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ICAI declares Final List of Candidates for December 2015 election

ANNOUNCEMENT Re Final List of Candidates for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils to be held in December 2015 In accordance with the provisions of sub rule 2 of rul

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ICAI Election - Valid Lists of Nominations

Re Valid Lists of Nominations for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils In pursuance of sub rule 1 of rule 13 of the Chartered Accountants Election to the Council Ru

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Valuation goof cost many CA qualification : ICAI responds to TOI news

Response to the Item Valuation goof costs many CA qualification in the Times of India Chennai edition of October 6 2015 News reports have appeared in certain section of the Press alleging poor quality

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Empanelment of writers for CA exams

The concessions extended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI to differently abled candidates in CA examinations inter alia include a compensatory time and or b writer scribe Detail

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Government notifies 4 Cost Auditing Standards

Tech CAASB 9 2015 September 11 2015 To All Stakeholders Dear Sir Madam Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide their letter no 52 33 CAB 2013 dated 10th September 2015 has under section

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I seek a full time accountant The qualifications needed to do the job are the same competencies as that of a articled assistant Where how quick can I get such people in India A quick response from exp

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Moa - advisory services (management consulting company)

Can someone share the draft MOA for a management consulting private ltd company I am more keen on the ancillary and other objects draft MY main object clause is here below To consult engage in promote

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E-commerce accounting and costing expert

Hi we are looking an accounting and costing expert for my two online grocery websites

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Difference between cogs and cost of production

Sir please explain the difference between Cost of goods sold cost of sales and Cost of production in detail

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How EOQ to be used for Inventory measurementr what type of records to be collected and how to do analysis can any one try it

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Financial management information system (fmis)

Hello My name is Nandhinni VS Presently Im pursuing CA Final Group 2 Cleared Group 1 Im searching for a suitable job I already havework experience in audits as well I recently came across a job profil

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Computation of cost price (hire purchase)

Calculate Cost Price where rate of interest is 12 p a Charged Quarterly Date Amount Nature 1 1 2003 10 000 DOWN 1 4 2003 15 000 1st Installment 1 11 2003 20 000 2nd Installment 1 4 2004 2

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Law on external accountant

My Gross Annual Revenue from my online server business is over 20 lakhs I enjoy to doall accounts by myself Is there any law in India that a Propritorship firm or Pvt Ltd should have mandatory Externa

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Announcement of upcoming batches of Certificate Course on Forex and Treasury Management

Dear Member The Committee on Financial Markets and Investors Protection CFMIP of ICAI conducts Certificate Course on Forex and Treasury Management FXTM for the professional updation of the members and

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Cost records

While filling the AOC 4 to the ROC there is a clause Whether maintenance of cost records by the company has been mandated underCompanies Cost Records and Audit Rules 2014 What has been specified under

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  • SM RTP Question Bank 07 - 15

    Strategic management RTP Question Bank from Nov 07 Nov 15


  • RTPs Compilation SM 07-15

    IPC Strategic management Institute RTPs compilation from Nov07 to Nov 15


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Opportunities unfolding for Chartered Accountants in GST

The Government is committed to pass the GST bill in the winter session of parliament this year 2105 However considering the many stages post the passing of the bill of recommendation of GST council pa

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Portfolio Management Series: A Conundrum of Negative Beta!

A few days back while teaching Portfolio Management and while discussing the concept of Beta a student asked me Sir can beta be negative This is one question which baffles a lot of finance students Le

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GST- Impact on Supply Chain Management

India is all set to introduce a tax reformthe goods and services tax GST Apart from creating a unified market across India GST will help make Indias manufacturing competitive by cutting high logistics

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Risk Management

Now a days the businesses has become complicated and advanced The use of high end information technology diversification and all other factors present in nowadays running globalised businesses has led

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Short comings of joint costs standard

Joint Cost As per my understanding joint costs solely doesn t depend on Quantity of output selling price selling expenses further processing costs But two methods which are dependent on these issues a

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