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Government notifies 4 Cost Auditing Standards

Tech CAASB 9 2015 September 11 2015 To All Stakeholders Dear Sir Madam Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide their letter no 52 33 CAB 2013 dated 10th September 2015 has under section

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ICAI grants financial assistance to 400 students

The Board of Trustees of The Chartered Accountants Students Benevolent Fund has decided to grant financial assistance to 400 students who are currently undergoing articled training in accordance with

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Extension of time for filing cost audit report

Extension of time for filing of cost audit report to the Central Government for the Financial Year 2014 2015 in form CRA 4 Please refer to theattached file for more details

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Companies (Management and Administration) Amendment Rules, 2015

Companies Management and Administration Amendment Rules 2015 Please refer to the attached file for details

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ICAI - President's Message - September 2015

Dear Friends These days quite justifiably people of Indian origin are remarkably being appointed elevated and accepted for higher administrative and management responsibilities across organisations gl

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Time management

How to study with more concentration I only love accounts I spend alot of time on that How to concentrate on others help me

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Cost of assets

A Partnership Firm has been converted into a Company during the F Y 2013 14 The Partnership existed for the last 25 years What should be the cost of assess to be taken in books of accounts How the Dep

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Ipcc costing and fm

how to score marks in costing and FM as in my may attempt I failed group 1 because of costing is Ca practise manual good source to study for examination types question and is it easy to score marks in

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Rate list/ cost cards - alcohol

Dear Experts I am doing research on Alcohol Industry Need to find out Rate List Cost Cards for 10 states which are said to be published by Govt every year The cost cards starts from Ex brewery distill

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Portfolio management

Solve the problem and give me the solution in detail including steps Consider the stock of Bharati chemicals which has the following regression line R i alpha i beta i R m e Where the notations are in

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Capital Gain in case Cost of Acquisition of Capital Asset is Indeterminable

What is Capital Asset Section 2 14 of The Income Tax Act Capital asset means property of any kind held by an assessee whether or not connected with his business or profession with certain Exclusions s

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Cost center

My question is that shall we link cost center to excise duty Paid Collection GL I think it is not a cost so better to exclude Friend i need expert openion on this

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Important costing ca final

Dear All I am a CA Finalist There arechanges in Costing for CA Final I need to get associated with CA Finalists You can get in the group on 919560454329 I will add u Please hurry it will be beneficial

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Upgradation/maintenance cost of mobile application software

My client is engaged in the development of mobile applications They had development one application and the same is available for download fromandroi playstore for free My query is on the capitalisati

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Dought of accountant about income tax

Mr X and Mr Y Starts a Partnership Firm Name of the Firm is Star Partnership Firm at the end of the year Star Partnership Firm got a profit of Rs 10 00 000 now my Question is 1 Income Tax Paid on Rs 1

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  • Statutory Auditors-Management Services and the Auditors

    Section 141 3 i of the Companies Act 2013 states any person whose subsidiary or associate company or any other form of entity is engaged as on the date of appointment in consulting and specialised services as restricted for statutory auditors in section 144 shall be disqualified for appointment as auditor of a company


  • Extension of time for filing of cost audit report to the Central Government for the Financial Year 2014-2015 in form CRA-4

    Extension of time for filing of cost audit report to the Central Government for the Financial Year 2014 2015 in form CRA 4 reg


  • Companies (Management and Administration) Amendment Rules, 2015

    Companies Management and Administration Amendment Rules 2015


  • Companies (Management & Administration) Amendment Rules 2015

    ICSI Companies Management and Administration Amendment Rules 2015


  • Cost Centre in TALLY ERP 9



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Can we visualise an Indian Multinational Firm of Chartered Accountants?

Whether needed It is need of the society to have ONE STOP SOLUTIONS with expert level quality services equipped with international exposure and technology to help businesses add to ease of doing busin

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Preparation Strategy for CA Final Cost!!

A quick disclaimer before I start My Articles doesnt give 100 guarantee for success in exam but Youll have to sit down work hard work smart If you can stick to it Im damn sure youll definitely be able

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Risk Management under the Companies Act 2013

The Companies Act 1956 did not contain any mandatory provisions relating to Risk Management whereas the Companies Act 2013 placed specific expectations on important stakeholders in a company namely th

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Strategic cost management - Innovation in sales matrices

In continuation to my previous articles on cost accounting profession I will be discussing about the new segment of strategic cost management where those cost accountants who are employed needto focus

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10 Golden Rules by a Chartered Accountant

A CA not only knows about Investments and Financials Statements but the rules of leading a great life too A Chartered Accountant on an average goes through so many experiences of life while dealing wi

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