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Government notifies 4 Cost Auditing Standards

Tech CAASB 9 2015 September 11 2015 To All Stakeholders Dear Sir Madam Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide their letter no 52 33 CAB 2013 dated 10th September 2015 has under section

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Extension of time for filing cost audit report

Extension of time for filing of cost audit report to the Central Government for the Financial Year 2014 2015 in form CRA 4 Please refer to theattached file for more details

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Companies (Management and Administration) Amendment Rules, 2015

Companies Management and Administration Amendment Rules 2015 Please refer to the attached file for details

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Conversion to CMA syllabus 2012 and corresponding exemption

Clarification on Conversion Annexure 1 ANNEXURE 1 Conversion from Syllabus 2008 to Syllabus 2012 Exemptions EXEMPTIONS UNDER SYLLABUS 2012 INTERMEDIATE 1 Students who are presently pursuing Intermedia

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Report on Audit Quality Review Findings

ANNOUNCEMENT A Report on Audit Quality Review Findings 2012 15 Government of India has in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 28A of the Chartered Accountants Act 1949 constituted a Quality

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Internal auditor

which Institute is Best for Internal auditor Course

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Bank audit

Can statutory auditor of a bank can accept stock audit of the same bank but different branches for the same financial year 2015 16 got allotment of stock audit today

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Summary notes for audit nov 15


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Popos rules 2012

for courier of goods service which rule of place of provision ofservice rule 2012 shall aply

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Company audit

I have mistakently passed an audit report last year in which there was unsecured loan from a third party not being a shareholder and the filing with ROC was also done but this year this mistake has ca

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Non filing of income tax return and tax audit u/s 44ab

If income tax return has never been filed even though the assessee is liable to pay tax since from last 7 F Y and since from last 5 F Y Including F Y 2014 15 tax audit is not done u s 44AB as turnover

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Tax audit report

What is the difference between 269SS and 269T of IT Act 1961

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Final costing

I want to know whether The leaked classes Of Ca Final Costing would be sufficient to cover all the syllabus aa Relevant for Nov 15I have done costing from those classes whether i should do some more o

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Final costing from cd's

Dear All Please can you let me know whether doing costing from CD s of sanjay aggarwal along with notes of sanjay aggarwal is it fine My exams Are on Nov 2015Please reply

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44ad loss - tax audit needed?

As per 44AD 5 Notwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing provisions of this section an eligible assessee who claims that his profits and gains from the eligible business are lower than the pr

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  • INC-30 MOA as per Companies Act, 2013

    INC 30 MOA as per Companies Incorporaion Amendment Rules 2015 Gazette Date 01 May 2015


  • INC-31 AoA as per Companies Act, 2013

    INC 31 as per Companies Incorporaion Amendment Rules 2015 Gazette Date 01 May 2015


  • Audit Professional Ethics important topics

    Important for Nov 15 exams


  • Update DG 21 MCA Update on Deposit Rules

    MCA Update on Deposit From Relative by Private Limited Company


  • Guidance Note on Audit of Internal Financial Controls Over Financial Reporting

    Guidance Note on Audit of Internal Financial Controls Over Financial Reporting


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Understanding of 44AB -Tax Audit

Introduction The main objects of any audit are a To certify to the correctness of the financial position as to shown in the Balance sheet and the accompanying revenue statements b The detection of err

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Unconventional internal audits - Admin processes

Internal Audit has been gaining importance over the years This has been due to a Statutory requirements including recent ones through the Companies Act 2013 like mandatory appointment of an Internal A

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Preparation Strategy for CA Final Cost!!

A quick disclaimer before I start My Articles doesnt give 100 guarantee for success in exam but Youll have to sit down work hard work smart If you can stick to it Im damn sure youll definitely be able

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Appointment of new statutory auditor in case of resignation

PRACTICLE ASPECT ON APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR IN CASE OF RESIGNATION An auditor appointed under section 130 of Companies Act 2013 can resign after his or her appointment When an auditor ceases to hold of

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Service Tax- Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012

Introduction Service Tax is very important source of revenue for the Central Government Therefore it has been tried to increase the tax base by introducing negative tax regime with effect from 01 07 2

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