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Government notifies 4 Cost Auditing Standards

Tech CAASB 9 2015 September 11 2015 To All Stakeholders Dear Sir Madam Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide their letter no 52 33 CAB 2013 dated 10th September 2015 has under section

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Clarification on switchover to CS Professional Programme


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Clarification on sec 464 of the Co Act, 2013 for IPC exam

Clarification on section 464 of the Companies Act 2013 in Paper No 2 Business Law Ethics and Communication at Intermediate IPC Level The students are hereby informed that according to section 464 1 of

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Advisory from CPC (TDS) regarding spurious emails

Dear Deductor Taxpayer This is to inform that a few emails received by the Deductors and Taxpayers have been brought to the attention of the Centralized Processing Cell TDS which claim to have been or

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Facility for downloading Statements of Marks for IPC exams

Physical copies of statement of marks in respect of Intermediate IPC Examination held in May 2015 in the standard printed stationery are under dispatch in the normal course In addition to the above th

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Amortization of software under companies act-2013

Dear sir madam I have a doubt regarding amortization of software As per new companies act there is no rate or useful life is provided in Sch II for intangible assets Hence we follow AS 26 for amortiza

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Section 164(2) of companies act 2013

whether written representation is to be received from directors of government comopany related to disqualification u s 164 2 or is it exempted as per notification no GSR 463 E dated 5th june 2015

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Dep as per companies act,2013 (schedule ii)

Dear experts Please advise following assets shall be categorized under Plant Machinery or Office Equipment for the purpose of calculating dep as per new Schedule II 1 Air conditioners for office 2 Inv

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Charging depreciation as per new companies act 2013

From 1 4 14 there is change in method of depreciation as per new Companies Act 2013 Our company follows WDV method of depreciation As there is change in method of calculation of depreciation it has re

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Questions paper of ca-cpt

dear sir i want 9 years cpt papers to download could u please mail to me the link fo rit

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ca final eduex mock test papers

Please anyone mail me eduex mock test series or Full test papers if anyone opted for it pm me i will give you my email adress or provide me your email address Thank you

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Download mock test papers of ca final

Hi guys now download the CA Final Mock Test Papers Series I and Series II with solution of last 5 attempts from the link below Download Link

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Final costing from cd's

Dear All Please can you let me know whether doing costing from CD s of sanjay aggarwal along with notes of sanjay aggarwal is it fine My exams Are on Nov 2015Please reply

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Register maintain under the company act, 2013

S No Sec Section Descripttion Rule No Rule Descripttion Form No Form Descripttion Time period 1 46 2 3 Certificate of shares 6 3 a Issue of Renewed or duplicate share certificate SH 2 Register of Rene

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Membership in co.act 2013

On transmission what happened with shares if legal representative is minor and shares are partly paid up

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  • INC-30 MOA as per Companies Act, 2013

    INC 30 MOA as per Companies Incorporaion Amendment Rules 2015 Gazette Date 01 May 2015


  • INC-31 AoA as per Companies Act, 2013

    INC 31 as per Companies Incorporaion Amendment Rules 2015 Gazette Date 01 May 2015


  • Companies Act 2013 - Nov 2015



  • Statutory Registers under Companies Act, 2013

    Registers to be maintained by a Company under Companies Act 2013


  • Excise duty theory for IPCC

    very concise theory covers almost complete portion except CCR s which may help students to revise during exams best of luck


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Importance of corporate governance and companies act, 2013

Introduction The term Governance refers to the process of governing whether undertaken by government market or network whether over a family tribe formal or informal organization or territory whether

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Issue of Sweat Equity Shares under Companies Act, 2013

Dear Readers Professional Members Greetings for the day Section 54 of the Companies Act 2013 corresponds to section 79A of the Companies Act 1956 and seeks to provide that on fulfilling certain condit

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The consolidated audit report under companies act 2013 (The Devil lies in Detail)

As per the Guidance Note of the ICAI The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has issued Accounting Standard AS 21 Consolidated Financial Statements which lays down principles an

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Risk Management under the Companies Act 2013

The Companies Act 1956 did not contain any mandatory provisions relating to Risk Management whereas the Companies Act 2013 placed specific expectations on important stakeholders in a company namely th

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Overview of Schedule II of Companies Act 2013

The Schedule II of the Companies Act 2013 namely Useful lives to compute Depreciationhave been brought into effect from 1st April 2014 with a General Circular 08 2014 dated 4th April 2014 replacing th

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