual membership fees

Dear Member You are well aware that the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for theyear 2015 16 became due for payment on 1st April 2015 The last date for payment ofannual membership fee was 30th June 2015 which was subsequently extended upto31st August 2015 If you have not yet pai

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To open a practice

I m thinking abt starting a practice but I don t have enough capital to start my own practice is Der any other way to do so plz ur suggestions will be most welcome to show me the road to success Thanks in advance

ca final costing

frnds suggets me which lecture is best for ca final costing ca rakesh v agrawal or ca hariharan

ca final costing

hello frnd m getting confused which is best class for costing ca final ca Rakeah agrawal or ca hariharan to purchase

costing pm

can I refer costing pm edition January 2014 if m willing to attempt in May 2017

costing pm

can I refer practice manual January 2014 edition if m willing to appear may 17


Ca final - sfm - practice manual - capital budgeting chapter

I have a query in SFM Practice Manual Jan 2015 edition Capital Budgeting Chapter Q No 36 Pg No 2 59 I am not understanding B part answer of this Q From where they bring 1900 900 100 amt I am not understanding it please help thank you in adavance

Practice / Job confused

dear allrecently qualified ca final exam very confused about practice aur job what is beneficialany loan facilities available for ca office set up

Ca in practice member in more than 1 firm

Hello Sir Please resolve my query I am a recently qualified member I have decided to start my own sole proprietorship firm as well as become partner in another CA firm I have doubt in one thing As per CAG audits rule they don t consider the eligibility of member who is engaged in practice elsewhere

Costing pm

Does anyone solve the 1st question of transfer pricing of costing practice manual CA Final I have a query in that question Pls help

Ca final costing help

Hi my frnds i have attempted my final exams for more than thrice and everytime i get low score only in costing and sfm bcos of which my grp is not getting cleared I have worked out all pm problems and also scanners and also book problems like more than thrice for everyexam but i couldnt find out whe

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  • CA Final DT Laws-Must read -Treatment of Business Issues N16

    Entire syllabus of Direct Taxes covered in less than 200 pages without diluting the syllabus Easy to cover syllabus in a week who is in employment and unable to complete portion in time Finance Act 2015 are duly incorporated Applicable for November 2016 for following professional examinations 1 CA Final Paper 7 Direct Tax Laws 2 C M A Intermediate Paper 4 Direct Taxation 3 C S Executive Paper 7 Tax Laws and Practices Best of luck
  • TDS Statement Upload / View - User Manual

    TDS Statement Upload View User Manual
  • Professional Ethics for CA-Final

  • TNVat returns user manual

    tnvat returns user manual
  • Show Excel-2003 menu style in Excel-2007 onwards

    Show Excel 2003 Style Menu in Excel 2007 2010 2013 2016 Many peoples still resist new Excel version from 2007 onward primarily due to its new ribbon Interface They were habitual to 2003 style menu and found it hard to locate their favorite commands in new versions If you want to see the old command buttons and want to use them in Excel 2007 2010 2013 2016 download attached zip file and load excel 2003 menu xlam file size is only 90 kb only for the first time No need to load this files every time you start Excel You can see old style excel 2003 from Addins Tab Note that such utilities are available and always loaded in exel using its memory costing 10 40 over the internet for which now my friends and old excel users do not need to buy Thanks Exshail Software Template Designer for Invoice Purchase Sales Order Challans Attendance Salary Register Slip TDS VAT IT Computation Income Tax Sales Tax Excise Service Tax Forms etc Excel Consultant Excel Solution for everyone for everything simplifying Be a fan on my facebook page https www facebook com exshailclassicmenu

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A Guide to Seek Clients for New Chartered Accountants in Practice

First question that comes in fresher Chartered Accountants mind who is planning to start his own practice is How to get the work Believe me getting work is not very difficult task provided you have good contacts and references And contacts can be developed over a period of time until then you must h

Target Costing

A target cost is the allowable amount of cost that can be incurred on a product and still earn the required profit from that product It is a market driven cost that is computed before a product is produced Around 80 of the costs of many products are committed at the design stage Therefore the best o

Possible Best Practices - Branches of ICAI

The Organisation of the ICAI is in 3 levels The Central Council To make Policies The Regional Councils To spread the policies and enable empower branches to take forward and the branches to actually execute implement the policies and initiatives Presently the branches of the ICAI are performing at a

GST Payment - Online or Manual?

One moreReport of Joint Committeedated April 2015 was issued to give clarity on the issues relating Goods and Service Tax Payment It is said that more the system and procedures are made electronic more is the efficiency of tax administration and greater is the satisfaction of taxpayer In this contex

How to Deal with CS Final Advanced Company Law and Practice - A Pass out's Guide

A GUIDE TOCOMPANY SECRETARIAL PRACTICE ADVANCED COMPANY LAW AND PRACTICE MODULE 1 CS PROFESSIONAL Dear CS ProfessionalStudents Many Thanks for your Appreciation of my Articleson How to Deal with CS Final Advance Tax How to Deal with CS Final Finance TreasuryandForexManagement I have receivedMany Req

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